Quiltmaker May/June 2021

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raised by a maker

At Quilting Daily, May is “Raised by a Maker” month and I decided for this issue that we should explore that theme. Did you learn to quilt from someone in your family? Do you come from a long line of quilters? Or maybe you enjoy passing on your love of sewing to the next generation. Then use the hashtag #RaisedbyaMaker and tag us in a post. We’d love to hear your story! Rather than our usual designer profiles, I chose five designers to share their stories with us about how they learned to quilt or taught others to quilt. I think you will enjoy reading about the experiences of our designers—it’s sweet, surprising, and even touching. Let’s start with Natalie and Joel Crabtree. Their love of quilting has blossomed into a joint…

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sew to speak

Ho Ho Ho When I saw the pattern Ho Ho Ho from Quiltmaker (November/December ‘20) I knew it would fit perfectly in my stairwell where I place seasonal quilts. I found the fabric, cut, sewed, and quilted it in one week. All of it using my Featherweight since the pattern was so easy. M'Liss Hunter • Centennial, Colorado Botanical Trellis The pattern is called Botanical Trellis from Quiltmaker (January/February ‘20). I made it for my mother's 90th birthday. Purple is her favorite color and she would hate a traditional quilt pattern look. I just took up quilting last June and this pattern fit the criteria: modern looking, easy, and not too big. I can't wait to give it to her. Blessings on all you do and love. Rev. Jacquelyn R. Hall • Southbury, Connecticut Foxy Valentine When…

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Creative Grids 10" Log Cabin Trim Tool Duo Create perfect finished Log Cabin, Half Log Cabin, or Courthouse Steps blocks with the 10" Log Cabin Trim Tool Duo designed by Jean Ann Wright. This tool features two sets of markings for 1" finished logs and ½" finished logs. Cutting instructions for the strip widths and center square are printed right on the tool. Similar to her Pineapple ruler, after adding each round of logs, place the appropriate centering square on the ruler over the center square of the block and trim. Since each round is squared up before the next set of logs are added, the results are perfect every time. creativegridsusa.com Warp Weaver This two-color plaid quilt is anything but boring—Victoria Findlay Wolfe's latest pattern is striking and bold. The Warp Weaver pattern…

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game of cat and mouse

Intermediate Finished Size: 63½” x 63½” Finished Blocks: 12” materials Fabric yardage assumes 40” usable width of fabric (WOF) unless otherwise noted. Assorted Medium Blue and Assorted Dark Blue Prints ⅝ yard each for blocks Assorted Plaids ⅜ yard total for blocks Assorted Light Blue and Gray Prints 1 yard total for blocks Assorted Color Prints 1¼ yards total for blocks Dark Green Print ⅜ yard for bands Pink Stripe ¼ yard for band Light Green Print ½ yard for bands Cream Dot Print ½ yard for bands Cream Print ⅝ yard for border 1 Gray Print ⅝ yard for border 1 Black Print 1 fat quarter for sashes (a fat quarter is approximately 18” x 20”) Cream Stripe ½ yard for border 2 Cream Plaid ¾ yard for binding Backing 4⅜ yards Batting 72” x 72” cutting Patches are lettered in order of use. Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. Border…

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color option

Sixteen Gardens. In this quilt I combined just almost my entire garden collection of Art Gallery Fabrics to create 16 vignettes. It’s gaudy and old fashioned in the way that 30s and 40s quilts were when made using large and small floral prints; yet at the same time the coloring and modern spin to floral prints clearly brings it into the 21st century. This quilt was design to feel like visiting a massive estate garden. Each block is its own vignette to be studied and admired as if it was a garden. The sashing is also cultivated to guide the eye from one vignette to the next. The garden theme is continued all the way to the binding. I loved making this quilt! Super easy to piece so I could…

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electric youth

Easy Finished Size: 60” x 72” Finished Blocks: 12” materials Fabric yardage assumes 40” usable width of fabric (WOF) unless otherwise noted. Assorted Tonals 1⅛ yards total for blocks Black Solid and White Tonal 2⅜ yards each for blocks Black Print ¾ yard for binding Backing 4⅛ yards Batting 68” x 80” cutting Patches are lettered in order of use. Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. Assorted Tonals 30 squares 6½” (A) Black Solid and White Tonal Cut from each: 11 strips 3½” x WOF for bands 120 squares 3½” (B) Black Print 8 strips 2½” x WOF for binding Bright colors, bringing memories of the 1980s when she was learning to sew, give Sarah’s quilt such appeal. 1 About This Quilt Simple bands and stitch-and-flip construction will give you an amazing quilt with no problem at all. 2 Making the Units and Blocks Refer to “Stitch-and-Flip” in Basic…