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Techfastly June 2021

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The world is digitizing, and most businesses have moved to digital platforms. The need for advertising and reaching the target audience at the right time is crucial for the success of your business. Content being the king of all marketing activities worldwide, content marketing has gained popularity over time as one of the best investments a brand can make. We have listed out the mistakes you need to avoid in your marketing campaigns and what you can do about them. Another article focuses on Programmatic Advertising, which explains everything about the automated buying and selling of Ads for your business. A recent cyber-attack on the US oil and gas pipeline highlights how the critical infrastructures are also at high risk of ransomware and cyber threats. We have covered an article to…

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five technology tips for dark factories installation

Introduction We have already reached a stage where robots are manufacturing objects without human intervention. But have you heard that these robots can also perform in the dark, meaning “a place without any light, heat, or air”? Yes, I am talking about the “Dark factory” or “Lights-out factory”, where robots can work in dark without any human intervention. In recent years, dark factories are getting popular among diverse industries. China is number one in the world to adopt dark factories. Japanese robotic company, Fanuc is world-famous for using dark factories. The company is making robots with the help of robots since 2001. The latest study says that the company is building around 50 robots in a day without light, heat, or air. Besides, a Dutch company, Philips, has already implemented dark factories…

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cyber attack leads to shut down of the us fuel pipeline

All About the Cyber-attack on the US Oil and Gas Pipeline Managing director of the Climate Policy Lab and Research Professor, Amy Myers Jaffe says, “This is as close as you can get to the jugular of infrastructure in the United States and it is not a major pipeline, and just the pipeline.” This ransomware attack on the major US fuel pipeline could be one of the most expensive attacks on an economy. It is the latest reminder of the increasing frequency and severity of the catastrophic digital shocks on critical infrastructure. The growing digitalization in critical infrastructures such as water, oil, and gas increases the risks of cyber threats and attacks. With digitalization driving the growth and transition to net-zero emissions, the ecosystem of the energy sector has become increasingly decentralized and…

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everything you should know about cybersecurity automation

Intro: The year 2020 saw the rapid spread of coronavirus across different countries of the world, with the World Health Organization announcing it as a pandemic situation. The governments of many countries had to declare complete lockdowns to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This forced companies to create remote workforces and operate off the cloud-based platforms to continue running their businesses. All this to say that the cybersecurity industry has never been more important. With the ongoing coronavirus mutations that are rapidly spreading among people in different countries, remote working is forecasted not to stop anytime soon. Moreover, as remote workers will continue to be a target for cybercriminals, cloud breaches will tend to increase. So, cybersecurity remains an issue for the worldwide businesses that are now involved in remote working. Cybersecurity Automation Today…

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what is a smartcity?

A smart city is not just a widespread and hyped-up concept among people. Many metro cities around the world are using digital technologies to make their services better for citizens. There are interconnected services provided by local governance; Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and traffic control are the common examples of how technology makes daily transportation easy and smooth. A smart city uses technology to improve the quality of service and life of its citizen. Smart cities solely depend on technologies to improve management, services, and operations. Precise decision-making is vital for smooth and seamless processes in all smart city associated sectors, such as private, public, and voluntary sectors. Officials use technological solutions to acknowledge present situations and future changes and optimize the city functions and provide solutions accordingly. A smart city has…

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future smart cities:

Smooth transportation, no traffic jam, smart garbage collection, clean streets, smart power grids, seamless connectivity, intelligent waste management, recycled resources, solar panels, and automatic devices are the perfect picture we can imagine for the future smart city. Everything in the city will be organized for citizens’ comfort, reducing power consumption and reducing pollution while improving public health and economic opportunities. There is no doubt that smart city development will be a reality soon as many governments have already sanctioned intelligent city projects, and development has been started in several nations. Technologies will upgrade, and so the smart city infrastructure. Thus, smart city development will be a never-ending process. The only concern to adapting and integrating new technologies will be making sure top security, privacy and protection of the entire data. Stakeholders should…