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Pioneer Woman Summer 2019

Ree Drummond shares her enthusiasm for the simple joys in life and inspires readers with her newest creation, The Pioneer Woman Magazine. Each issue is like a day with a good friend, full of helpful advice, great recipes, fun shopping and heartfelt stories – and lots of laughs.

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my summer checklist

Hello, friends! Summer is coming, and I’ve decided my approach for the warm-weather months will be “a little more.” Now, before you assume I mean “a little more chocolate cake” (though I’m not necessarily ruling that out), let me explain. Exercise This summer I’m committing to “a little more” exercise. I am not an exercise fanatic, but my summer to-do list will involve checking off some form of exercise every day. I have a new rowing machine, but I’m also going to step up walks with the dogs and Pilates/yoga-type exercises during those times of day when I’d usually be vegging out in front of the TV. Reading Spending “a little more” time reading is also on my list. Oh, I read all the time: News headlines, cookbook recipes, e-mails, social media…

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talk to me!

I’m thinking of getting an ice cream maker. What kind do you suggest? —Glynise Orlowski, Attica, NY Funny you should ask, as there’s a story about homemade ice cream on page 85—and I just opened an ice cream shop in Pawhuska! At home I use two ice cream makers. The first is White Mountain’s Electric Ice Cream Maker. It’s a churn style that uses rock salt, and it makes amazing ice cream—although it’s so loud I have to put it in the pantry and close the door when I use it! My other one, Cuisinart’s Ice Cream and Gelato Maker, is fuss-free: You make the custard on the stovetop, pour it into the machine and then forget about it. How many states have you visited? —Kathy Anderson, Elyria, OH It’s easier for me to say…

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step into my office

Ree says: “The idea for the bright wall came straight off Pinterest. I thought it would be so fun and positive and happy to work in a yellow space every day.” Cow Busts The Bessie Cow Head Wall Decor, $89 each; whitefaux taxidermy.com When Ree first opened her store The Mercantile, everyone involved—Ree, Ladd, the managers, buyers—all worked out of one office. “After a while, it got packed,” Ree says, so she decided to transform a storage area in a neighboring building into a new work hub. With the help of her assistant and longtime friend Haley Carter, Ree turned the dark and boxy space into a loft-like retreat. It wasn’t easy: Because they were working on other projects during the day, Ree and Haley had to save their decorating and planning meetings for…

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double take

“A long lightweight kimono is the secret to my summertime happiness.”—Ree“I could wear a kimono like this every single day of summer.”— Alex PHOTOS: KEVIN SWEENEY/STUDIO D; STYLING: MIAKO KATOH. ALEX DRUMMOND: PARKER ERCUMS…

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don’t sweat it!

Iadmit it: I’m a sweater. I go to great lengths to stay cool—including the first time I met Ladd’s family. It was at a wedding in August and I was wearing a lightweight wool dress! I had a sweating attack and darted into the nearest bathroom, where I took off all my clothes and stood on a toilet under an AC vent to cool down. Since then I have learned to embrace the…dewiness…that comes with Oklahoma summers. If you’re a sweater, too, here are some products that can help, along with some tips from Houston makeup artist Tonya Riner. Hair color SWEATY SITUATION The sun is sucking the life out of your hair color. SOLUTION Redheads like Ree experience fading the fastest in the sun. An SPF mist locks in color. Look for…

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a girl’s guide to bandanas

Whether you’re out on the range or working around the house, bandanas function as a kind of wild-card utility cloth, used for tying things together, sopping up messes and so many other jobs. Of course, they are also great for less rugged tasks: Ree has put them to use as gift wrap, as cloth napkins for casual dinner parties and as an occasional neck scarf for the dogs! Her love of bandanas started early. “I had the most amazing prairie-style bandana-print dress when I was a little girl,” she says. “Looking back, it was foreshadowing!”…