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Welcome to this edition of Photography Masterclass Magazine Car photography is a great genre to start working in. The challenge of putting a beautiful location and a stunning car together is definitely one worth experimenting with! In this issue, we look at how best to approach photographing cars, and the equipment and techniques you’ll need to get great results. Also in this issue - in our inspiration article, we look at 5 common shooting mistakes beginner photographers make! Nigel Dawson reveals the amazing tool he uses on every photo in Lightroom. And we look at the some of the best lenses to use for wedding photography and why these are the ones that should be in your kit. We also bring you an in-depth interview with photographer, Daniel Hollister, who is…

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5 common shooting mistakes to avoid as a beginner photographer

As a beginner photographer 15 years ago, I made a lot of mistakes! But through those mistakes, I learned so much about my style and who I was as a photographer. Just like with any passion or job, it takes time to learn and better your trade. But this article is designed to help you fast track through some common mistakes that first-time photographers commonly make and help you focus on the next levels of bettering your work. Remember the more you shoot the better your work is bound to become! So, try to think about these 5 common errors every time you shoot so you don’t make them yourself. 1. OVEREXPOSED AND UNDEREXPOSED IMAGES When we first begin our shooting career, we often set the camera to program or automatic mode and then…

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best lenses for wedding photography

Lenses are the most important piece of kit to invest in – good glass makes all the difference to your images. When it comes to wedding photography, having the right lenses can make all the difference to your shots. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best lenses to use for wedding photography and why these are the ones that should be in your kit. OTHER GEAR Professional wedding photographers always carry two camera bodies. Weddings are not staged events and things happen spontaneously. Having two cameras with two different focal lengths to hand means a photographer can capture things quickly, without missing any special moments. Pros also carry flashguns for each camera and sometimes a tripod for the large group shots. PRIME VS ZOOM Prime lenses offer the largest maximum apertures…

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video tutorial: best lenses for wedding photography A brief introduction into what gear you should take with you to shoot a wedding, with an emphasis on lenses. The best wedding photography lenses will be those that properly meet your needs. I talk about why I like each lens and its pros and cons for shooting a wedding. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Originally from Bath, England, Jamie Windsor now lives and works in London as a filmmaker and photographer. He runs a YouTube channel and his photographic work can be found at…

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video tutorial: the amazing tool i use on every photo in lightroom The is one tool I use every time in Lightroom - the graduated filter. It is really powerful and allows you to do more than just create graduations. In this video I explain the multiple ways I use this filter in Lightroom. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I am passionate about landscape photography and the great outdoors. Follow my adventures taking beautiful landscapes in the UK and US on my website, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Facebook. My aim is to inspire with Landscape photography tips and techniques.…