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Work-from-home is the new normal, and many organizations are embracing the remote work environment. Managing a team remotely could be challenging. The Scrum project framework allows the team members to self-organize, collaborate, and assess their failures and successes. As you would read further, you would learn about the benefits of the scrum framework, why to choose it, and how to manage scrum frameworks. Artificial Intelligence is all around us, and it seems impossible to imagine our daily chores without technology tools. There are always ethical concerns associated with machine’s capability to think or behave like humans. One of the articles focuses on the positive side of artificial intelligence’s ethical dilemma. As you would read along, you would learn in details about the products of AI like GPT-3, Deep Fake Technology, and…

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culture shift – an indispensable shift to building an ai-powered organisation

Helping leaders make more informed, effective and intelligent business decisions is the core idea behind analytics. Yet, entrenching data, evaluation, and evidence-based reasoning into the organisation’s decision-making processes has fallen short of mainstream application in a wide variety of cases. In a report published by Deloitte on Becoming a Data-Driven Organisation, surveyors found that “fewer than four in 10 (37 per cent) place their companies in the top two categories of the IDO (Insight Driven Organisation) Maturity Scale, and of those, only 10 per cent fall into the highest category. The remaining 63 per cent were aware of analytics but lacked infrastructure, found themselves still working in silos, or were expanding ad hoc analytics capabilities beyond silos”. Reasons for this vast discrepancy ranged from lack of leadership direction to even a…

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scrum project management: the ideal agile practice

Introduction to Scrum Framework In this technological era, organizations use state-of-the-art frameworks to build products and services. Your organization is no exception to this. Whether you use traditional or cutting-edge product development methods, your products must be efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. Nevertheless, it would be best to implement the art & science of effective project management methods to build robust and radical products. These project management insights and expertise are used in the Agile methodology. Scrum aims at helping the project team to work together, build team spirit, embrace agility, and deliver a quality product in less time. Agile is an innovative project management method characterized by dividing the entire project into short phases and adapting to frequent changes. This framework encourages the project team to use flexible and transparent process plans with…

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COMPANY BLURB: SockSoho is a direct-to-consumer socks brand for men. Within a year of launch, it has become India’s most loved sock brand. In fact, some of the biggest Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, top Indian CEOs, and even Sheikhs from Dubai are spotted wearing SockSoho socks. Just like Amazon started with books, SockSoho has started with socks. Using socks as their winning product, the tech founders of SockSoho are on a mission to disrupt the $40 Bn men fashion industry in India. We spoke with the founders of SockSoho and discussed how they are using technology to revolutionize the fashion industry. 1. Could you talk about how you got the idea to start SockSoho, a direct-to-consumer fashion brand? India is one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world, and fashion is the fastest-growing segment.…

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how does openai’s gpt 3 work?

The GPT 3 can write texts, poems, translate paragraphs, chat, code, design, create answers, and much more. It’s like having a personal writing assistant! Currently, it is one of the largest language models in the world. OpenAI released GPT 3 in June 2020. Since then, it is the talk of the Machine Learning community. Developers around the world developed startups based on GPT-3. Copy. AI is one such GPT-3 powered AI which can generate copies for social media posts, ads, and more. You need to select the copy type and describe your product. And within a few seconds, it will generate results. OpenAI released GPT 3 in June 2020. Since then, it is the talk of the Machine Learning But what exactly is GPT-3? According to Greg Raiz, the CEO of Raizlabs, “GPT-3 is…

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everything you need to know about deep fake technology

What is Deep Fake Technology? Google defines Deep Fake Technology as a synthetic media in which an existing image or a video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. Even though the definition seems very simple, the technology is much more complex. A deep fake technology can easily manipulate the facial muscles of a person using artificial intelligence. It can replace faces, synthesize faces and synthesize speech. For someone using this technology for entertainment can be fun, while others can land into serious problems if used for unlawful purposes. In 2017, Deep Fake Technology was first introduced in public. “Deep Fake,” a username on Reddit used to manipulate people’s facial expressions for pornographic purposes, and hence the technology was named after the name of the user. This technology has impacted many profiles, from celebrities to…