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Shape Singapore October 2018

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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listen to your body

Pregnancy can be such a thorny period, especially when there are many uncertainties and causes for anxiety. To make matters worse, people have all sorts of opinions for mums-to-be, especially when it comes to workouts.Some believe in avoiding exercise altogether, for fear of endangering the pregnancy, while others are advocates of maintaining a fitness routine. Since every pregnancy is different, there’s no right or wrong, but one thing’s for sure – as long as your gynae gives the green light to do some form of physical activity, you should feel empowered to get moving. After all, the health benefits of prenatal exercise are aplenty.To get started, read our guide to working out during pregnancy (pg 40). Whether you like cardio or strength-based activities, there are ways to do them…

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shape buzz

A Saturday well spent spinning for charity at the Paragon atrium. Post-workout brunch done right with a wagyu beef grain bowl from The Populus Café. Shower time just got more exciting with the new light, fluffy and sulphate-free Dove shower foam. Nothing beats celebrating the nation’s birthday with a yoga sesh under the iconic Supertrees. Clean eating is more than raw leafy greens. Our pick? Edamame beans and yummy sweet potato. We love how spacious Fitness First’s newest outlet at Paya Lebar is. Associate Editor Estelle Low stretching easy in Yumi Active’s buttery smooth capris with founder Diana Chang. Always keep your meals balanced with a side of fresh greens. Throwback to our shoot with the gorgeous Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw! Cute packaging alert! The Kakao Friends Sweet APeach collection by…

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pleasing petals

Gazing at a beautiful flower makes you feel good, period. But roses take things a step further. The flower’s oil is an especially potent de-stressor, affecting the brain’s limbic system, which shapes your mood and raises your spirits, research finds. Simply inhaling the scent can lower your stress response significantly, studies show. This is why it’s being added to everything from flavoured drinks to beauty balms. For a shortcut to Zen, spritz on Mamonde Rose Water Toner ($25 for 250ml, leading department stores) or sip Asmara Asana 6 Rose & Lavender Drink ($5.30, www.sproutfore.com)…

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small efforts, big gains

If the movie Crazy Rich Asians has you feeling a teensy bit envious, well, we feel you. The film is set in Singapore, after all, and features mansions, glittering apartments, high fashion and fast cars. It is obscene that anyone should live like that… but you want all that too. How to get it? Well, getting rich – or at least, richer – is largely a matter of knowing what to do with your money and how to grow it. Here are five creative hacks to multiply your wealth – who knows, you could soon be throwing your very own private lawn party.1 START INVESTING EARLY, AND DO IT OFTEN As a child of the digital age, there’s no excuse to be scared of investing your money. Thanks…

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bella “welcome to my world”

Good Wool by Theory Power jacket and Classic Slim Crop pant (theory.com). LoveCulture.com Silky Embroidered Floral slides (loveculture.com). I RECENTLY DECIDED IT’S TIME TO GET BACK TO THE GYM. I GET STRESSED AND ANTSY WHEN I DON’T GO. Galvan Laguna dress (galvanlondon.com). Rosa Cha Elisa II one-piece (rosacha.com). Sonix Tokyo Dream sunglasses (shopsonix.com). There’s a good chance that you follow Bella on Instagram (along with a whopping 18 million others) and that you know she leads a colourful life. You may have even seen some pretty wild evidence of it up close and personal. But recently, she tells us, there’s been a shift. In her quieter moments, Bella has been digging deep, figuring out what makes her tick, defining who she wants to be, and setting some hard-core goals…

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just breathe

If you think the quality of outdoor air is worse than indoor air, think again. Studies by the World Health Organization showed that in a closed environment, the air we breathe is two to five times more polluted with dust mites, viruses and bacteria. According to a recent Healthy Air Survey conducted by Royal Philips and Rakuten AIP, the average Singaporean falls sick up to five times a year, but 33 per cent of Singaporeans are unsure if their symptoms are caused by an illness or an allergy. One way to zap this uncertainty? Remove indoor allergens with an air purifier, such as the Philips Series 3000i Air Cleaner AC3259/30 ($899). Its super sensitive sensor detects the finest pollution particles and removes them automatically, so you can rest assured…