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If it’s juicy, scandalous, funny or outright outrageous, you’ll find it in NW. We’re the cheeky celebrity weekly with stacks of personality – upbeat and opinionated. NW is bursting with news and gossip, and celeb-inspired fashion and beauty trends without the A-list price tag. We do more body covers than any other weekly – good bodies, bad bodies, freaky bodies, hot boy bodies! And, NW is the home of reality TV – from Real Housewives to The Only Way Is Essex to Jersey Shore.

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omg! shots that had us shook!

KISSING CO-STARS Angelina Jolie’s irresistible pout strikes again! The actress shares a kiss with Michelle Pfeiffer at the Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil premiere in Rome. BANGED-UP BEAK Plastic does break down! Rodrigo Alves – aka the Human Ken Doll – reveals his nose has collapsed following his 11th rhinoplasty. “I am scared, to be honest,” says the surgery addict. Us too! B IS FOR BUM NOTE Cardi B’s flashing even more flesh than usual at a music festival in Austin, Texas, with her butt implants making a run for it. At least she had the sense to get a good wax!…

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here comes the sun!

I’ve thrown the doona off the bed and have even started wearing shorts to work, blinding several NW-ettes with my pasty, pale legs in the process, but the surest sign that summer is officially on its way is the arrival of our Spring Body Special. Yaassss, bring on the beach! Of course, that means squeezing back into swimwear, which won’t be helped by the fact I’m munching on a chockie bar as I type. But our Celeb Living section is full of A-list inspo for getting fit and healthy, which I might attempt once I’ve tried all the cocktail recipes on page 63. In the meantime, I’m going with Monique from The Bachelor, who tells us, “I don’t think your image should be what defines you as a person.” Amen, sister! She’s…

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nicole’s trauma ‘she’s skin & bones!’

The stressful combination of a hectic work schedule, a strained marriage and anxiety over yet another movie flopping would be enough to push any celebrity over the edge – and it certainly seems to be taking a toll on Nicole Kidman. The 52-year-old actress stepped out recently looking incredibly bony. Now insiders tell NW that Nic’s commitment to her craft is pushing her body – as well as her 13-year-marriage to Keith Urban – to the brink. “Nicole has always been skinny, but lately it’s gotten to a point where she’s looking downright sick,” one insider tells NW. “Apparently her bones are brittle and you only have to look at her to see that her body’s as weak as ever.” Keith, 51, in particular has been at his wit’s end with worry. “It’s got…

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big little botox binge!

Talk about Eyes Wide Shut! Nicole appears to have overloaded on the Botox to the point where her eyelids are drooping, and fans were quick to notice! “What’s happened to her face?” shared one online. “Looks like someone’s gone a little overboard,” said another. “Her eyes look about half the size they were just a few years ago,” tells a source of the star. “Everyone knows she has a bad habit of getting touch-ups way too close to public events – and then tries to hide the effects with make-up.” And her latest Botox binge certainly hasn’t helped the situation! “There’s barely any room between her eyelids and her eyebrows, and it’s obvious she’s taken the Botox too far this time,” the source adds. “She’ll have to wait weeks to return to…

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addicted to sex!

She’s having plenty of fun with Cody Simpson, but Miley Cyrus’ latest rebound boink fest has alarm bells ringing! An insider tells NW the singer’s family is worried sick that she’s transferred her addictive personality to sex after ending her affair with Kaitlynn Carter and swiftly jumping into bed with the Aussie pop star. “And that’s only the ones she’s shouting from the rooftops,” tells an insider. “There’s been a lot of talk that she’s just doing it for attention. It’s no surprise her mum Tish flew to LA as soon as Miley went public with Cody. Let’s hope she’s advising her to head straight to counselling for her nymphomaniac ways.” The signs of Miley’s rumoured sex addiction began earlier this year when it was reported that she and estranged husband Liam…

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kaitlynn slams miley: ‘you used me!’

Being dumped for Cody has certainly left a bitter taste in Kaitlynn Carter’s mouth. The 31-year-old has left telling clues on Instagram (see right) that her so-called “amicable split” from Miley is actually far from it. “One minute they were talking marriage and had moved in, the next Miley dumped her like a hot potato,” explains an insider. “Everyone warned her Miley wasn’t over Liam by a long shot and there was always this danger of being used hanging over Kaitlynn like a dark cloud. Now it looks perfectly obvious.” Despite her anger, though, sources say The Hills: New Beginnings star is still very concerned about her ex’s behaviour. “Kaitlynn doesn’t want her getting hurt,” says another source. “But she knows that’s exactly what will happen if Miley keeps these antics up.”…