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PhotoPlus : The Canon Magazine January 2021

Introducing the all-new PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine, the biggest and best Canon DSLR photography magazine. We're now bigger and better than ever, with 148 pages packed with more Canon EOS DSLR techniques, test and tips than ever. You'll find new Canon pro photographer interviews, more in-depth Canon DSLR and kit tests, a comprehensive Canon DSLR and lens buyers' guide, Canon School technical advice, photo stories and more

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Editor After a demanding and distressing 2020 for all of us, and the future still somewhat uncertain, it’s nice to know we’ve got at least one certainty at the end of the year – Christmas is coming! We love celebrating this time of year, it’s a great excuse to get that new Canon gear you’ve been eyeing up, and to take our minds off you know what. In our big Christmas gift guide, we have more than 50 great gear ideas for that special photographer in your life, or for yourself! Starting at kit under £15 to more than £300 for larger Canon-related investments, there’s something to suit every budget, from page 95. As it’s likely to prove difficult to see all our loved ones at Christmas, we have a great solution…

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Peter Travers Editor • 5D Mark IV peter.travers@futurenet.com “Whether you’re thinking of buying a new EOS R camera, or want to know more about the mirrorless system and its RF lenses, we explain it all inside.” PAGE 28 Dan Mold Technique editor • 1D X Mk III dan.mold@futurenet.com “As I was getting the Christmas decorations out this year I realized it was the perfect chance to explain depth of field and bokeh! Find out more in Canon Skills…” PAGE 50 Ben Andrews Lab manager • 5D Mark III ben.andrews@futurenet.com “This issue there’s lots of exciting new gear, including the new RF 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM, the third RF lens of the f/2.8 pro trinity. Is it worth it?” PAGE 88 James Paterson Technique writer • 5D Mark IV james.paterson@futurenet.com “It may be tricky to see people at Christmas time this year, so I’ve decided to…

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this issue’s contributors…

Jeremy Flint National Geographic prize winning pro Jeremy shows our Apprentice how to take fab architecture photos. PAGE 8 David Newton Pro Canon photographer and film-maker David talks about his prolific career taking great pictures. PAGE 70 David Clapp David leaves us dreaming of snowy scenery and big mountain ranges with his hard-won shots in Wyoming. PAGE 40 Marcus Hawkins Uncover how you can get the most out of images shot at high ISO sensitivities without turning them into a mess. PAGE 78 George Logan From ad campaigns to the amazing African wildlife photography, this Canon pro shows how it’s done. PAGE 62 Brian Worley Is there anything Brian doesn’t know about Canon gear? He answers all your techie questions. PAGE 82 Our contributors Ben Andrews, James Artaius, David Clapp, Jeremy Flint, Marcus Hawkins, George Logan, David Newton, James Paterson, Audun Rikardsen,…

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hitting the town

APPRENTICE NAME: DAVID TODHUNTER CAMERA: CANON EOS 5DS DAVID IS a retired ex-HGV driver based in West Sussex. With a love of photographing buildings he previously bought a tilt-shift lens, but due to a lack of use sold it. As such, David has asked for tips and tricks for getting straight shots with his wide-angle lenses, and some pointers for architectural photography. To help David out, we’ve paired him with landscape and cityscape Canon pro Jeremy Flint to check out the best photo spots around Cambridge. CANON PRO NAME: JEREMY FLINT CAMERA: CANON 5D MARK IV JEREMY IS a pro photographer that specializes in travel, landscape and location photography. He’s won the National Geographic Traveller Grand Prize in 2016 and the Association of Photographers Discovery Award in 2017. We met him in Cambridge, an architecture photographer’s dream,…

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A TALE OF TWO WASPS BY FRANK DESCHANDOL Frank’s original aim was to photograph the vibrant cuckoo wasp (right) as he’d located a suitable sandy bank near his home in Normandy, France. He set up an infrared beam that would fire the shutter when a wasp flew past it and customized his own ultra-fast shutter out of old hard drive parts, so although the exposure was five seconds, the sensor was only exposed to light for a fraction of this. Despite the extremely narrow depth of field and tiny subjects, he captured not only the cuckoo wasp, but also the red-banded sand wasp (left). Though these two species don’t regularly interact, Frank was gifted a perfectly balanced composition by the insects’ flight paths to their nest holes. Lens Canon EF 100mm f/2.8…

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essential guide canon eos r system

The benefits of Canon’s RF mount lenses First unveiled in September 2018, the Canon EOS R system has grown from a single camera and four lenses, to a fully-fledged range of full-frame mirrorless cameras, with RF prime lenses, zooms and accessories. Although they share the same ergonomic design and refined handling as Canon’s full-frame EOS DSLRs like the EOS 6D Mark II and EOS 5D Mark IV, the EOS R system cameras are more compact, lightweight and quieter in use thanks to their lack of mirrors. They also use a revolutionary new RF lens mount, which allows for radically improved lens technology that isn’t possible with the established EF and EF-S mounts. Mirrorless cameras have come of age, and Canon’s EOS R system is maturing nicely. Over the next few pages, learn the…