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May/June 2020 (#227)

SLAM was founded in 1994 as the “in your face basketball magazine,” covering all things hoop-related, from NBA, PBA, UAAP and NCAA hoops to old-school stories, kicks, streetball and the fashion of the game. Twenty years later, SLAM is still the No. 1 dominant media outlet— both in print and online—for all things that matter in the world of basketball. SLAM gets at the game’s biggest stars in a way no other outlet can. From LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, to the up and coming stars in the NBA, PBA and the UAAP, SLAM brings the reader face to face with their favorite players, and SLAM was launched as “the basketball bible,” and we are still the only place for the true basketball fan.

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all ball

THERE’S NO BASKETBALL. It’s strange, almost unreal. Never in my life has there been no basketball - especially as someone living in the Philippines. It’s always been a constant: a reliable friend, distraction, obsession or theater, depending on the occasion. Except now there are no live games to set alarms for, no pick-up games to join, and it’s jarring to think about, let alone live through. The world pausing and trying desperately to recover from a pandemic is without question more important than a silly game not being played, don’t get me wrong. I am in no way insinuating that hoops hunger is anywhere near the list of top 1,000 things to worry about right now. It cannot be stressed enough how the Real MVP’s (shoutout KD’s mom) of this moment in…

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trash talk

Eduardo Pardo via YouTube We’ll see what this crew can do. It’s tough to put them against the 76ers and the Raps…this Celts team is comparatively small. But, small ball is the thing now’a’days right? Also Vic O. coming back into the fold should probably keep them up at night….especially if Vic and TJ can start developing chemistry. Anthony via Mark my words: Paige Bueckers will take the women’s game to the next level. 286mic via YouTube Been a huge Clippers fan and I love these three because how they were underestimated and surprised people. Ethan Wellington via YouTube Who do you think will win ROTY? I think Ja Morant will. He is both a great scorer and team player. Do you think there will be anyone else to be the candidate above Ja? Could Zion…

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the opening tip

ARE YOU BUMMED OUT by the current NBA season? Do you think there’s too much calculated sitting of star players by coaches who believe the only thing that matters is having your studs rested and injury-free for the postseason? Do you think this season is boring? Well, buck up. Things are actually pretty great in the NBA. We have mourned and eulogized the late Kobe Bryant, whose tragic death, with hoops-loving daughter Gigi, brought us all to our figurative knees. But honoring him this season has made us all stronger with the realization that life is fast and must be cherished every day. And the game is the way we honor that. So we have the ageless, remarkable LeBron James, plus the reinvigorated Anthony Davis, leading Kobe’s old squad, the Lakers, making…

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glow up

“THIS CAN become the coolest club in the world,” says Sylvain Francisco, the 22-year-old point guard for Paris Basketball. Led by David Kahn, the former President of Basketball Operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Paris Basketball was founded in 2018. The team currently plays in LNB Pro B, the second division of France. The vision? To establish a prominent franchise and brand in one of the most recognized cities in the world. “I joined Paris Basketball because I was convinced by the project,” says Amara Sy, a veteran forward and legend in the French leagues. “As a competitor, I was [intrigued] by the opportunity to write history and be a part of the builders of a Parisian club that would be set to last.” The mindset? To strongly embody the culture and spirit of Paris. “On…

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where i’m from

POLO G IS ALL ABOUT showing love tho those who have next. Born Taurus Bartlett, the 21-year-old Windy City native created the Chicago Grizzlies, a travel AAU program, to make a positive impact through hoops in the community. We recently linked with him to talk about the organization, being a positive role model in his hometown and more. SLAM: How did the whole concept of the Grizzlies start? POLO G: The concept, as far as me picking a name and everything, I came up with that because of the Chicago Bears. I know bears are, like, a Midwest animal and that was the inspiration for that. But just [creating] a new opportunity for the kids in my neighborhood. SLAM: Aside from basketball, what other resources do the Grizzlies provide for kids? PG: An open ear…

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elissa cunane

WHEN ELISSA CUNANE scores, she smiles. When she grabs a rebound, she grins. When she blocks a shot, she beams. The 6-5 sophomore center for NC State plays with so much uncontainable joy that TV analyst Debbie Antonelli dubbed her, “Big Smile.” “I just try to have fun with everything and it just shows through,” Cunane says. “The team and coaches just feel like family. I really feel comfortable around them.” The rest of the ACC has become all too familiar with Cunane’s expressions and exploits. She averaged 16.5 points and 10.1 rebounds per game while shooting 55.2 percent from the floor this season, ranking in the top six of each stat in the ACC. No other player in the conference averaged a double-double. Cunane has also stretched her game, knocking down…