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Metro Home & Entertaining 2017 Issue 3

Metro Home & Entertaining provides inspiration by featuring exclusive homes and top local tastemakers. It features an array of dwelling places from the grand to simple. Metro Home is a guide for greater appreciation of design and style.

ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.
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on the joys of cooking and kitchen technology

EVERYONE, NO MATTER how exposed or not they are to the culinary arts, should experience cooking. It is one of the most rewarding tasks any person can undertake. From the “dirty” job of preparation to the creativity of improvising a recipe to the final act of plating and serving the dish, cooking is a true labor of love. And creating the proper setting for cooking can be just as fulfilling and satisfying as the actual act of cooking. On a recent trip to Shanghai organized by Grohe, I was simply astounded at the marvelous and ingenious evolution of design. I was exposed to so many design implementations that surely make life easier. Grohe has a kitchen faucet that, if your hands are soiled, you just tap on the faucet’s surface and…

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home family

Anna M. Rosete graduated from Loyola University Chicago with degrees in Psychology and Art History. She went on to the Rhode Island School of Design to pursue her graduate degree in Interior Architecture. After years of working in Chicago’s high-end residential design industry, she continues to hone her skills in hospitality and residential design. She has also worked with ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc. where she served as Executive Editor for Metro Home & Entertaining magazine, among other editorial posts. Anna is currently busy with international art fairs, gallery collaborations, pop-ups and other special projects for Silverlens Galleries. She lives in Manila with her coton de tulear. In this issue, she wrote about a project by Architect Guiseppe Farris (“A Gesture of Reverence, page 48). Camille Santiago was a freelance fashion and lifestyle…

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neat neutrals

LIGHT-COLORED NEUTRALS seem to be here to stay. Whether they are actual wood or laminates, everyone seems to have warmed up to this light and very fresh look. Maybe as a rebellious statement against the overused wenge colored wood our parents used so heavy handedly? Perhaps, but no one can deny that the use of beige, creams and bleached wood is very easy on the eye and provides a relaxing feel we all need these days. SHOT ON LOCATION AT WILCON SHOWROOM IN PASONG TAMO…

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HERMÈS HOME COLLECTION 2017-2018 The Équipages d’Hermès collection is based on a simple idea: each piece of furniture has its use. As sophisticated as they are discreet, each of these unusual forms holds its own secret. Luminous and sensual leather lining a stool that doubles as a hiding place, an oak writing desk and small work table that can be adapted at will, a serving trolley whose framework evokes the diligence carriages of days gone by. MARTHA ATIENZA WINS BALOISE ART PRIZE Silverlens Galleries is pleased to announce that its represented artist, Martha Atienza, is the recipient of the Baloise Art Prize 2017 for her work, “Our Islands 11°16’58.4_N 123°45’07.0_E, 2017.” It features a subaquatic procession of men in bastardized costumes from the religious to the iconic, from Roman centurions to Philippine boxer…

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bath and beyond

WHEN YOU ENTER a bath showroom, do you ever stop and think what went into the design of the fixtures? Here’s an interesting glimpse into the design process in this conversation with Michael Seum, the Vice-President for Design for Grohe. While the bathroom is primarily a utilitarian space, the function must trump form for obvious reasons, as in recent years, it has become not just the necessary stop in one’s daily routine. The bathroom is now a modern oasis and a personal design statement. And to affirm this is a man who makes it his business that the bathroom is not just all business. “Style is fundamental. There is a deeper need to apply great design (with what we make). We are very much in touch with our customer. We always ask…

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the great elba lineup

RANGEHOOD (Astra R 90 BGX) This is the first range hood model in the Philippine market to feature LED Strip Lights that offer brighter output and wider light coverage. Coupled with the highly effective modular aluminum filters, this range hood is sure to help minimize unwanted smoke and odor from your precious kitchen. DISHWASHER (IDW 155-60) Made 100% in Italy, the ELBA dishwasher features a low noise and vibration motor to ensure minimum silence during operation. The interior cavity has versatile trays for loading anything from fine crystal ware to large pots and pans, and a removable cutlery tray for easy loading. The electronic programmer utilizes the strategically positioned water jets and nozzles to thoroughly clean its contents, while simultaneously drying and sanitizing your dishes by reaching up to 70°C. OVEN (EL 910 E) Best…