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Pioneer Woman Spring 2021

Ree Drummond shares her enthusiasm for the simple joys in life and inspires readers with her newest creation, The Pioneer Woman Magazine. Each issue is like a day with a good friend, full of helpful advice, great recipes, fun shopping and heartfelt stories – and lots of laughs.

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it’s wedding season!

And here we are, on the verge of my oldest daughter Alex’s wedding on May 1. I can’t believe how close it’s getting, and I can’t believe I didn’t start my mother-of-the-bride exercise plan a lot earlier. (I’ll get there!) But the day isn’t about me, it’s about Alex and Mauricio, her soon-to-be husband. It’s still surreal for me to think about. I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to spend more time with them as a couple over the past year-plus. Their connection is so clear, and I’m grateful they found each other. Speaking of Alex and the big day, we have the venue (the ranch), the dress (it is absolutely breathtaking), the guest list (we hope we didn’t forget anyone!) and the bridesmaids’ dresses (13 of them!). We…

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talk to me!

What recipes do you make for your kids when they’re sick?—April Martin, Loganville, GA Chicken noodle soup is at the top of the list. And I always serve it with saltines. One of my favorite recipes for chicken noodle soup is a heartier twist on the classic—and the addition of frozen egg noodles is a revelation! Find it at thepioneerwoman.com/chickennoodlesoup. Why are shows taped at The Lodge and not at your house?—Donna Fuller, Orlando, FL The Lodge is a guest house on our ranch, and when we filmed the pilot for my Food Network show back in 2011, I decided to do it there because I often used The Lodge kitchen for events and gatherings—and because my house was full of kids at the time! It worked so well as a set that…

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a perfect pair

Anyone who follows Ree’s blog probably remembers her posts about her oldest daughter Alex and Alex’s, ahem, friend, Mauricio Scott. For years, Ree couldn’t bring herself to call Mauricio Alex’s boyfriend—but it wasn’t because she had doubts about him! “The first time Ladd and I met Mauricio, we thought he was so fun, kind and likeable,” says Ree. “I can’t explain why I wouldn’t say ‘boyfriend’ for so long, but I think I was afraid of using the word in the same way Elaine Benes poked fun at that woman at a party who kept talking about her fiancé on Seinfeld. I never wanted to say, ‘This is Alex’s boyfriend, Mauricio’ and ‘Alex’s boyfriend, Mauricio, did this…’ I have funny hang-ups!” Ree doesn’t have to worry anymore, because as of…

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the newlywed game

Alex Mauricio Having our favorite people together and seeing him when I’m walking down the aisle What part of the wedding are you most excited about? Marrying Alex! And having a big dance party with our friends and family. He’s the most fun person I know. I’m always laughing with him! What’s your favorite thing about him/her? She is so kind and loving. She genuinely cares about others. know that Mauricio is going to say it’s him… but I think I am. Who’s the better cook? In college I thought I was, but now she’s for sure the better cook! Me! Who’s messier? Alex, 1 million percent Definitely me, understandably so. Mauricio is a little late to the game on this one! Who’s better at ranch work? Alex. Her brothers might tell you they’re better, but she’s the best. I’m far from her level. Ryan Reynolds Who would…

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notes to a future bride

Ree Drummond Married to Ladd, 24 years “Although we’re told marriage is a 50/50 thing, I’ve found that approaching it as 100/100 is even better. There will be times when one of you can’t bring or give as much to the marriage as the other, whether because of illness, fatigue, stress…and during those times, it’s good to think of it as 100/100 so you can fill in each other’s gaps.” Cyndi Kane Married to John, 34 years “I once heard that a woman’s greatest need in marriage is to be cherished and a man’s need is for respect. That rings true for me, so I have always tried to be careful in my speech. I hope to never belittle John but instead express my admiration and appreciation for him—he has certainly earned it.” Meg Kane Wilson Married…

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double take

“I love mixing textures and colors with my clothes—and I love an unexpected turquoise cowgirl boot! I don’t think cowgirl boots should ever worry about matching the outfit.”—Ree“I live in California, so my style is pretty laid back. I like comfortable but chic looks that can go from day to night.”—Gaby BY JAMIE M. WILSON. PHOTOS AND STYLING: ALISON GOOTEE. DALKIN: MATT ARMENDARIZ.…