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Playboy PhilippinesPlayboy Philippines

Playboy Philippines

March - April 2019

PLAYBOY Philippines is the local iteration of the global brand with an international pedigree of investigative journalism, intellectual discourse, literary creativity, and beautiful women. Its aim is to educate Filipino men—from the issues they need to know to the manner in which they assert themselves—in order to truly embody the PLAYBOY lifestyle.

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FOCAL LISTEN WIRELESS HEADPHONESEndure the long flights with these Focal Listen Wireless headphones that have a 20-hour battery life. The closed design and large ear pads are all you need to isolate yourself from the world while travelling. Rest-assured that these also bring maximum comfort, thanks to the heat-sensitive memory foam ear cups.APPLE IPHONE XS MAX (256GB)Of all the things to bring when traveling, a phone is definitely the most important; not only will it let you stay connected with friends and family while abroad, it’ll also help immensely with navigation. For your travel needs, an iPhone XS Max is the perfect partner. With its large display and topnotch performance, the XS Max has everything you could want in a smartphone; not to mention that it packs capable cameras if…

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travel playlist

This is something everyone will agree on: listening to music while traveling. And DJ Arra’s playlist is a choice of music that should definitely be in your travel playlist; her dynamic upbeat, bursting-in-color-like sound delivers a sensible feeling of excitement and energy that will surely hype up your travel experience, bobbing your head along the way. Here are DJ Arra’s suggested songs that you should include on your playlist.SHUFFLE PLAYSunshineCat Dealers, LOthief, SanttiYou SayEhrlingPromises (with Sam Smith)Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, Jessie ReyezHabits (Stay High) - Oliver Nelson RemixTove Lo, Oliver NelsonHollywoodRAC, Penguin PrisonPush PullOFFAIAHPolarCurbiYou Can Do It BabyMark Knight, Danny HowardElectricity (with Dua Lipa)Silk City, Dua Lipa, Diplo, Mark RonsonComa Cat - Radio EditTensnakeSo Much Love (feat. Charly Black & Stevie Appleton)Afro Bros, Charly Black, Stevie AppletonIntoxxxicatedCANCUN? WEALTHYSELF, Ed.Come CloserWizKid,…

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DAYS GONEThere have already been lots of video games set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, but Days Gone promises to deliver a fresher take on the setting. This PlayStation-exclusive title will feature a large open-world that’s filled with undead “Freakers” and human enemies, all of which act and react to the player and the environment. Think of it like Red Dead Redemption, but in a zombie apocalypse.DEVIL MAY CRY 5If you’re looking for a hack-and-slash game that oozes style, look no further than Devil May Cry 5. The game is the latest entry to the popular DMC series, and it’s shaping up to be an excellent return-to-form for the series. Not only do players take on the role of Nero and Dante once again, but it’ll also feature…

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1 PACKING UPNovel Aspect Duffle Bag, HerschelAs much as the Internet would love to see you flaunting this good old duffle bag from Herschel on your thirst-trapping gym selfie, it is also not the worst idea to use it as your trusty carry-on. Considering its reasonable size, you can throw in your whole wardrobe if need be, and a few more extras, just incase.2 ON FOOTNew Balance 997S Heritage PackAs per the old maxim: give a man the right pair of sneaks, and he will definitely fly—literally, wherever it is. So, pack up a comfy and aesthetically pleasing (crucial) pair that will not weigh you down during your long walks or other scheduled activity on your itinerary.3 FOR THE FEEDLeica CL camera LeicaYou haven’t really traveled unless you have posted…

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king of the wings: frankie’s new york buffalo wings

Craving for chicken wings that are spicy beyond compare? Got an appetite for the biggest, baddest wings? Then boy, do we have the answer for you! Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings a.k.a. the best wings in town is the perfect solution to your need for wings.Established in September 2012 by a group of friends who decided to take their love for chicken wings to the next level, Frankie’s boasts recipes as fresh and filling like no other. Aside from its signature Frankie’s Classic Buffalo Wings, the resto also offers 13 other flavors – Nagoya Tebasaki, Wicked Wasabi, Kevin’s Bacon, Korean, Salt & Pepper, Carribean Jerk, Smokey BBQ, Hickory BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Salted Egg, Cheesy Bacon, Honey Mustard, and Honey Garlic. What’s more is that they also offer other scrumptious dishes…

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four iconic alcoholic beverages in asia

1 SAKE, JAPANThe most popular alcoholic drink in Japan is referred to by the Japanese as rice wine. Made from fermented rice and it is brewed with high alcohol volume.2 SOJU, KOREAIt literally means burned liquor. This world famous, top-selling liquor is birthed from either wheat or rice, starch.3 MOUTAI, CHINANamed after the town where it was made, Moutai is dubbed as China’s national liquor. Distilled from a fermented grain called red sorghum.4 MEKHONG, THAILANDOften mistaken as whiskey, This drink is made from refined sugar and rice, making it more of flavored rum.…