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June/July 2021
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Personal Defense World’s team of expert contributors is dedicated to delivering easy-to-digest content—both skills and the latest hardware. Personal Defense World offers shooters a clear and concise guide to the latest firearms and equipment–including its popular "Gun Buyer's Annual,"

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you never know…

You never know when trouble will find you. You never know when you’ll need to fight for your life. You never know when it might be your last time to see your loved ones. You just never know… It was New Year’s Eve, and I woke up early to feed and take care of the dogs. I got a text from my wife about a strange car parked in our front yard. Our driveway is at least 300 feet long, and sure enough there was a car parked there. I texted my wife not to worry about it, it must just be friends of the neighbor’s kids or something. We live off a private road with four homes, but I didn’t recognize the car and it would be unusual for someone…

7 min.
new max-9

When I opened the package containing the brand-new Ruger Max-9, I thought to myself, “Man, how times have changed.” Nearly 30 years ago, when I began writing for gun magazines, the smallest 9mm gun I could find for concealed carry was the Star Firestar, a single-action, steel-framed gun that weighed 2 pounds when loaded with eight rounds. While Glock was churning out full-sized guns for the law enforcement market in 1994, Kahr Arms gave us a slick 9mm striker-fired gun that was smaller and easier to carry than my Firestar, and that same year KelTec released their P-11, a polymer-framed gun with a Crime Bill-friendly capacity of 10 rounds. Ever since, there has been a push to build smaller guns chambered in 9mm. More recently, in 2018, Sig Sauer set the industry…

3 min.
ode to the lcp ii

In 2008, Ruger set the concealed carry world afire when they introduced their Lightweight Compact Pistol (LCP) in .380 ACP. They sold like hotcakes. Everyone had to have one, either as their back-up or primary carry. It was a small little pistol with an overall length of just over 5 inches. It was perfect for lightweight pocket carry. But there was one thing that everyone complained about, and that was the looooong and heavy trigger. But to Ruger’s credit, the LCP is still around and still selling. NUMBER II Eight years later in 2016, Ruger listened to the complaints and came out with the LCP II. Slightly larger than the original LCP, it featured a trigger that had a short, smooth pull with a clean break and positive reset. I knew Ruger…

8 min.
mongoose 357 magnum

CHOOSING A FIREARM TO CARRY CONCEALED is an individual decision that goes beyond personal comfort and fit. The ultimate decision on what to carry should be made based on research, detailed thought and taking the time to educate oneself on the potential requirements and carry environment. I have worked with many people who made the decision to carry a firearm, wanting to take charge of their own protection. This is admirable, but requires careful planning, training and understanding the platform to ensure a positive outcome. Lack of training or understanding of the carry firearm can be just as dangerous as not having a firearm at all. From platform, to caliber, size and manufacturer, there are numerous options to choose from. The firearm you choose should be applicable to the level of…

7 min.
smith & wesson shield plus

Goncealed carry is not a new concept, but the last several years have seen an incredible growth in the number of people who carry. There are obvious factors that drive this, but the number one reason is safety. A good firearm provides a sense of security unlike anything else. Inside the concealed-carry world there are countless options from micro-blasters to full-sized hand cannons. As a long-time instructor, I have seen both ends of the spectrum in classes. As students come and go, one gun has become a staple in the concealed-carry world: the Smith & Wesson Shield. Originally released in 2012, this small, sleek pistol has become one of the most popular carry guns of all time. In fact, in 2019 Smith & Wesson had already sold 3 million Shields in…

3 min.
edc leather

Gone are the days of having few options when it comes to where and how you will carry a concealed firearm. Years ago, gun owners had limited choices beyond the standard belt-and-holster combination. For women, this was even more difficult, considering the wide variation of women’s clothing styles, and very few of these accommodating a belt. Nowadays, the situation is vastly different. If anything, we have more manufacturers providing options than we have time to learn about them. From leggings and undergarments with built-in holsters, to accessories that eliminate the need for a belt altogether, the options for on-body carry are almost limitless. Off-body carry has also gone through a revolution, offering products other than just basic handbags. Laptop cases, briefcases, gym bags, backpacks and various other types of off-body gear now…