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2019, it’s been swell...

With a jaw-dropping, partner-swapping season of MAFS, a new royal baby born amid shocking palace scandals, plus Miley and Liam’s toxic divorce (more on page 12), it’s been a bumper year for juicy celeb goss – but our star spies have saved the best for last with the news Brad and Jen have reunited 15 years after their split... and the hunky star could be set to pop the question all over again! What are you waiting for? Turn the page for all the tea! Meanwhile, our must-read 2019 wrap-up (page 22) has me reflecting on a massive 12 months. Obvs, seeing the Spice Girls live in the UK was a highlight for this ’90s pop tragic, as was being bridesman at my bestie’s wedding – but even better (sorry, Scary…

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oops, she’s done it again… brit’s biggest meltdown yet!

For those in Britney Spears’ inner circle, a few tantrums here and there are almost a daily event. But sources exclusively tell NW that during her recent 38th birthday vacay in Miami with boyfriend Sam Asghari, a spectacular outburst by the troubled pop princess almost saw her sectioned yet again for the sake of her mental health. According to one insider, Brit – who is obsessed with her image and addicted to googling herself – went into a full-scale meltdown after pictures surfaced online of her lying poolside in a purple bikini. “Britney picked at every little dimple and lump, and began ranting that they must have been photoshopped,” says the source. “Sam assured her they hadn’t – which then made her freak out that if she really looked like that, she…

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look away, kimmy! kanye & mariah’s secret affair revealed!

Mariah Carey has her manicured fingers crossed that rival Kim Kardashian is almost done keeping up with Kanye West – as the diva reckons she and the rapper Belong Together! Recently, Mariah praised Kanye, 42, for the “beautiful” gospel version of her song My All performed at his Sunday Service. And NW can now reveal her gushing kick-started a flirty exchange between the two, which has Mimi hot under the collar. “Mariah’s attracted to Kanye, plain and simple,” dishes our insider. “She loves his cockiness, his confidence and his music. She’s always said she could turn any man’s head and that includes his.” But it turns out Mariah, 49, may have got her claws into Kanye already and Kim, 39, hasn’t got a clue. Indeed, there are whispers that the superstars hooked up…

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miley vs liam battle for their unborn babies!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s divorce is about to turn bizarre, as their upcoming courtroom battle isn’t just about their many millions. Yep, turns out the bitter exes popped a couple of embryos in the freezer during one loved-up phase of their on-off romance. Now insiders tell NW exclusively that the decision on what to do about their reported unborn kids is high on the divorce battle plan. Miley, 27, has made no secret of her reluctance to start a family – an issue that apparently tore apart her seven-month marriage to Liam, 29. “Until I feel like my kid would live on an Earth with fish in the water, I’m not bringing in another person to deal with that,” the singer said in July. “We don’t want to reproduce because we know…

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royal secrets exposed!

THE QUEEN’S SNEAKY MACCA’S RUN! Lizzie has the best chefs in the world at her beck and call, but when late-night cravings strike, the 93-year-old does exactly what the rest of us do – heads to a McDonald’s drive-thru! “Every couple of months, the Queen has one of the guards secretly drive her to the fast-food joint, where she orders a Big Mac, a strawberry shake and an apple pie,” a member of palace security spills, adding that the monarch eats her meal in the car. “We drive around for about 20 minutes so she can finish before we return to the palace.” ... AND SHE DOES IMPRESSIONS! The Queen’s BFF and wardrobe advisor Angela Kelly, who hails from Liverpool, reveals, “She has a wicked sense of humour and is a great mimic…

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barely speaking! pink fights to save her marriage

Pink’s 13-year marriage to Carey Hart almost fell apart during her last world tour, but the couple have a plan to get things back on track. We’ll raise a glass to that! Friends were relieved to see the pair together at the recent Country Music Awards as they were “barely speaking” by the time Pink wrapped up her Beautiful Trauma tour in early November. “We knew it wasn’t good when they refused to commit to any Christmas plans,” says a long-time family friend. “Everyone’s been half expecting one of them to file for divorce. This tour nearly tore them apart. It was way too long to keep Carey away from his own creative projects. He nearly walked out a couple of times because when Pink’s on tour in ‘superstar mode’, she can…