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Singapore Women's Weekly October 2018

The Singapore Women’s Weekly is one of the best-selling women's magazines in Asia. You'll find juicy real-life stories, gorgeous fashion and beauty, and health and relationship advice that works for the busy woman. And there's so much more: Inspiring decor ideas plus collect 'n' keep cookcards with recipes to suit Asian tastes. The Singapore Women’s Weekly has everything you want – and they're all in one place.

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meet the team

Elizabeth Liew Content Writer, 26 If I was 21 again… “I’d do something more extravagant. I’m not usually one to throw huge parties or do something really crazy (I’m more of a stay-home-and-chill kind of person), but youth is fleeting and life should be lived with vigour and zest. With that said, I did enjoy my 21st and spent time with those who mattered to me, so I don’t regret anything.” Lu Yu Asst Production Manager, 52 If I was 21 again… “I would be in my third year at the university in Shanghai. I would get my parents to put all their savings into stocks and shares, and later, use the profit to buy real estate in Shanghai. That’ll allow me to retire at 40!” Janice Pidduck Fashion Director, 41 If I was 21 again… “I’d be…

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editor’s letter

Pan Lingling is on our cover for several reasons. #1. She’s a breast cancer survivor and, naturally, an advocate, and October is a month we want all women to remember to take charge of their breast health. #2. It’s our 21st birthday issue and we wanted someone who has graced our cover; and as we looked back at the different covers (all the way back to October 1997 when we first launched The Weekly), the endearing picture of the actress and husband Huang Shinan on our October 1999 cover stood out. #3. Lingling’s in the spotlight, along with actress Hong Huifang, for a much-publicised spat which has caused the friends to fall out. She’s refused to talk about it, and, in a way, I can understand why. Certain things in…

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halloween’s power couples

BEYONCÉ & JAY-Z as Barbie & Ken Music’s power couple gets all dolled up, literally, as Black Barbie and Ken. The superstar’s vintage black-and-white swimsuit brings out her sexy curves; and like the real Ken doll, tuxedo-clad Jay-Z is happy to let his leading lady take the spotlight. Even their daughter, Blue Ivy, got in on the act, wearing a Barbie leather jacket with fishnet stockings. KIM KARDASHIAN & KANYE WEST as Mermaid & Sailor Leave it to Kim K to bust out the most sultry mermaid costume we’ve ever seen. Her luscious platinum blond wig, lace bralet and sequined green mermaid tail are enough to put sailor-striped Kanye under her sexy spell. CHRISSY TEIGEN & JOHN LEGEND as Pocahontas & Cowboy Looks like Chrissy and John turned to the wild, wild west for their outfit inspo. John’s…

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heidi’s halloween hits

2011 DEAD BODY Anyone can dress as a skeleton, but trust Heidi to take things a step further by transforming into a skinless corpse. “It’s a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off. It’s basically like me naked,” she says. 2013 OLD WOMAN Is this a glimpse into her future? Heidi showed she wasn’t afraid to age herself by dressing up as an old lady, complete with walking stick, age spots and varicose veins. 2015 JESSICA RABBIT As the iconic character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Heidi looks like a sexy figurine come to life. The use of a prosthetic face and boobs add to the cartoonish look, along with her eye-popping red dress and matching wig. 2016 VICTORIA’S SECRET ANGEL Only when you are as famous as Heidi can you dress as yourself for Halloween. Heidi showed…

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let them have cake!

1. Jennifer Lopez’s SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL CAKE If you’re J.Lo, it’s not enough for your cake to have edible gold and fondant roses. No, you need it encrusted with over 10,000 Swarovski crystals spelling out your name, because you are that fabulous. 2. Margot Robbie’s HARLEY QUINN CAKE To celebrate her birthday on the set of Suicide Squad, the crew got her an enormous cake decorated with fondant comic covers. 3. Orlando Bloom’s RACE CAR CAKE At his 41st birthday bash in Morocco, Orlando test drove and crashed a Renault race car, much to his embarrassment. This car-shaped cake was definitely a tongue-in-cheek move! 4. Aaliyah’s MUSIC-THEMED CAKE She may have passed, but a dance studio paid tribute to the singer with a classy cake adorned with musical notes. 5. Donatella Versace’s GOLD CAKE Trust Lady Gaga to go all…

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singing sensations

HOT Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls The American Idol contestant stunned everyone with her performance as Effie White in Dreamgirls, which won her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2007. It’s no easy feat eclipsing co-star Beyoncé – but her rendition of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” is considered one of the movie’s highlights. Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born In this remake of 1976’s A Star Is Born, which opens October 4, Gaga plays a singer-songwriter getting her big break. Like Barbra Streisand in the original, the quirky Gaga doesn’t have the looks of a typical pop star, but shows off her immense talent and her big voice. Björk in Dancer In The Dark The Icelandic pop queen with a love for swan dresses won Best Actress at Cannes in 2000 playing…