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2017’s top tested tech

Welcome to our December issue, in which we traditionally present the best products we’ve reviewed throughout the year. You’ll find the top laptop and desktop PCs, of course, along with the best smartphones, tablets, wearables, smart home devices, digital cameras, gaming gadgets, TVs… Wait a nanosecond. Isn’t this PC Magazine? Some of these things are not PCs! Well, yes—they actually are. The definition of a personal computer has changed quite a lot since our magazine first started chronicling “best of the year” in 1984. Back then, we chose just 26 top products, and the IBM PC AT topped our list. This was IBM’s second-generation PC, designed around the 6 MHz Intel 80286 microprocessor and featuring 16MB of memory. Wow. We’ve come a very long way. In 2017, computers are in so many things.…

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removing malware

Q: I found out today that my Amazon account was hacked and email address changed to an address with an .ru domain… I began to wonder if my Mac had a keystroke logger, since I don’t think I’ve fallen for any phishing emails. So after removing Kaspersky a few months ago, I thought I would check out security software again. I just read your review of Bitdefender for Mac on PCMag.com. When when you click “buy” on their site, you are offered an additional purchase of virus and spyware removal for $99.99 for one intervention. So it seems that the main program is geared toward finding but not removing the problem. I checked out Norton, and it also offers an extra-charge removal program. I also saw a blog online where someone…

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intel, amd to team up on 8th generation mobile chips

Dogs and cats living together? Intel and AMD in one chip? We’d have bet first on the felines and canines hooking up. A blockbuster blog post from Intel’s Christopher Walker, vice president of the Client Computing Group and general manager of the Mobile Client Platform, and backed by reporting from several other outlets confirms the previously unthinkable. Intel and AMD will join forces on a high-performance mobile CPU that will combine Intel’s Core processor technology and AMD’s discrete graphics. It is unclear whether this will be a single version of a single chip or a series of CPUs. Intel is cagily referring to this rollout as a “new product, which will be part of our 8th Gen Intel Core family.” Even though this new chip or chips will service just a…

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what is gfast, and will it save dsl?

When it comes to broadband connections, most people opt for cable or fiber; they’re the fastest you can get these days. But many in the US and other countries are still connecting via Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL. It comes to a home, multi-dwelling unit (MDU, like an apartment building or condo complex), or even a business using old-school copper wire, which used to be just for talking on the phone. DSL is everywhere because of the phone landline infrastructure but is hampered by the fact that the distance of a connection can slow it down. Also, the average DSL connection download throughput usually tops out around 3 megabits per second (Mbps) in the real world. That’s a speed that even the Federal Communications Commission doesn’t consider “broadband” anymore. So you’d be…

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gumgum’s ophir tanz on bad ads and good ai

Fast Forward is a series of conversations with tech leaders hosted by Dan Costa, PCMag’s Editor-in-Chief. Dan recently spoke with Ophir Tanz, CEO and Founder of GumGum, which is quickly becoming a full-stack vertical-AI solution company. They spoke about the current artificial intelligence boom and its potential to alter every business it touches. Dan Costa: How are you using AI today in the advertising space? Ophir Tanz: GumGum, at its core, is a computer-vision company. We express that technology in a variety of ways. Our largest business unit is our advertising unit, and we invented an advertising format called In-Image Advertising, where we currently work with about 70 percent of Fortune 100 brands and many of the largest publishers in the world. What we do is we contextually place marketing messages in…

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what we love most this month

STEELSERIES ARCTIS 3 BLUETOOTH GAMING HEADSET We love the Nintendo Switch, but its voice chat is pretty terrible. Fortunately, the SteelSeries fixes one of the Switch’s most glaring problems: Since it allows for both a wired and Bluetooth connection, you can physically plug the headset into the Switch while wirelessly pairing to your phone. The headset then mixes game audio from the tablet with the voice chat coming from the Switch mobile app or a superior alternative like Discord. So you only have to deal with one cord. And the bidirectional microphone filters out background noise while helping your voice sound great. $129.99; www.steelseries.com MOONA If you’re a pillow-flipper who constantly longs to lay your head on the cool side, a good night’s sleep may be in your future: Via a water-based system, this…