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PhotoPlus : The Canon Magazine August 2021

Introducing the all-new PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine, the biggest and best Canon DSLR photography magazine. We're now bigger and better than ever, with 148 pages packed with more Canon EOS DSLR techniques, test and tips than ever. You'll find new Canon pro photographer interviews, more in-depth Canon DSLR and kit tests, a comprehensive Canon DSLR and lens buyers' guide, Canon School technical advice, photo stories and more

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To be the best, you need to learn from the best, which is why we use the best in the business when creating each issue of PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine. We feature the best Canon EOS experts and the best professional photographers in their field. For this issue’s big skills guide, we reveal how pros at the top of their game capture great landscape and seascape photos. From using the right kit for the job, to challenging conditions on location, to maximizing image sharpness and advanced techniques, the pro tips begin from page 28. Also inside, Canon pro Jade Keshia Gordon teaches and shows our Apprentice some photographic hot spots on the streets of London to take great portraits outside, from page 8. In our Canon Skills section, from page 45,…

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PhotoPlus THE CANON MAGAZINE Peter Travers Editor • 5D Mark IV peter.travers@futurenet.com “I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with some of the top Canon pros in the business, it’s the best way to learn, as our big ‘Shoot Like A Pro’ guide shows.” PAGE 28 Dan Mold Technique editor • 1D X Mk III dan.mold@futurenet.com “In part two of my new landscape photography projects, I look at how to get the most from your Canon camera and lenses for better depth of field and sharpness.” PAGE 50 James Paterson Technique writer • 5D Mark IV james.paterson@futurenet.com “I’ve enjoyed playing with different gels to create some cool and colourful portraits in the studio for my photo project in this issue’s Canon Skills section.” PAGE 46 Louise Carey Technique writer • R6 louise.carey@futurenet.com “I show you how to use a digital grad filter in Lightroom to improve skies in scenic…

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Jade Keshia Gordon London-based street portrait photographer Jade shows our reader how to shoot on location. PAGE 8 Erika Valkovicova A top shot from our gallery, Erika talks about her epic panorama of an Icelandic scene. PAGE 24 Ravi Prakash Parvatharaju Another from the gallery, Ravi’s shows us his pic of a hungry puffin! PAGE 26 Graeme Green British wildlife photographer and conservationist Graeme discusses the New Big 5 animal images. PAGE 64 Akhlaq Ahmed Canon photographer Akhlaq shares his cinematic portrait photo techniques from lockdown. PAGE 68 Marcus Hawkins In part three of his Canon School, Marcus helps you take your first steps in flash photography. PAGE 70 Brian Worley Our über Canon EOS expert Brian answers more of your tricky technical questions in EOS SOS. PAGE 76 Matthew Richards For our Super Test, Matthew reveals which is the best lightweight tripod from eight compact options. PAGE 88 Our contributors Akhlaq Ahmed, Ben…

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on the streets of london

APPRENTICE NAME: SHANA-ROCHELLE GRAVILLIS CAMERA: CANON EOS 5D MARK III SHANA-ROCHELLE is based in London and loves all avenues of photography and currently does all of the product and stock photography for her mother’s candle making business. She’s an avid portrait photographer too, but has asked for some help on how to get the best poses from models and which settings are best for different lighting situations when shooting outside. We’ve paired her up with Jade Keshia Gordon to take some portraits around London’s bustling Blackfriars and Southwark locations. CANON PRO NAME: JADE KESHIA GORDON CAMERA: CANON EOS 5D MARK IV JADE KESHIA Gordon is a professional beauty and fashion Canon photographer based in Peckham, London, and has been taking portraits for more than 10 years, since she was 17. Jade started her career in street portraiture…

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01 WINNER SAINT PRIMOZ CHURCH, SLOVENIA BY PETER ORR Peter’s taken a beautiful landscape here with a clear focal point provided by the church which helps to anchor the foreground, fantastic snow-capped mountains and an incredible blood orange sky. It has all the elements of a great landscape and shows off the great outdoors at its best, making it the winner of our competition this month. He tells us: “This is a panoramic view of the Julian Alps at sunset and the composition of the church in the wider landscape was fixed before the sky gradually turned a lovely pink colour for a few minutes, which gave the image a wonderful boost.” Lens Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Exposure 0.3 sec, f/11, ISO100 02 BALD EAGLE BY BUDDY WOODS Buddy has come away…

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shoot like a professional

Successful landscape photography has always placed a lot of emphasis on detail and sharpness. However, with Canon’s range of EOS cameras with modern high-resolution sensors, sharpness and the techniques needed to achieve it have become increasingly important. So what contributes towards image sharpness? Equipment obviously has a bearing on this, starting with your choice of camera. Sensor size has an effect, as does sensor design, lenses also have a significant impact. It used to be the case that primes were noticeably sharper than zoom lenses, but in recent years Canon’s exceptionally good zoom lenses have revolutionized choices. While good lenses don’t come cheap, spending a bit more will usually result in more quality. The good news is that the most useful lenses for landscapes are wide angles, which are considerably less…