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Playboy Philippines November - December 2018

PLAYBOY Philippines is the local iteration of the global brand with an international pedigree of investigative journalism, intellectual discourse, literary creativity, and beautiful women. Its aim is to educate Filipino men—from the issues they need to know to the manner in which they assert themselves—in order to truly embody the PLAYBOY lifestyle.

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1 COATED WITH CLASS A ribbed jacket not only makes you feel toasty; your style game will also be on point in Christmas parties and social functions during the holidays. Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino Milano Ribbed Jacket. P3,990. Uniqlo.com 2 IN RHYTHM Share your Spotify playlist with the audience it deserves by rigging your phone with a top notch Bluetooth speaker. This sound box from Zilla Tank Rock features four hours of playtime and is waterproof. Zilla Tank Rock Bluetooth Speaker. P899. 3 ALL PLANNED OUT Any action, as the old adage goes, comes with an equal reaction. And in the case of your best-made plans written on a finely-made planner, you will certainly react by acting upon them. Moleskine 12M Limited Edition Harry Potter Weekly Notebook. P1,295. Fullybookedonline.com 4 A DATE WITH THE MAD TITAN As…

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1 MARVEL THANOS GAUNTLET LAMP While this vibey replica of the Mad Titan’s ultimate weapon may not grant you the power of the infinity stones, it’ll definitely add a touch of atmosphere to your pad. (Vito Alip) 2 LOGITECH G502 PROTEUS CORE MOUSE Level up your pc gaming experience with a mouse that’s out to give you total control. The G502 is comfortable, customizable, and has a sensor that guarantees precision. (VA) 3 THE ANKER POWERCORE 10000 This is a perfect gift to anyone with a phone: it’s powerful enough for your techie friend (it can charge flagship phones 3 times) and light and compact enough for friends with small purses. (Erika Sevilla) 4 WACACO MINIPRESSO Looking for the right gift for a jet-setting coffee snob? Check out this nifty little espresso maker! It’s portable enough to…

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THE ELDER SCROLLS: BLADES Bethesda’s latest installment of the Elder Scrolls franchise marks their first legitimate excursion into the realm of mobile gaming. The company promises the same “console-quality” experience that fans have come to expect from the series. (Vito Alip) POKEMON: LET’S GO Let’s be real: you’re never too old for a Pokemon game. As the first official Pokemon game for the Switch, players will be able to explore the Kanto region, train and battle with high levels of immersive experiences like never before. (VA) HITMAN 2 The Hitman series is back with more sneaky sniping and ghostly garrote-killing action. Aside from the standard single player story mode, there’ll be loads of multiplayer fun as well. (VA) BATTLEFIELD V The sixteenth installment of the Battlefield series will feature plenty of multiplayer modes and will also be…

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1 H&M BIKER JACKET Carry your devil-may-care charisma into your Christmas parties with this timeless looking faux leather jacket from H&M. Pair it with a plain tee and put the cool back into Christmas. (Vito Alip) 2 BAPE X MITCHELL & NESS X NBA Got an NBA fan in your life? Treat them to one of these hype pieces off of BAPE x Mitchell & Ness’ NBA collection! (VA) 3 ADIDAS ULTRABOOST UNCAGED PARLEY This Christmas, get yourself something that’s equal parts environmentally responsible and fly-looking. Adidas is producing this limited run of UltraBOOST sneakers made of 95% plastic found on the ocean floor. (VA) 4 UNIQLO MEN U FLEECE CARDIGAN You’ll be fleeced to have this toasty looking cardigan on chilly yuletide evenings. Plus, you can get it in either beige, cream, brown, or navy. (VA) 5…

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1 Churchill: Walking With Destiny By Andrew Roberts This biography of the great British Prime Minister who led the country through World War 2 ought to offer some perspective as to what being a true leader entails. (Vito Alip) 2 The Mansion By Ezekiel Boone Sci-fi meets horror in this chilling tale of AI gone evil. Programmers Shawn Eagle and Billy Stafford have to working together once more to destroy a rogue creation of theirs. (VA) 3 The Dark Heart: A True Story of Greed, Murder and An Unlikely Investigator By Joakim Palmkvist A missing millionaire, a scheming daughter, and an unlikely yet determined investigator? Off the bat, this one sounds like a compelling read especially for fans of the true crime genre. (VA) 4 Fire & Blood By George R.R. Martin Set to be a prequel of sorts to the…

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BOY ERASED Based on the autobiographical novel by Garrard Conley, the film’s plot revolves around Jared Eamons, who at the age of 19, is outed as a homosexual and is given the choice of either disownment or conversion therapy. In our current world where the LGBT community fights tooth and nail everyday for respect and equality, this film offers a look into the not so distant past when homosexuality was seen as an ailment that needed to be “cured.” (Vito Alip) THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND It’s interesting to consider that the legendary Orson Welles’ final film (one that has been in the making for the past 40 years) will be making its public debut on a platform like Netflix. Nevertheless, film buffs the world over will be waiting with baited breath…