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Shape Singapore December 2018

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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power up your new year

The year-end is a conflicting time. We take stock of our achievements (or lack thereof), psyche ourselves up for a fresh, ambitious set of goals and then falter when our resolve slides.The struggle is real; we’ve all been there. Which is why for this issue, we have curated 19 wonderfully manageable resolutions that will get you to your fittest, healthiest and most radiant self in 2019 (pg 38). Instead of vague ideals like “lose weight” or “work out more”, we will all benefit from simple actionable tips that can be put into practice at once!But hey, we’re not just about putting you to work. After all, everyone needs a break to reset the mind and body for new challenges ahead. Check out our list of fitness and wellness retreats…

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team shape in action...

Find out how our cover girl and radio deejay Charmaine Yee transformed her health on pg 18. Chloe Tong may be petite but she’s a powerhouse when it comes to weight training. Turn to pg 56 for her story. Refresh your activewear wardrobe for 2019 with these stylish and comfy sports bras. See pg 48. ■…

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shape buzz

Scrumptious, refreshing and healthy Hawaiian poke bowl from Aloha Poke. We only regret the times we skip exercising. The Shape team trying out Plantronics’ new BackBeat Fit wireless earbuds for safe and comfortable workouts. Take time out of your busy schedule to rest, relax and relish in nature. A belly pleasing afternoon exploring Habitat by Honestbee, a new 60,000 sqft grocery and dining experience. Here’s a throwback to our interview with Payal Kadakia. Get your protein and antioxidants with less sugar from this new Nutrisoy drink. Christmas just got sweeter with these skincare and beauty gift sets from Sephora. BTS with our November cover girl and Miss Universe Singapore’s first runner up Jia En. Unwinding and leaving the office stress behind with Watsu, the world’s first aquatic massage. The…

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happily ever after

If you’ve ever scoffed at people who advise you to “choose happiness”, it may be time to relook the skepticism. Researchers from the University of Minnesota and Texas A&M University have found that the way you frame your goal around an experience affects how you feel long afterwards. For instance, those who go on a holiday with the general objective of increasing happiness in life will feel the positive, rejuvenating effects longer than those who set specific goals such as experiencing relaxation. The same rule applies to material purchases. So go on, strive to be happy today and forever. ■…

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sharpen your focus

We all have hidden pockets of time in our days, research shows. The key to taking advantage of them: being extra productive, but in a way that’s smart, not stress-inducing. And these four new groundbreaking techniques will help you do just that – getting your must-dos (work, chores and errands) done faster, so you have plenty of time for your want-tos (family, friends and exercise). REWIND YOUR CLOCK “Your cells contain special ‘clock genes’, which operate on a loop, priming your body to do different things at different times based on day-long cycles of light and dark,” explains Suhas Kshirsagar, an Ayurvedic physician and the author of Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life. Sync up your habits to these genes, and you’ll operate…

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happy new yee

“I WAS OFTEN TOLD I WASN'T GOOD, SKINNY OR FASHIONABLE ENOUGH, AND I FELT PRESSURED TO CHANGE WHO I WAS.” When Kiss 92FM radio deejay Charmaine Yee isn’t rocking the airwaves with her husky voice and charming personality, she’s often shuttling from the studio to hosting gigs. Her spirited delivery and confidence as a presenter is admirable, but the 31-year-old tells us her decade-long career in the media industry hasn’t been easy on her self-esteem. “I was often told that I wasn’t good, skinny or fashionable enough, and I felt pressured to change who I was,” she says.In a bid to lose weight, she then experimented with unhealthy diets, such as going carb-free and juicing, in hope of quick results. The kilos did slide off after two weeks, but…