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Reader's Digest May 2018

In this era of information overload, Reader’s Digest offers something unique: the very best advice, information and inspiration from multiple sources, condensed into an easy-to-read digest. In each issue you’ll get trusted, time-saving insights about Health, Personal Finance, Work, Family, and National issues, PLUS exclusive book excerpts, news-making interviews, and humor.

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dear readers

IT’S NO SECRET that Reader’s Digest aspires to be both relevant and timeless. As DeWitt Wallace put it on the first cover, “Each article of enduring value and interest.” Recently, we watched with pride and astonishment as an article from our archive reaffirmed the value of that goal in the social media age. In June 2014, we reprinted a beautiful essay by writer Glennon Doyle Melton that described how her son’s math teacher reached out to isolated kids. Every Friday, the teacher asked her students to write the names of the four kids they wanted to sit with the following week. Then she studied the patterns in those “safe, private little sheets of paper.” Who was being excluded or, perhaps worse, who couldn’t think of anyone to request? “Then she gets…

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40 Smart Ways to Save at the Supermarket Your caution not to fall for fake sales reminded me of when I was a stock boy at my neighborhood grocery in the 1950s. One time, we got a delivery of off-brand vegetables. I priced them at ten cents a can. I don’t think we sold more than six cans—until I put up a sign that said “Special: Nine for $1.” I set them out Thursday evening, and by noon on Saturday they were gone. EDWARD DECKERD, Perryville, Missouri Great ideas, but you forgot one of the most important: Never go to the supermarket when you’re hungry! This stops a lot of impulse buying. We’ve saved a bunch of money over the years following that advice. RICHARD D. STEVENS, Palm Coast, Florida Bill’s Last, Best Gift Tracy Grant’s…

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killer house debate

In response to “Will Your House Kill You?” we heard from a few electricians and others who wanted to clarify our cautions. With regard to electrical outlets, saying “The left slot is connected to the neutral wire” is correct— when the ground hole is installed to be at the bottom. But in the National Electrical Code, there is no official right or wrong way to orient an outlet. M. T., Imperial, California While Teflon pans will not kill your readers, they may kill pet birds. Parrots have died of respiratory failure because of fumes released when people cook with them on high flames. As for the safety of cooking with Teflon, the canaries were right about the coal mines… MARGARET MARIAM ROSENTHAL, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Miracles don’t happen every day—or even,…

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design for living

IN 2011, Nancy Ballard went for a routine checkup that turned into something extraordinary. At 60, the recently retired entrepreneur had just completed her master’s in botanical illustration. In fact, she was carrying a painting of a plant she’d done when she arrived at her doctor’s San Francisco office. “It would be great if we had artwork like that for our chemotherapy rooms,” the nurse said. Ballard asked to see one. She was shocked by what she found. The walls were drab and bare, and the paint was chipping. She could tell where old artwork had hung because of the naked nails. It was a depressing room for a depressing routine—patients tethered to chemo drips for perhaps several hours, often with nothing to look at other than those sad walls. Ballard…

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landing on the freeway

“MAYDAY! WE GOT MAYDAY!” Frank Pisano screamed over the microphone to the air control tower at John Wayne Airport last June. One of the two engines on his 1975 Cessna had failed, and he was now on a collision course with one of the busiest highways in America—Interstate 405, just south of Los Angeles—and there was no stopping it. Driving south on the 405, near the airport’s runway, was John Meffert. A fire department captain, Meffert, 47, was heading home from his shift and had nothing on his mind that Friday morning but the Fourth of July weekend ahead of him. Then a low-flying plane caught his eye. After he took a second glance, a thought crossed his mind: “This plane’s going to hit me,” Meffert told Fox 8. He was right.…

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so you’re going to the royal wedding!

Tom Markle and Doria Radlan request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter, Rachel Meghan Markle, to Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor on the nineteenth of May, two thousand and eighteen. PIP-PIP, Old Bean, the royal wedding is nigh, and you can’t wait to attend! In preparation, you’ve caught up on the first two seasons of The Crown, boned up on your P. G. Wodehouse, and suffered through a dish of blood pudding. Yes, you are ready! All you need now is an invitation. Hmm, it’s no doubt on your dining room table, buried beneath that mountain of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. While you sift through, let’s review a checklist of everything you’ll need to know. 1 GIFTS Even under normal circumstances, buying a wedding gift is complex.…