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Techfastly September 2020

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introduction to the september 2020 edition

The face of technology and business has disruptively changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started. We are not in the same world we were in 8 months ago and the indications are the change is accelerating. Infrastructure, retail, travel, banking and many other sectors have experienced a severe negative impact. But the indications are that the recovery will be digital. McKinsey has written a 172 page study titled: The next normal: The recovery will be digital, outlining how digital technologies will stabilize the economy and provide a solid foundation for the future. This issue of Techfastly deals with current issues and technologies. Our featured article ‘Can AI predict the future pandemics’ is a study on how AI can be leveraged to predict future pandemics and minimize the disastrous loss of lives we…

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an introduction to web monetization

The world is moving at a speed of GB/s, with advancements in technology and communication being rapid! From the decades of .com fiasco to times when digital is the new mantra, our lives have changed, and with the invention of electricity, no one knows what it feels to live without the internet. The movement of people on digital platforms with many now making a living on the internet has introduced us to a new way of moving forward, doing business, and web monetization. In simplest terms, web monetization is a way of converting the existing traffic being sent to a website into revenue. When considered in terms of technological jargon, web monetization is a proposed API standard that allows websites to request a stream of small payments from a user. This framework…

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the promises & drawbacks of blockchain

If you’ve had an eye on the latest finance and investing trends, you must have come across the term ‘blockchain.’ Blockchain technology has been around for over a decade now, and has been catching a lot of steam in the business world lately. The way it has enabled fast and secure transactions, without the involvement of any middlemen, makes it of great use for business people worldwide. Let’s dig deeper into the topic to see what it is, how it works, and how it can be beneficial for your business. Blockchain 101: What is Blockchain? Simply put, Blockchain is an automated way of passing information from point A to B in a completely safe manner. All in all, it consists of small blocks of digital data stored in a public database, spread…

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a guide to gans (generative adversarial networks)

Generative adversarial networks (GANS) are machine learning approaches that utilize two convolutional neural networks. These networks contest to generate new data instances similar to the training set. Deep learning experts, Ian Good-fellow, together with his colleagues, were the first to propose GANS in the 2014 NeurlPS paper. GAN is structured into two: The generator that learns to produce plausible data and discriminator that distinguishes fake data from real data produced by the generator. The discriminator also penalizes the generator for generating implausible results. Use cases of GANs Generative Adversarial Networks (GANS) has both positive and negative uses as they can learn to imitate any data distribution. They are widely used in video generation, image generation, and voice generation. In the real sense, GANS are robotic artists with impressive outputs that are usually taught…

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is java still relevant in 2020?

What is Java - A brief history In the early 90s, the software tech domain saw the inception of two of the most influential entities that came into existence, which shaped the Software Industry as it is now. Those were the World Wide Web - www(1989) and Java(1995). There's no need for an introduction for the www. Let's talk about the latter. Most of us know that Java was born in Sun Microsystems lab and was designed by James Gosling. But lesser known is the fact that Java was initially intended to be the language for communicating between Consumer Electronic Devices. As the development of this language started in 1991 and progressed, the www. started to shape up into a global phenomenon. This made the Java language development team rethink the…

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all you need 5g to know about

What is 5G? The super-fast Internet is just around the corner. 5G or the 5th Generation is the next-gen of the global network. 5G is here not only to give you improved and uninterrupted Internet and cell-phone connections, but this will also enable better performance for various innovative activities like driverless cars, delivery drones, improved A.I., and whatnot. Everything in our lives has become Smart – smartphones, smart homes, smart kitchens, smart cars, and all of them need even quicker connectivity for smooth functioning with no room for error. The Internet has reshaped our world in ways that we could never have imagined. Everything is just a snap of your fingers! Source-oaji.net History of 1G to 5G 1G – In the year 1979, the first Generation or 1G was launched by Nippon Telegraph and…