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Techfastly April 2021

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The time for your business to digitally transform is now. The process of digital transformation involves leveraging the latest tools of Artificial Intelligence, IoT devices, Cloud Migration, Big Data, Blockchain, and other high-end technologies. The COVID pandemic has accelerated the speed of digital transformation for many companies. We have explored how digital transformation has helped accelerate businesses amidst the pandemic. Migrating your data to a cloud platform is a crucial step for digital transformation. Most of the companies are opting for the ELT method to handle their analytical data. We have weighed in the pros and cons of both the ELT and ETL methods for cloud data warehousing. We have also analyzed if you should ‘build’ your own data warehouse or ‘buy’ it from a third-party. We have also looked at the…

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digital acceleration in the time of coronavirus

We all knew technology would be a disruptive force in our lives. But we didn't expect it to happen this fast. Businesses have had to adjust to the work landscape that hapw overnight, thanks to the coronavirus. Businesses that weren't prepared for the digital age received a wake-up call. This left most of them scrambling and trying to figure out how to adjust on the fly. Problems they never had before came out of nowhere and had to be dealt with like virtual meetings, migrating operations, employee productivity and mental health, infrastructure issues, etc. Those companies that had the foresight to begin planning ahead of time were much better prepared. They were well-positioned to leapfrog their competitors who weren't prepared. This does not mean that they could have seen this coming., but…

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etl or elt: build vs buy

INTRODUCTION: The significance of ETL in an organization is directly proportionally to how much they rely on data warehousing. The ETL tools collect, read, and migrate vast volumes of raw data from multiple data sources and across different platforms. They load that data into a single database, data warehouse, or data store for easy access. They process the data to make it meaningful with operations such as sorting, filtering, joining, merging, reformation, and aggregation. Ultimately, they have graphical interfaces for quick and easier results compared to the traditional methods of moving data through hand-coded data pipelines. This tool helps break down the data silos making it easier for a data scientist or engineer to access and analyze data, and turn them into business intelligence (BI). These tools are the first essential…

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understanding elt & etl

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) has been the traditional approach for data warehousing and analytics for the past couple of decades. The ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) approach changes the old paradigm as the transform and load are being switched. Both the ETL and ELT solve the same need as they help to clean, manage the raw data by readying them to be analyzed. Billions of data and events are needed to be collected, processed, and analyzed by businesses by enriching, molding, and transforming them to make them meaningful. The working methodologies of both these tools are different and this leads to new possibilities in many modern data projects. These differences include how raw data is managed when processing is done and how analysis is performed. Let us discuss, the technological differences between ETL and…

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buying the tool

1) You do not have to build anything The tool vendor has put their energy and best people to build an ETL tool that they hope your organization can’t live without. As the vendor focuses to build an ETL tool, you and your organization can now focus on other business problems. Another consideration to buy the tool is that as teams change and people move on, the vendor from whom you have purchased the tool will have everything about your ETL documented clearly. Also, your data scientists and engineers have ensured that tomorrow’s developers have everything they required for the future. Using ETL tools means not wasting time over documentation, eliminating a potential, and counterproductive lack of clarity in case, new hires are responsible for a customized data integration solution not built…

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cloud computing in health care industry

The vast impact of digital transformation in the health care industry makes its future firm. What’s interesting in cloud computing with healthcare? Cloud computing changes the traditional way of dealing with data. Big data analytics with cloud computing help enterprises manage the patient data, make the best healthcare decisions, lessens operational costs, better collaboration, and so on. Healthcare providers worldwide have understood the real power of cloud-based healthcare solutions. The necessary applications run in the cloud to make the hospital operations run seamlessly. It retrieves frameworks from unstructured data to help doctors diagnose without a glitch and allow patients to view their reports & prescriptions remotely. The data is stored and secured in the cloud. Cloud delivers hassle-free functional, operational, and economic advantages for everyone, including patients, staff, healthcare professionals, and…