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January 2022

If you love fast cars and everything surrounding them, then MOTOR is the magazine for you. From the hottest new cars to the wildest tuner vehicles, through the people who build, buy, race and repair them, MOTOR shines a spotlight on the late model car enthusiast lifestyle. Through 60 years of heritage MOTOR has built up a reputation as the car enthusiast’s bible.

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andy enright

THIS IS THE ENDGAME. The string quartet has sparked up “Nearer, My God, To Thee” as development of the internal combustion engine goes supernova. While we’ll still be smokin’ around for many years yet, manufacturers have other agendas. It was just a question of who shoved all the chips in first. Mercedes-AMG has created its astonishing GT Black Series as a testament to everything it knows about internal combustion. There will never be another AMG engine quite like the 537kW flat-plane V8 from Affalterbach. Henceforth, all marquee AMG engines will feature some form of electrical assistance. While some may bemoan the fact that the solus ICE will disappear as assuredly as an equatorial glacier, perhaps it’s better to acknowledge that we had a good run at it and now find ourselves…

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pace notes

01 DAYTONA RISING Batteries not included with this Icona model “WE WOULD NEVER do a restomod, it’s low-level,” says Ferrari design chief Flavio Manzoni. “Never make something that is banal or obvious.” That being the case, the very last thing most would expect the new Ferrari Daytona SP3 to be is a rebodied 812 Competizione with retro design cues. Instead, the latest in Ferrari’s Icona range of limited-run specials doesn’t pay homage to the 365GTB4, a car that Ferrari never called a Daytona. Instead it mines the heritage of the brand’s 1-2-3 finish at the 1967 Daytona 24 Hours. Three different Ferraris occupied those podium spots – a 330 P3/P4, a 330 P4 and a 412 P respectively. Within the hallowed halls of Maranello, Daytona was seen as vindication; Ferrari’s revenge for their…

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2 molly t’s dakar

BEING A WOMAN in a male-dominated industry, Molly Taylor is used to blazing a trail. She was the first non-Brit to win the British Ladies Rally Championship in 2009 and the first female to win the Australian Rally Championship in 2016. Now she looks set to go even further to become the first Australian woman to take on the unforgiving Dakar Rally in 2022 with the Can Am Factory South Racing team. The Dakar Rally is the toughest, most gruelling form of motorsport in the world. Starting in Ha’il, Saudi Arabia, on January 2, 2022’s rally is made up of 13 stages that take place in the Arabian Peninsula over as many days, and involves racers venturing into the ‘empty quarter’ – a desert nearly the size of France. The competition is yet…

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03 watch your posture

IT ALMOST WENT unnoticed, but in October of last year, Mazda nudged a couple of nuggets of information into the public domain. On the 24th, a special edition MX-5 990S roadster was released to the Japanese market which featured a technology called Vehicle Attribute Stabilization Control. When a lateral g-loading exceeding 0.3g is applied through a corner, the brake of the inside rear wheel is applied lightly, pulling the rear suspension down gently, stabilising the car’s posture and increasing the feeling of connectedness with the road. Shigeki Sato, one of Mazda’s product chiefs enthused that “it feels like you are riding an electronically controlled suspension, and there’s no discomfort at all.” Then on October 27th, Business Request 2021-133551 was filed by Mazda, a trademark application for something called Kinematic Posture Control…

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04 get your video fix!

REMEMBER WALKINSHAW? WELL, the mad hatters from Clayton responsible for running HSV, as well as the additional tuning house that turned Holden’s into immolators of tyres across the country haven’t been sitting idly since the death of local manufacturing. The team at Walkinshaw recently revealed some of the projects they have been working on, and the result is a whole heap of V8-powered silliness. We approve. First up is their Fury pack for the Silverado, which uses an Eaton TVS2650 supercharger to boost the American pick-up’s power figure to 406kW and 740Nm at the hubs! Those frankly ridiculous outputs lurch the 2.5-tonne behemoth to 100km/h from a standstill in less than five seconds. That’s not hanging about. The Aussie engineers also revealed a pair of lost projects, where they intended to build (and…

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the tribe

WIN THIS NEXT MONTH! MOTOR MAGANIZE PRIZE PACK How do you fancy a year’s subscription to MOTOR? See, most think you win a year’s free subscription for penning Letter of the Month. Not so. You get 12 free editions of the world’s most exciting performance car magazine for telling us all about your ultimate three-car $250k garage. Only one rule. All cars must have pop-up lights. HAROLD CARMICHAEL WRITES Indulge me for a moment. I’m 62 this year and I suppose this is a refrain that many of us feel as we creak on a bit, but as I look at today’s motoring landscape with the benefit of a certain experience, I have to ask, how fast do road cars really need to be? The thing that prompted this thought was the news that…