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Playboy Philippines May - June 2018

PLAYBOY Philippines is the local iteration of the global brand with an international pedigree of investigative journalism, intellectual discourse, literary creativity, and beautiful women. Its aim is to educate Filipino men—from the issues they need to know to the manner in which they assert themselves—in order to truly embody the PLAYBOY lifestyle.

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Early into my career as a professional, the very thought of being part of a brand as iconic as Playboy was nothing more than a recurring subject of reveries. I presumed that I was one of the few buyers who actually read it for the articles, among other things, and in that distinction, a relationship had been forged. Several years passed and the brand finally made it to Philippine shores as an official franchise. Upon hearing the news, I immediately jumped at the chance of working for the publication and eventually scaled its ranks through dedication and my sheer love for anything Playboy. The late Hugh Hefner once said, “Life is too short to be living someone else’s dream,” and I certainly lived mine when I got to helm this esteemed…

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Billy Abeleda From Playmate of the Year to VP of the company, Billy Abeleda is the head bunny in charge. She oversees all operations, making sure that everything is running smoothly and at an optimum level. Having developing a love for managing things, she is a symbol of order, class, and efficiency. The Playboy office is this queen’s castle. Jeffrey Infante Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there’s fire, there’s Jeffrey Infante. The ardent Art Associate and IT specialist puts together layouts with a zeal that rubs off on his workmates in the way a spark starts brushfires. Outside work, he runs his own vape juice shop called Holy Smokes, a fitting name coming from its firebrand of an owner. Owen Reyes Beauty is something that Playboy Philippines’ Creative Director and lead photographer, Owen…

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GADGETS FRIGONDAS The microwave revolutionized the way people prepared food by allowing near-instant heating capabilities. Frigondas attempts to recreate the impact that the microwave had except in reverse. Say hello to a microwave that’s actually capable of freezing and cooling food and drinks in mere minutes. It also doubles as a traditional heating microwave. (Vito Alip) WEATHERMAN SMART UMBRELLA The Weatherman Smart Umbrella uses Bluetooth technology that can be synced with iOS and Android by way of its own “The Weatherman” app to ensure that you’re always able to locate your umbrella. The app also informs you of any impending rain so that you never leave the house unprepared. (VA) MOVI PHONE The Movi Phone tries to carve out its own niche in the smartphone ecosystem by offering users the capability to project images and video…

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tongue thai'd

If you’re searching for a liquor to challenge both your palate and your home mixology skills, look no further than Mekhong, the so-called spirit of Thailand. Considering its dirt-cheapness and popularity among tourists in Thailand, you may have tried this sugarcane-and-rice-derived stuff en route to a full-moon party in Pattaya, and no one would blame you for not remembering its idiosyncratic flavor. But in recent years it has ventured abroad, becoming a powerful tool in the arsenals of inventive U.S. bartenders. With a gingery-sweet kick that doesn’t quite mask its chemical undertones, Mekhong is best avoided neat. “This is not a sipping whiskey,” says Andy Ricker, chef and owner of Portland’s lauded Pok Pok. Ricker first encountered the spirit at a Koh Phangan disco in 1987, and today he uses it…

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global toasting

• Palinka: A powerful brandy, palinka is beloved in Hungary, where locals make this legal moonshine from various fruits. Drink it straight or with soda, or try it in a pisco sour. • Aguardiente: Colombia’s version of “fire water” is strong on anise but light on alcohol, peaking around 29 percent ABV. Often consumed neat, aguardiente makes a respectable ersatz pastis in cocktails. • Boukha: Depending on the brand, Tunisia’s fig brandy can taste like either gasoline or an autumn orchard. Khing & I Pair this piquant cocktail with your favorite Thai dish 3-4 thin slices of ginger, skin removed 1.5 oz. Mekhong 1.5 oz. fresh lime juice 1 oz. ginger simple syrup Key lime wedge for garnish Prepare Muddle ginger slices in cocktail shaker. Add Mekhong, limejuice, syrup and ice. Shake and pour into rocks glass.…

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is it still enough to be just friends?

Q: I’ll cut to the chase—I think I’m falling in love with one of my best friends. We’ve known each other for over 10 years (since college), and we’ve gotten each other through some epically rough patches in our lives. It’s even gotten to the point where her parents have practically adopted me. Recently, I’ve started noticing how absolutely gorgeous she is, inside and out. I can’t stop thinking about it. I really want to ask her to be my girlfriend, but I’m afraid telling her how I feel will ruin everything we have. She might hate me. Her family might hate me. Should I just keep this in and stay friends with her? But what if she’s the one? I don’t know what to do! A: I think a lot…