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NW Magazine Issue 11 2020

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If it’s juicy, scandalous, funny or outright outrageous, you’ll find it in NW. We’re the cheeky celebrity weekly with stacks of personality – upbeat and opinionated. NW is bursting with news and gossip, and celeb-inspired fashion and beauty trends without the A-list price tag. We do more body covers than any other weekly – good bodies, bad bodies, freaky bodies, hot boy bodies! And, NW is the home of reality TV – from Real Housewives to The Only Way Is Essex to Jersey Shore.

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CARIBBEAN QUEEN Local lass Nicki Minaj came to slay at Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival, where she (probably) raided a nearby aviary for her feather-filled outfit. Talk about Va Va Voom! HE BANGS! When he moves (he moves), we go crazy... At 48, Ricky Martin is still a regulation hottie and he’s got us dreaming of Livin’ La Vida Loca with the Latino legend. Muy caliente! FACE OFF! Once France’s TV heartthrobs, surgically “enhanced” twins Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff are now scaring the kids at the Paris premiere of new Disney flick Onward. What’s French for “eeeek!”? APRON OPTIONAL! Yeah, Kourtney Kardashian, we totally cook dinner in our butt-baring ballgowns as well! The reality star gets a little cheeky in the kitchen at home.…

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freak of the week

OK, I admit it, I’m a weirdo. The NW-ettes have known this ever since I confessed to a fondness for “bin chooks” (you know, those exotic-looking ibises that rummage through our rubbish?), but they only truly got it when we saw the new pics of Nic Cage out on a date at a graveyard... where he has a crypt ready and waiting (see page 27). Everyone else was gobsmacked by the shots, while I had to admit I’d also once taken a date to a historic burial site. It was a first date. On reflection, perhaps it’s not a surprise there was no second date… and that I’m single. Look, cemeteries are usually really peaceful, and I enjoy all the old-fashioned and unusual names, as well as judging the font choices…

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bringing home baby!

Jennifer Aniston can see it clearly. When asked what she’s looking forward to in the future, the Friends star replies, “I see the ocean, I hear laughter, I see kids running… That’s the joyous snapshot in my head.” Now that picture-perfect scene is so much closer to becoming a reality, with NW learning that she and Brad Pitt are just a few signatures and official documents away from finally giving Jen, 51, the baby she’s always wanted. ‘JEN CAN’T WAIT TO START A FAMILY WITH HIM’ “They’ve been talking about trying for one of their own, but the more realistic option has always been adoption,” a source tells us exclusively. Another insider adds, “They’ve been talking about adopting a little girl. Starting a family of their own was always a dream of theirs that…

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friends in need

As if Jen’s baby news wasn’t exciting enough, the star has confirmed a Friends reunion is finally happening in the shape of an unscripted TV special. While details on the show itself are sketchy, insiders tell NW that Jen and bestie Courteney Cox are acting as unofficial “team coaches” for their castmates, to help them “keep their s**t together” amid the hype. “Matt [Perry] is still battling his addictions and David [Schwimmer], who was the most reluctant to sign up, needs constant reassurance,” our source reveals. “On top of that, they’ve all got kids, families and other commitments – anything could go wrong.”…

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‘i’ll magic up a man!’

There are romantic dry patches – and then there’s desperate and dateless Angelina Jolie, who reportedly hasn’t slept with a single soul since dumping Brad Pitt three years ago! While her ex is back getting busy with his first wife Jennifer Aniston, we’re told Ange is fretting that men in Hollywood consider her to be “poison” after she was painted as the wicked witch in her bitter divorce – which is yet to be finalised. ‘SHE’S TIRED OF SEEING BRAD FIND HAPPINESS’ “The guys in LA tend to steer clear of women who could cause them trouble,” reports our source. “A lot of people think Angie is intimidating and mean-spirited after what she put Brad through.” Now we’re told the despairing Maleficent actress is pulling out all the stops to find love again –…

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‘i’m scared as hell!’

She’s the jilted bride from last year who’s walking down the aisle again. But despite being a self-confessed “optimist” who says she couldn’t wait to meet her new hubby Seb Guilhaus, Lizzie Sobinoff admits she’s shed a few fears along the way too, telling NW, “I was scared as hell going in to this marriage – and extremely guarded.” So what else does Lizzie, 28, say about her second MAFS marriage? Hi Lizzie, how was it for you this time after such a horrific experience last season? I’m an optimist and someone who really likes to keep themselves positive, but I definitely feared having an identical scenario to last year. Do you mean being paired with another Sam Ball type? Yes, I was 100 percent worried and nervous that I was going to end…