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PhotoPlus : The Canon Magazine July 2021

Introducing the all-new PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine, the biggest and best Canon DSLR photography magazine. We're now bigger and better than ever, with 148 pages packed with more Canon EOS DSLR techniques, test and tips than ever. You'll find new Canon pro photographer interviews, more in-depth Canon DSLR and kit tests, a comprehensive Canon DSLR and lens buyers' guide, Canon School technical advice, photo stories and more

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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We all put a premium on time these days. With this in mind, we’re going through some fantastic fast fixes to help you improve your Canon camera skills. With 21 tricks and tips, we look at better ways to control your EOS camera, easy solutions for raising your game, and techniques for taking better shots, starting on page 28. Also inside, we speak to Kenyan wildlife photographer Clement Kiragu about his career and portfolio, and how he’s adapted during the pandemic while people are travelling less, on page 60. We ventured up north to the Lake Distract with Canon photographer Bilal Hussain and our Apprentice, in search of some stunning scenery. We weren’t disappointed, as the Hot Shots of some lovely landscapes prove. See page 8. In our Canon Skills section, from…

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meet the team…

Peter Travers Editor • 5D Mark IV peter.travers@futurenet.com “When you’re having problems with your Canon photography, there is often a fast fix – it’s just knowing what it is! We have 21 quick tips this issue to help you.” PAGE 28 Dan Mold Technique editor • 1D X Mk III dan.mold@futurenet.com “I’m excited to begin a new series of photo projects to help you take your best-ever landscapes. The first part is all about the importance of better compositions.” PAGE 48 James Paterson Technique writer • 5D Mark IV james.paterson@futurenet.com “I’ve done lots of light painting, but never a landscape scene during the day! It wasn’t without its challenges, but a powerful flash was the solution.” PAGE 44 Louise Carey Technique writer • R6 louise.carey@futurenet.com “In part three of my Lightroom Raw image-editing tutorial series, I show you simple ways to clean up people’s faces…

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this issue’s contributors…

Bilal Hussain Well-travelled photographer Bilal shows our Apprentice his top spots for scenic shots in the Lakes. PAGE 8 Caroline Allington Family photographer Caroline takes some lovely portraits of her daughter and their dog. PAGE 68 Nguyen Tan Tuan In this issue’s gallery, check out his image of two ballet dancers in a stunning mid-air pose! PAGE 24 Derek Howes Canon photographer Derek talks about his great images of humpback whales in Alaska. PAGE 70 Jacquie Matechuk Jacquie reveals how she panned with a slow shutter speed for an exciting horse racing photo. PAGE 26 Larry Chen Canon pro Larry’s been shooting cars professionally for more than 15 years, we check out his kit. PAGE 72 Clement Kiragu Award-winning pro wildlife photographer Clement talks about his great safari photo journey. PAGE 60 Marcus Hawkins In part two of his new Canon School, Marcus explains all…

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great lakes & landscapes

APPRENTICE NAME: ADRIAN THOMAS CAMERA: CANON EOS 6D Mk II HEREFORD BASED Adrian has been a keen photographer for nearly 30 years. He’s been a hospital manager most of his career and first became involved in healthcare photography, but over the years has dabbled in other genres, like portraits and weddings. The pandemic was the catalyst that made him go back to his love of landscape and nature photography. He’s written to us as he’d like some help reigniting his passion and expanding his Canon camera know-how. CANON PRO NAME: BILAL HUSSAIN CAMERA: CANON EOS 5D Mk IV BILAL IS a photographer and dental surgeon who loves nothing more than to unwind outside with his Canon camera. He’s taken pictures from deep-sea diving to soaring Cessna planes, and has a very adventurous spirit. He’s been to every…

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technique assessment

MANUAL MODE: 160 sec, f/11, ISO100 TO BEGIN, Bilal put Adrian’s camera into Manual mode and set a shutter speed of 1/160 sec to remove camera shake while shooting handheld. An aperture of f/11 was used for a decent amount of sharpness throughout the scene, and an ISO of 100 would deliver the best image quality with low levels of noise. Manual mode will also let Adrian lock the settings in, which means they don’t change between frames even if the light is slightly different. HISTOGRAM BILAL ADVISED Adrian to always check his images on the rear LCD of his Canon camera to ensure that they’re sharp and correctly exposed. He brought up the histogram on Adrian’s camera in the playback mode to check the exposure – if the histogram is tightly bunched…

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bilal’s top 10 tips for masterful landscapes

1 Get up early and stay out late The light from the sun can be harsh in the middle of the day, but it’s softer and takes on a golden hue around dusk and dawn. This is known as the golden hour in photography. 2 Print your shots Be proud of your best pictures and hang them on the wall, giving you some extra motivation to get back out and keep shooting and improving. 3 Stay local You don’t have to fly halfway around the globe to take great landscapes! You can find amazing locations on your own turf – you’ll often be surprised at what you can find closer to home. 4 Backup your pictures If you have a camera with dual card slots it can be a good idea to use the backup feature, just…