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SELMA GETS CHEEKY! Selma Bare’s ...er, we mean Blair’s Instagram posts have always been peppered with a bit of cheek – but this one takes the cake. Keep doing you, hun! BRIT’S SO LUCKY... SHE’S A STAR! Escaping the stresses amid her recent custody crisis, Britney Spears hits the beach in Hawaii in an itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie yellow bikini. Give us, give us more, Brit! FIFTY SHADES OF GREY... Her bleached blonde pixie-cut is iconic, but we’re totally digging Ellen DeGeneres’ au naturel ’do!…

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deadline boogie!

I love Fridays. Yes, it’s the start of the freakin’ weekend, but it’s also “R&B Friday” in the office, when the NW-ettes pump out old-school ’90s tunes while putting the finishing touches on your fave mag. To be honest, it’s a bit of an HR issue because as soon as Missy Elliott or Kelis come blasting through the speakers, I’m tempted to recreate the dodgy moves from my 21st birthday and no-one needs to see that while still on their first coffee of the day. But there’s nothing like a little Ashanti to take the edge off a tricky deadline, although the singer’s risqué new look (page 39) is stressing me out – that G-string must be painful! Anyway, while it’s hip-hop that gets me on the dance floor and I…

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katie’s $75k revenge surgery!

They say the best way to get over an ex is to get under someone new – and Katie Holmes has been getting under… her surgeon’s knife since splitting from loverat beau Jamie Foxx. The 40-year-old turned heads at New York Fashion Week by ditching her “yummy mummy” look in favour of a more X-rated makeover. “It was the talk of Fashion Week that she’s obviously gone hell for leather on the cosmetic procedures after splitting from Jamie,” an insider tells NW. “Katie was overheard telling someone she’s keen for a boob job too and wants to dial the sex appeal way up.” After six years of dating, Katie’s recent split with Jamie hit her hard. But with the actor, 51, swiftly – and very publicly – moving on, Katie’s taken matters into…

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jamie’s cruel taunt: ‘katie’s boring in bed!’

With talk that Jamie’s been spreading rumours about Katie behind her back, it’s no wonder the woman’s out for revenge! The actor has been rubbing salt into the wounds of the pair’s failed romance – by telling pals she was bad in bed. Way harsh, mate! “He says the passion had died long ago and quite honestly she wasn’t adventurous enough for him,” reveals a pal. “Her idea of an exciting night was to curl up with a good book or watch TV with to-go food.” But at the end of the day, pals know that Jamie just can’t deal with the fact that he’s being called out for his not-so-smooth moves after the split. “He’s upset with all this ‘anti-Jamie’ stuff that’s been coming out,” admits the pal. “He blames it…

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george blindsided amal takes the twins!

George and Amal Clooney’s European summer seemed idyllic in every possible way. With days spent at their Lake Como villa with two-year-old twins Ella and Alexander interspersed with helicopter rides over Venice and speed-boat trips to nearby towns for romantic dinners. Sounds divine! But behind closed doors, a very different story was playing out... “George and Amal were fighting like crazy,” reveals an insider. “Then, just weeks before their fifth anniversary, all of their problems came to a head and they got into another heated argument.” It got so ugly, Amal, 41, informed George, 58, she “can’t take it” anymore and walked out the door with her bambinos in tow. “George knew they had problems,” adds the insider. “But he still felt blindsided and was in tears... he didn’t know if she was…

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the $800 million divorce

PROPERTY HOLDINGS The crown jewel in George’s real-estate portfolio is his $44 million, 15-bedroom waterfront home Villa Oleandra (above) on Italy’s Lake Como. VINTAGE CAR COLLECTION George has numerous cars worth a lot of money, including a Lexus, a Porsche Carrera and a vintage Corvette (below) he got from his dad. ENDORSEMENTS The in-demand spokesman was paid $58 million to promote Nespresso coffee capsules. He has also shilled for Omega watches and Honda cars over the years. MOVIE REVENUE George commands $29 million paydays, plus he gets residuals that add up quickly on his biggest films, like Gravity and the Ocean’s Eleven franchise.…