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MotorTrend November 2018

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doubling and tripling down on best driver’s car

@Lohdown What an amazing issue we have for you this month. Absolutely epic. I’m proud to say it is by far the most ambitious Best Driver’s Car program we’ve ever attempted. We really poured our hearts into this one and pulled together the most ridiculous set of supercars and superstars—from our test drivers and editors to our visual creatives and special guests. I hope you agree this is automotive storytelling at its finest—both in this magazine and at,, and on TV’s new Motor Trend Network, formerly known as Velocity. There is so much to stir the soul this issue, I don’t want to lose sight of a few of the special moments. First, study the photo below. That, my friends, is the business end of a United Launch Alliance Delta…

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2019 mercedes-amg c 63

Decisions, decisions. You want the 2019 Mercedes C-Class but with some Affalterbach flair, and the C 43 isn’t quite enough. You need the full Mercedes-AMG C 63 S treatment. The wagon is out if you live in the U.S., but you’ll still get to choose between the sedan, coupe, and cabriolet. The four body styles were developed simultaneously, and although they share at least 95 percent of their features, they were developed to stand as individual cars with unique characteristics. Under the hood is the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 you know and love. In the C 63 it generates 469 horsepower from 5,500 to 6,250 rpm and 479 lb-ft of torque from 1,750 to 4,500 rpm. Up your choice to the C 63 S, and horsepower rises to 503 at the same…

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2019 chevrolet camaro (turbo 1le)

As I exit a corner with my foot nailed to the floor and all the nannies switched off, I can’t help but mutter to myself, “So much grip.” The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Turbo 1LE oozes it. It combines the 2.0-liter turbo-four and the wizardry of the 1LE Performance package, which is a thing of beauty even with this, the least powerful engine option. Producing 275 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, the Turbo 1LE is not a straight-line speed brute. Instead, it shines in the corners. During my time in our former long-term 2016 Camaro SS, power oversteer was a worry when pushing it hard through corners. But this isn’t the case in the Turbo 1LE. I found myself eagerly applying full throttle exiting corners, not fearing the worst. Is it…

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mt confidential

Maserati’s lineup will be entirely renewed by 2022, led by a refreshed Ghibli sedan and a redesigned Levante SUV, which will share its underpinnings with a redesigned Quattroporte sedan. The GranTurismo Coupe and GranCabrio convertible will be replaced by coupe and convertible versions of the long-awaited Alfieri. Both will be built on a version of the Giorgio platform, which underpins Alfa Romeo’s Giulia and Stelvio. The versatile Giorgio hardware will also be used for a new Stelvio-sized Maserati SUV that will be positioned below the Levante. FCA is also planning an aggressive electric vehicle strategy for Maserati, with four BEV models—versions of the Quattroporte, Levante, and the Alfieri Coupe and Convertible—to be marketed under the Maserati Blue label. The cars will feature three motors—one at the front axle, two at…

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meet stinister

You’ve all seen those murdered-out Porsche Cayennes and Panameras running around with giant robotic arms on them, right? No? Maybe it’s an L.A. thing. Known in the biz as Russian Arms, they cost about 1 million bucks, or $25K to rent. Our entire budget for an episode of either Ignition or Head 2 Head is less than that. Trouble is, we need a camera car. Preferably a quick one. STInister began life when my co-host, Jethro Bovingdon, asked me if Porsche would give us a Panamera. That phone call went something like this: Me: “Hey Porsche, can we have a Panamera?” Porsche: “No.” Next I called Subaru to ask about an STI: “We have a 2018 in Denver. Will Friday work?” Never has a phone call been easier. As for the…

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what’s on motor trend this month?

Sep 26 HEAD 2 HEAD, Ep. 107 Sep 28 Auto Mundial Motorsport Mundial Sep 30 LIVE! Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup, Barcelona, Spain Oct 1 ROADKILL, Ep. 84 Oct 3 FIA World Rallycross, USA Mobil 1 The Grid, Program 17 PUT UP OR SHUT UP, Ep. 10 Oct 4 British Touring Car Championship, Silverstone Oct 5 Auto Mundial Motorsport Mundial Oct 6 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Bathurst Oct 7 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Bathurst Oct 8 ROADKILL GARAGE, Ep. 36 Oct 10 ENGINE MASTERS, Ep. 40 Oct 12 Auto Mundial Motorsport Mundial Oct 13 LIVE! 24H GT Series/24H Touring Car Endurance Series, 12H Spa Qualifying and Race Part 1 LIVE! 24H GT Series/24H Touring Car Endurance Series, 12H Spa Race Part 2 LIVE! DTM Championship, Hockenhiem LIVE! FIA Formula 3 Championship, Hockenheim LIVE! Formula Drift, Las Vegas, NV Oct 14 LIVE! FIA Formula 3 Championship, Hockenheim Oct 15 DIRT EVERY DAY, Ep. 83 Oct…