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Techfastly March 2021

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As more and more technologies become prevalent, their influence becomes more widespread. Things that we never deemed necessary all of a sudden become “technologically advanced.” We are already witnessing the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution. You are unaware of many myths and facts regarding Industry 4.0; we bring you the insights of seven such facts that you have not heard before. With Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Agility, IoT, Machine Learning is blooming. In this issue, we have focused on different domains of Artificial Intelligence. You would read out the infrastructure of an AI factory, what companies are already using AI factories. We also put in a discussion if AI would be an emotional catastrophe or if it will outpace humans. As you would read further along, we would investigate together…

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artificial intelligence – will it outpace humans?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - A breakthrough that can augment and transform every walk of life or the harbinger of a Matrix styled dystopian future? In reality, AI is still in its infancy. It is evolving only because we are continually seeking ways to simplify our existence. In that case, could we go too far? Could AI, at any point, become smarter than us or is its existence solely dependant on the cognitive abilities and native intelligence of humans? A central tenet of the 4th Industrial revolution, AI has been more transformative than anything we have ever seen, at times challenging what it means to be human. From consumer tech to enterprise-grade solutions, artificial intelligence is firmly ingrained in our innovations. It might be easier to collate a list of the part of…

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abstract thinking – can ai emulate it?

Recently Google released a speaking AI that mimics human conversation, and a google subsidiary, Deep Mind, created an AI that beat two world champions in a board game called ‘Go’. The reason the latter is remarkable is that ‘Go’ is one of the most complex strategy games. There are so many potential moves and game states that it makes chess look like toddler play. Yet, ‘Alpha Go’, Deep Mind’s innovation, conquered it by keeping the memory of the games it has played and studying them as experience. It could collate and sift through its learnings, selecting the choice that had the highest potential for a positive outcome. Does that sound a lot like a human brain, learning from its experiences and using that to decide future interactions? But given all this,…

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artificial intelligence vs our cognitive abilities the future as it stands

In continuing with the argument around data, one thing we can certainly say–Humans are dreadful at storing massive amounts of data and are terribly slow in processing larger sets of information. In the time it would take a human brain to translate 200 words, an AI-based algorithm would translate at least a million. The fact is computers surpass us in any operation that involves mathematical computation or data processing. However, the human brain is exceptionally adept at deciding based on common sense, instinct and scarce information. We can transfer learnings across parallel events, use limited information to determine the next best course of action, and when all else fails, we use creativity to construct new responses. What comes naturally to humans is the hardest to translate into machine learnings. Artificial Intelligence is…

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meet clubhouse

Are you wondering about Clubhouse that has taken the internet by storm? The world’s richest man, Elon Musk has recently popped up in a Clubhouse room that brought a lot of attention to this exclusive voice-only iPhone app. This app on your phone lets you listen in on other people’s live conversations, legally and not in a creepy way. You may get the opportunity to join the audio-chat social network. There are no pictures or videos in this app, but only profile pics for each user to join in via audio. The Clubhouse is a new social media app that’s less than a year old and making big waves. Having valued at USD 1 billion, venture capitalists are scrambling to invest in this voice-only social media app that has taken the…

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what is clubhouse?

The chat rooms come in all sizes. Some have just a few people chatting informally, while others have hundreds or thousands of people listening to a panel of experts, a celebrity, a politician, or a business leader. The other people in the room are visible, and you can bring up their profiles, complete with a list of whom they follow. The Clubhouse algorithm takes all this into account while offering content choices. You can raise your hand if you want to say something, and the room owner can give you speaking privileges. Moreover, you can even applaud a speaker by rapidly clicking on the mute/unmute button. All of this happens in an audio-only format. It is more like eavesdropping on a fascinating conversation-with the ability to join in if you have some…