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Slam November/December 2020

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Slam is the fastest way to bring home the entire world of hoops from playgrounds to high schools, college and the NBA.

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the sixth man

THIS ISSUE IS CLOSING during a strange moment. As I write this it’s the Thursday before Election Day, and while I have no idea how the actual election will play out, I do know that this country’s news cycle will descend into chaos for the majority of November. And over in the basketball world, we’re looking at way less chaos, to be clear, but there’s also plenty of uncertainty. We know pro basketball will soon be played again, but we don’t know when—sounds like it could be happening as soon as December 22 or as far back as March. It’ll happen when it happens—what’s most important is figuring out how to do it safely—but I only bring this up to explain why it felt right to take the time to commemorate…

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trash talk

Bokang Kheekhe, Maseru, Lesotho The lack of respect for the reigning champs is ridiculous! Where Lowry at?? Romona Joseph, Toronto, Canada No pic of someone from the current Champs is low key disrespectful. Not even a LeBronto fan but, C’Mon Son. Jermone Flanagan, Dallas, TX Every Man Is Their Own Government. The Questions Never Stop and The Answers Never Quit. HOW MANY MORE? ZERO from OAKLAND to OGDEN to OREGON. LILLARD’S Number is the Letter. THE MESSAGE, THE STORY, THE MOVEMENT …MOTIVATION to the TRAIL BLAZERS Reppin It. In The Clutch if it ain’t about The DOLLA then it don’t make Sense…the clock ticks down on acronyms and vowels before your squad can decipher it 0:00. RIP CITY Busts Your Bubble to this SLAM Ish ON YOUR WRIST…DAME TIME. Mike Verderber, Springfield, IL I enjoy reading your…

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the opening tip

ME, I DIDN’T THINK they could pull it off. I mean, who did? It was crazy to think that the NBA could restart its paused 2019-20 season and have every player, coach, referee, management type and even attending media members hole up in one place—the bubble, as it became known, down at Disney World in Orlando, FL—and finish the season without anybody getting sick from Covid-19. But they did it. Amazing. Really. These aren’t easily-shepherded little kids we’re talking about. These were gazillion-dollar, full-grown, gigantic, elite athletes who are seemingly impossible to keep on the same page. But the qualifying teams and NBA workers were in the bubble for three and a half months—all summer long—hundreds of players playing 172 total games, doing an entire playoff series, crowning a champion, and it…

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the defiant one

AS TYRRELL WINSTON held an authentic, signed basketball from the great Michael Jordan, he was nervous for what awaited him next. He’d spent a lot of bread on this piece of sports memorabilia, which he purchased from the Upper Deck website, but it wasn’t for his own enjoyment or clout. The contemporary artist was working on a piece for his Anatomy series, titled “Knock Knock,” in which he explored the correlation between signatures and one’s obsession with celebrity. With a silver sharpie in hand, he began the process of “touching immortality.” He double-checked he was about to spell his own name right and then added his signature underneath Jordan’s. A bold move. Back in 2008, after graduating from Wagner College with a degree in art administration, Winston wanted to pay off college…

3 min.
the franchise player

Former pro hooper and Philly native Mustafa Shakur has been dropping gems on his IG page (@stafshakur), so much so that it inspired us to give him a new print home. Introducing GOAT Status, in which Mustafa will tell stories of hoops legends you need to know.—Ed. The hard-hitting realization that many athletes come to is that they’re only as good as the last game they won, and what they’ve achieved on the court does not garner respect in the business world. For some, it happens after a career-ending injury, a decline in stats or retirement. For Junior Bridgeman, his reality check came as he transitioned into business as an entrepreneur looking for funding as a franchisor. OK, I get it. They only see you as someone who can make a…

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the grind goes virtual

KIDS ARE SUPPOSED TO be able to hug their friends. Smiles shouldn’t be hidden behind masks. Basketball isn’t supposed to be played alone. The world is missing a lot of its flavor, and sports haven’t been able to escape the difficulties that have come with 2020. Although it may seem never-ending, the things that we love are on the way back and it will be fast-thinking, optimistic people that keep pushing us in the right direction. Last year, Five-Star Basketball relaunched camps in partnership with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). After a sell-out success at Basketball City in lower Manhattan, the NBPA x Five-Star Basketball Camp doubled down in 2020 by adding a second session. Like many others’ ambitious plans for 2020, Covid stepped in and fought the momentum. Dan Gladstone,…