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extraordinary people

HEROES COME IN MANY DISGUISES. This month, we have two stories that highlight the extraordinary efforts of ordinary people. Both have endeavoured to resolve a problem and in doing so have improved the lives of others. In ‘Changing the Climate’ (page 32) we meet meteorologist Petteri Taalas who, as head of the World Meteorological Organization, spends his working day warning the world’s powerhouses of the pending climate disaster. Using the only tools he has at his disposal – his sharp scientific knowledge and an ability to share this science with political leaders in a way that doesn’t cause conflict – Taalas has grown to become one of the world’s most influential (and interesting) weather men. The other article, ‘Making A Difference: Raincoats for Change’ (page 26), depicts the positive change created…

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Loyal Companion My late father, who was a doctor with the army medical corps, believed, “If I had my way, I would not send my children to school, but subscribe to Reader’s Digest!” ‘DNA Detector Dog’ by Fay Grimsey (Smart Animals, March) was an interesting read. It is worth noting that dogs featured four times in this issue and, symbolically, dogs represent loyalty, obedience, devotion and the Vedas (oldest scriptures of Hinduism). SHIVRAM RAVI All About a Healthy Heart While cardiologists have outlined how to overcome heart problems ‘How to Keep Your Heart Young’ (April), not much attention has been paid to outdoor physical exercises. Top sports coaches recommend that 30 minutes of Fartlek running (periods of fast running intermixed with periods of jogging or brisk walking), coupled with breathing and stretching exercises, will keep…

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reader’s digest shop

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golf a game of life

In 2014, I qualified to play in the ‘Cock o’ the Walk’ golf event at a course on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where players competed against one another according to their handicaps. My first opponent was Don – a former first-grade footballer, who, at over 1.8 metres tall, was all muscle. “Good luck,” said my wife, Margaret, as I left for the match. “Think of it as David versus Goliath,” I replied. I didn’t feel confident. I had played with Don in other rounds and he was a very good player with a low handicap. However, this was a handicap event so I was allowed an extra stroke on a number of holes. We shook hands at the first tee and wished one another the best. “Keep an eye on the crows,” I warned.…

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smart animals

Returning the Favour IMAMAH HANIF I will never forget what I saw one spring evening in 2019 at my local park. At the time, I liked to go and watch the sunset at a park, which was a seaside area in Karachi. There, I would always see the same elderly lady feeding the pigeons. The birds, usually around ten to 15 in number, would gather around her before she even had a chance to retrieve the bag of bajra (pearl millet) from her handbag. It was the same each day, part of her routine. I found that watching her perform this ordinary task with such keen purpose was both calming and beautiful. On this particular evening, the lady arrived at her usual spot to feed the birds. But, as she approached the bench to…

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keeping cats indoors

Our regular pet columnist, Dr Katrina Warren, is an established and trusted animal expert. THERE WAS A TIME when people always put the cat out before going to bed. In past generations, cats were generally free roaming, but these days cats are very much part of the family and typically spend most of their time indoors. Living inside has benefits – contained cats are less likely to create a nuisance in the neighbourhood, be exposed to infectious diseases, get into fights with other cats, kill wildlife or be hit by a motor vehicle. They generally have a longer life expectancy than outdoor cats. Dr Warren shares her expert knowledge on managing indoor cats. CATS MAKE GREAT INDOOR PETS Cats are naturally very clean and they love to sleep; in fact most cats…