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Techfastly November 2020

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a note from the editor

Dear readers, I hope you are safe and well. I’m glad to bring you a new edition of the Techfastly magazine for the November issue. I’m thrilled to inform you that we’re now diversifying our content portfolio by bringing in important voices from various industries for insights and in-depth conversations. We have interviewed India’s grandmaster and chess captain Vidit Gujrathi, who has recently led the Indian team to the FIDE Online Chess Olympiad 2020 gold medal. We discussed how it’s different to play such high stakes matches online and how to keep the team moral virtually. His insights will be of great value to you. We also spoke with thought leader, LinkedIn influencer, and entrepreneur, Louis Camassa about how this Pandemic has created newer opportunities; and what kinds of threats and technological…

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understanding digital currency and it’s market

“Ethical hackers are seriously in demand, especially by organizations with extensive IT infrastructure for their operations”. There was a time when the traditional paper currency ruled the financial market, but not anymore. The discovery of bitcoins, the first-ever digital coins in 2009, changed this trend forever. Now, you can access multiple digital currencies that you can use for business, shopping, investment, and a lot more. However, before you can take advantage of this modern world miracle, you need to understand how it functions. This post will help you with this aspect right from the start to the end. What is Digital Currency? Digital currency also popular as e-money, and digital money is a type of online database that you can use for financial transactions. They have a centralized system that helps you buy these…

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apps to download for better financial planning

With nothing being permanent in this world, it’s always good to have a back-up plan ready. The same applies to income and investments. Dreamhouse, education, taxes, weddings, health emergencies, everyday expenditures, and future investments can barely be met well without proper planning. Financial planning is a systematic approach to achieve one’s life goal. It’s a holistic approach towards finances that increases one’s savings and standard of living along with being prepared for emergencies. But, during stressful times such as Covid-19, this can be an overwhelming task. Now, the question arises- how to have one? With the advancement of technologies, you might have a planner right in your smartphone. Yes, we are talking about Planning apps, also called Budget apps. Let’s have a look. Apps in Financial Planning Humans are a highly intelligent species, and…

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vidit gujrathi

In conversation with Vidit Gujrathi, captain of India’s national chess team. Leading from the front, Vidit led India to its first ever Chess Olympiad gold medal three months ago. In an interview later, he said, “We beat 163 countries to win the gold.“India was one of the most consistent teams. There was an incident where we lost the internet and went to the second position from the first position. We showed we can bounce back from tough moments that show our character. The last day we won all games, defeated China, which is a huge deal because they were top favourites having won the 2 Olympiads so beating them gave a lot of confidence.” In the finals, playing against Russia, there was a server outage, and two Indian junior players-…

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covid-19 misinformation - your guide to spotting it

While it is safe to say that COVID-19 has grappled the world and brought it to its knees, the issue of spreading misinformation is making it even worse. Thanks to growing internet penetration globally and easy access to multiple information-sharing platforms, wrong information being spread is becoming more rampant.From natural remedies that claim to cure coronavirus to how the virus came about, there is a lot of controversial information being spread, most of which are baseless. This kind of misinformation can be detrimental to the many efforts made to fight COVID-19 by creating more panic among the public in some cases. This also leads to some of the genuine information on public portals being overshadowed by the wrong ones.Here are some ways you can spot COVID-19 misinformation: Sources One of the first…

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the impact of automation on the future of work and beyond

“Machines are replacing humans in dangerous and labor-intensive jobs, which benefits society and gives rise to a more just and equitable system”. The Great Acceleration We are witnessing a significant transformation in the way societies, countries, institutions, and economies function with the onset of the fourth industrial revolution. The rise of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and others that make up the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution is leading to the increasing adoption of automation and changing the way we function as a society. They are significantly altering the way we work and giving rise to a paradigm shift in the manner societies are organized in tandem with other forces influencing the human culture and consciousness, shaping up new frontiers of the human evolution. The…