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Techfastly February 2021

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a note from the editor

Chief Operating Officer Techfastly The world is growing at a faster pace than ever. There are innovations every day in the technology field, some of which are revolutionary. The pandemic made the entire world undergo digital transformation. A few decades back, complete lockdown would have disrupted most industries; however, with advancements in technologies, employees could handle the task from the comfort of their homes. In this edition, we would discuss information revolution and information technology in detail. Technology has spread its wing in almost every sector; with that, data security becomes crucial. A featured article about cybersecurity certification would entail the courses a professional needs to enhance cybersecurity for you and your organization. We have interviewed entrepreneur Charle Babosa, whose fantasy gaming company GoodGamer is making heavy inroads into the fantasy gaming market.…

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bat token is the next big internet thing

Digital Advertising, as it stands, is broken. YouTube, which is sought after by many content creators, isn't as kind as you think to these creators. It uses their hard work for its rise and also takes in a lot of the Ad revenue. It is pretty stingy when it comes to paying its creators. Luis Fonsi's Despacito being the highest viewed Youtube Video, only earned $3.2 million as of 2017. This is downright stupid considering the number of views the video has. Brave is trying to save these creators from such greedy platforms by adopting a decentralized Ad exchange platform where the creators have a much better ROI. Let me ask you a question. Do you enjoy ads? We don't think you do, but some might if the content is relevant,…

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review of cybersecurity certification

Introduction Cybersecurity has emerged as a dedicated discipline in the digital world; many professionals are working their way to acquiring particular certifications to enhance their chance at success and transform their careers. Networking specialists, pentesting experts, ethical hackers, and forensic experts are some of the professionals that are connected with various different aspects of cybersecurity. These professionals help organizations to tackle any vulnerabilities or loopholes within their network and security systems. Not only this, but certain incident response systems are also inaugurated in contrast with the threats faced by the organization at bay. But in order to do that, to prove their professional validity, they have to engage in retrieving certain cybersecurity certifications. There are 4 key categories of cybersecurity certifications which we are going to discuss in depth here 4 key categories…

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salesforce adding einstein analytics al to tableau platform

In June 2019, Tableau was acquired by Salesforce for $15.7 billion, and the two got regulatory approval for the completion of the deal. Still, there have been speculations on how Einstein Analytics, Salesforce's business intelligence model, and Tableau might come to join forces. According to Salesforce, their revenue grew up to 66% in the second quarter from the platform and other sources, with 41% of that growth coming from Tableau. Tableau announced its plans to join forces with Salesforce's Einstein Analytics at its annual conference. The Einstein Analytics will be renamed Tableau CRM, while its AI and ML capabilities integrated with the Tableau platform to democratize data science. This plan was outlined by Tableau's CEO and president, Adam Selipsky, and Francois Ajenstat, the principal product officer. They said that the platforms would…

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charlo babosa

A daily sports and Esports fantasy and real-money gaming app, GoodGamer offers a wide variety of skill-based games. The app is built for a wide cross-section of Indian gaming lovers, from cricket fans to hardcore Esports gamers to casual mobile gamers. Gamers can build their own cricket, football, and esports teams, play head-to-head mobile games against friends, enter tournaments, and experience gaming in ways never before seen in India. From Esports DFS to skills-based props contests, our app is introducing a host of new features and styles of entertainment to the market. As the Founder of several internet startups and COO of Native Ads, he successfully raised $4 million and has grown the business to an annual run rate of $30 million. Charlo is a pioneer in the industry with over…

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everything you wanted to know about google stadia

While searching over the internet, you will find many online gaming platforms where you can stream games and advertise your business. Most of you would be familiar with platforms like Steam and Xbox, but have you ever tried Google Stadia? Google Stadia is one of the latest projects of Google, and it is becoming popular among gamers with the passage of time. In this article, we are going to share every single detail of the Google Stadia. What is Google Stadia? Stadia is a cloud gaming service that is managed and operated by Google. It works by relying on inputs from the controller over the world-wide-web and then streams back the results to the device via cloud computing power. You can stream this Google service through chrome. Many gamers don't prefer Google Stadia…