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Rogue August 2017

Rogue is an award-winning magazine that covers entertainment, culture, and current affairs for an affluent and important audience in the Philippines. Rogue is synonymous with beautiful women, powerful photography, and intelligent storytelling. Thought-provoking, relevant, and glamorous, Rogue has become a lifestyle filter whose pages reflect the unique pulse of Filipinos, in the Philippines and abroad. Combining cutting-edge style with profiles on the country’s influencers — from art and design to business and politics — Rogue is a purveyor of impeccable taste, elegant covers, and world-class journalism.

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highway star

COMFORTABLE INTERIORS, ATTRACTIVE exteriors, intuitive navigation, and low consumption form the all-new BMW 5 Series, the brand’s seventh generation of the sports-business sedan. Cutting a handsome figure, the elegant exterior highlights the brand’s signature airstream kidney grille and Hofmeister kink, a turn in the window lines separating the rear windows from the rear glass. The interiors flaunt seats in luxurious leather, made wider to comfortably accommodate three passengers in the back. The 5 Series’ 11 elegant light designs and Ambient Air Package also amplify the senses. Eight fragrances are divided into four categories: “Blue Suite,” “Green Suite,” “Golden Suite,” and “Authentic Suite,” all boasting fragrance dispersal and air ionization functions for a fresh and clean ambiance. This car features the new BMW Display Key, which provides information on fuel levels and can turn…

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the gospel according to tom brady

IF I EVER had my own personal Jesus Christ, it would be Tom Brady. In all my years on this earth, no one has performed more miracles than the leader of the New England Patriots. The league’s premier quarterback has been dominating the sport for almost two decades now and like fine wine, has only gofien befier with age. In the Brady (and Coach Bill Belichick) era of the National Football League, the Patriots have become a Dynasty, winning five Super Bowls, becoming the first team to go 16 and 0, and shafiering records almost every year. Most veteran sports fans would consider it sacrilege but for me the NFL begins and ends with Brady. And if you think this is all hyperbole, go back to February 5 of this year…

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an ode to italy

ORIGINALLY A SMALL shoemaking business in the 1920s, Tod’s has since become one of Italy’s most iconic luxury brands. Deeply rooted in the traditions long established by the luxury shoes and leather goods company, Tod’s Men’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection showcases an assortment of contemporary outerwear, footwear, totes, and accessories boasting the brand’s impeccable craftsmanship and trademark touches on the finest of skins. Highlights include sheepskin treated like fabric and sewn with cotton thread (a detail displayed in spacious utilitarian totes), oversized rubber soles providing extra-cushioning on ankle boots and classic white kicks, and leather gomminos (driving shoes) and loafers in warm and rich tones that complement nippier climes. Also a standout is the lightweight Pash jacket, whose leather is manually applied with coatings, waxed, and brushed by a team of artisans, resulting…

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the guest list

JACLYN CLEMENTE KOPPE is a retired party animal who writes about food and travel in Manila. When she’s not out eating, she’s running her blog-shop, OneBigBite.com. In this issue, she drops by Josh Boutwood’s The Test Kitchen. FRANCIS T.J. OCHOA started his career with Manila Bulletin and Tempo before becoming a sportswriter at Today, where he spent eight years covering the PBA. These days, he’s the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s sports editor. FRANK CALLAGHAN is a Manila-based photographer who shoots almost exclusively at night. He received the Ateneo Art Award in 2015 for Dead Ends and holds a degree in Economics from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. JILSON TIU is a photo correspondent for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He also contributes to various magazines across Southeast Asia. In this…

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doourle faullt

This is then the main problem of this follow-up to his first autobiography: it feels needless. THE OTHER WEEK, I got into an argument with a friend on Facebook. I had shared a news article about how the young Australian Bernard Tomic, the men’s professional tennis tour’s reigning enfant terrible, admitted he felt “bored” during his first round loss to Mischa Zverev at this year’s Wimbledon Championships. I, along with countless followers of the sport, found this and other similar incidences disrespectful of the game. “But sports is a meritocracy,” my friend contended, adding that the things one does off the court—however deplorableshouldn’t take away from one’s being a champion on it. But, truthfully, it does. And professional tennis in particular is littered with bad boys and girls whose theatrics take…

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planes, trains and automobiles

PAUWI NA PAOLO VILLALUNA, 2015 THE TRIP: Metro Manila to an unnamed province. It looked like they were heading North, though. THE PLOT: A poor family, fed up with struggling with life in Metro Manila, tries to make their way back to their hometown on a pedicab. VALUABLE LESSON: Films set in abject poverty can have a sense of humor, too. RELAKS, IT’S JUST PAG-IBIG ANTOINETTE JADAONE AND IRENE VILLAMOR, 2014 THE TRIP: Manila to a beach in Leyte THE PLOT: A teenage girl (Sofia Andres) drags along a guy she barely knows (Iñigo Pascual) on a trip to Leyte to find two lovers that she learned of through a love letter that she once found on a beach. VALUABLE LESSON: It’s fun to be young and in love, guys. SAKALING HINDI MAKARATING ICE IDANAN, 2016 THE TRIP: All over. Zamboanga, Marinduque,…