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omg! shots that had us shook!

WHAT THE FROCK, XTINA?! We’re used to Christina Aguilera raising a few eyebrows with her OTT costumes (arseless chaps, anyone?), but her outfit for The X Tour show in Ireland has us reeling in horror! IS THAT YOU, CAMILLA?! Wow, the Duchess of Cornwall sure is looking youthful these days! Oh, wait, it’s Katy Perry meeting Prince Charles in Mumbai. Our bad... SEEING DOUBLE Anyone else think Matthew Johnson and Laura Byrne could have been separated at birth?! The couple are making a, er, bald statement in this Instagram spoof. WANG WATCH The Bachelorette’s Ciarran Stott can’t wait for his stint on Bachelor In Paradise next year – he’s decided he needs a little more exposure right now! Thank goodness he wasn’t starkers when he, um, finally rose...…

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once upon a time...

With a bombshell babydaddy mystery for Katie, a shock fling between Bieber and Tiffany Trump, plus Kimmy K’s fear that hubby Kanye is headed for a murderous rampage, it’s been a crazy AF week in Hollywood. My recent 10 days in California pale in comparison, but I did fulfil some lifelong Tinseltown dreams by tracking down the Brady Bunch bungalow in LA, the Full House home in San Fran and the spooky school from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. I also toured the haunted mansion from Helen Mirren’s horror movie Winchester, went all Chris Pratt on the Jurassic World ride at Universal Studios and bumped into TOWIE babe Mark Wright on the Sunset Strip. Random! After all that, my bank account’s about as healthy as Johnny Depp’s liver... but the good news is,…

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who’s the father? katie’s baby shock!

Katie Holmes jetted into Australia last week for McHappy Day – and rumour has it a little stowaway joined the star on her trip Down Under! ‘IT’S NO SECRET THAT SHE WANTS ANOTHER CHILD’ Yep, back in the States, buzz has reached fever pitch that Katie, 40, is pregnant – despite the fact she hasn’t been seriously dating anyone since her romance with Jamie Foxx hit the skids. “Katie keeps a lot about her life close to her chest, but it’s no secret among her friends that she wants another child,” dishes NW’s insider. “She’s always said that it would be ideal to be in a stable relationship the next time she had a kid – unlike the one she was in with Tom [Cruise] when they had Suri – but it’s by…

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omg! tom’s leaving the church!

For three decades, Tom Cruise has been one of Scientology’s most high-profile – and devout – members. He has credited the Church with curing his dyslexia, boldly called it the “way to happiness” and has donated millions of dollars of his own money – something that seems a high priority for the controversial religion that many people consider a cult. Most importantly, Tom has never put a foot out of line when it comes to the Church’s strict teachings. “He’s followed Scientology doctrine to the letter,” shares an insider. But he may be about to commit the biggest sin of all. The 57-year-old actor is considering cutting ties with his faith, a source alleges – and the apparent reason is his formerly-estranged daughter Suri. Tom’s relationship with Suri was severed not long after Katie…

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new torture for brad ange moves the kids to africa!

Angelina Jolie prefers to be anywhere on Earth but her hometown of LA. “I enjoy being out of my element,” the actress said in a recent interview, adding that the six kids still tying her to ex Brad Pitt have also inherited her sense of wanderlust. “I want the children to grow up in the world – not just learning about it but living it and having friends around the world,” she continued. “Next year we break ground on a home in Africa.” ‘ANGELINA DOESN’T PLAY BY ANYONE’S RULES’ What Ange didn’t say, an insider claims, is that she’s plotting to move there for good! Though the actress, 44, is technically bound by a custody arrangement to keep her five youngest children in LA – where, she says pointedly, “their father chooses to live”…

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poor hailey bieber’s fling with trump’s daughter!

Hailey Bieber’s had to turn a blind eye to a lot of her husband’s past bad-boy behaviour – but not this time! NW can exclusively reveal that Justin is back in the doghouse after his wife “stormed out” when she discovered he’d had a secret fling with Donald Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany back in 2015! “It was just too much,” shares our exclusive insider. “She found out from one of her old girlfriends who also knows Tiffany. Hailey’s world has been turned upside down. She confronted Justin about it and while he insists they never slept together, it was still enough to make her walk out of there.” ‘HER WORLD’S BEEN TURNED UPSIDE DOWN’ Of course, Hailey knows that Justin, 25, has form. She was, after all, a friend in his inner circle…