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MotorTrend December 2018

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nike vs. adidas, coke vs. pepsi, tesla vs. …?

@Lohdown Early in the morning after the lap session for this month’s cover story (page 30), I grabbed a couple of minutes with Motor Trend staff pro driver Randy Post before he dashed to catch a flight home. Without spoiling Kim Reynolds’ excellent feature, I want to relay just a snippet of our resident racer’s thoughts on Tesla’s new Track mode feature. “An aggressive full-speed track entrance led to inconsistencies. It wouldn’t always do the same thing. I go down the straightaway, and I’m heading to a corner, I’m thinking in the back of my mind, I wonder what is going to happen. It was an uneasy feeling.” What struck me about Randy’s critique of the Model 3’s high-performance mode is that he could have been describing the recent behavior of the guy…

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2020 toyota supra

One of the Supra’s assistant chief engineers wondered aloud if any of the gathered journalists had driven its blood-brother BMW Z4. I alone raised my hand. “What is it like?” Masayuki Kai asked. “Different,” I said. “Different, how?” he wanted to know. Nobody in the Supra squad has driven the Z4, nor has BMW driven the future Supra. The forthcoming coupe-only Supra and convertible-only Z4 share the same hard points, wheelbase, track width, engine, transmission, differential, and tires, among other things, but they were tuned and calibrated separately. They really are automotive twins separated at birth. Toyota would not share with us any specifications of the camo-clad prototypes—not engine output, fuel consumption, dimensions, or pricing. They wanted our driving impressions alone. As all Supras have had, the newest version gets an inline-six. In…

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2019 hyundai santa fe

No, this isn’t Russian doll design—the 2019 Santa Fe is not just a Kona that’s been scaled up to a bigger segment. Hyundai’s redesigned midsize crossover has unique styling cues, including high-mounted LED daytime running lights and low-mounted headlight clusters, a grille with a pattern that mimics chain mail armor, and a chrome strip that runs the width of the entire front fascia. Its upright greenhouse gives it more presence and glass area for better visibility. Powertrains carry over with slight improvements: The base 2.4-liter I-4 has 185 hp and 178 lb-ft of torque, and on the Limited and Ultimate grades, you can opt for a 2.0-liter turbo-four with 235 hp and 260 lb-ft. Both engines use an eight-speed automatic and now come with electrically actuated continuously variable valve timing systems. We drove…

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2019 mclaren 600lt

The McLaren 600LT is the fourth in the automaker’s Longtail series. The first was the F1 Longtail, which is currently valued at about $16 million. The next two, the 675LT and the 675LT Spyder, were each limited to 500 units, though saying that those are two distinct vehicles is something of a stretch. The 675LTs were a jump in performance over the 650S and filled out McLaren’s Super Series portfolio quite well. The 600LT accomplishes the same thing for the Sports Series, joining the 570S coupe and Spyder and the 570GT. The jump in performance between the 570S and 600LT is large, more akin to going from the Lamborghini Huracán to the Performante than, say, the Porsche 911 to the Carrera S. Power is—of course—up, rising from 562 hp to a healthier…

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50 DEC 1968 PRICE: $0.50 “Is the transverse engine practical?” we pondered back in December 1968. Verdict: Yes, but American buyers may not be ready for a car that’s bigger on the inside and smaller on the outside. We also spilled some ink on new dealer customization trends, the Austin America, and Pontiac muscle car king John DeLorean (later famed for his eponymous car). 30 DEC 1988 PRICE: $2.75 We compared the Lotus Esprit Turbo and Porsche 911 Turbo. The Porsche drove off with the win thanks to how fun it was to drive both in the real world and at the test track. We also compared the Yugo GVX with the Hyundai Excel GS. We didn’t pick a winner in this battle of econoboxes—but we were shocked by how much fun we had. 10 DEC 2008 PRICE: $4.99 In the…

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The Vanishing Paint Challenger is back on the road with an upgraded suspension, and it’s ready to dominate the autocross. Freiburger and Dulcich rekindled their love for the VP Challenger on ROADKILL GARAGE Episodes 34 and 36, and now they are putting it to the ultimate Roadkill road trip test. They’ve entered the Tire Rack Solo Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska, a mere 1,600 miles away. Is there any better way to break in a new build? Freiburger and Dulcich hit the road, camp under the stars, shoot off fireworks and make typical roadside repairs in their most fun road trip yet. Will they make it in time to compete in the ultimate Game of Cones? And can they keep it running well enough to hang with national competitors?…