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The Picture Issue 1904

The Picture is an Australian men’s magazine aimed at the average bloke. It’s full of local stories, nude women, puzzles, prizes and jokes.

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car -boom!

WELL, what would you expect from something called a ‘nitro car’? OF COURSE it’s gunna fucken explode! To be fair, but, not all the cars at Nitro Night at the Perth Motorplex ended up as a pile of burnt little bits spread all over the track. Some of them actually lived to race again. But not this one. This is Anthony Begley’s Chemical Warfare doing its impression of the Tasmanian bushfires only a couple of seconds into a face-off with Matt Abel’s Fun-Da-Mental. Yep, it’s gunna need more than a respray. What’s REALLY hilarious is that only a couple of seconds after THAT, Fun-Da-Mental went up like a Kabul suicide bomber, too. So nobody won – except the crowd, who got their money’s worth in terms of kablooey. In case you were concerned both Anthony and Matt…

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advance australia bare

HOW could anyone not love mega-boobed Pommy stunner Leah Francis? Especially since she’s virtually ONE OF US. As if her double-G-cup CHEST KOALAS weren’t enough to make us all warm and fuzzy inside, she’s now moved to Melbourne to run her own make-up company. Leah’s love for Oz and her beaut DEVIL-MAY-CARE attitude to life were both evident on her visit here a few years ago. Woo-hoo, the girl could party back then! Her love of strip clubs was just part of her endearing charm. “I live in strip clubs,” she said at the time. “I like sticking notes on people’s tits!” And her own frequent norkflashing was something to behold. “Oh God, so many times!” she said when asked how many times she’d flashed the twins. “I think they just slip out, never mind the…

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wobbly world

VENICE! Ukranian model Suzanna Aye remembered the slap bit alright, but she forgot about the slip and the slop. TURKEY! Jessica Albanka, 21, likes her nude sunbathing the same way she likes her vodka – on the rocks. And with a bit of green stuff for garnish. Bottoms up! MINNESOTA! This was the beaut outfit Kai Marley wore while trick or treating for Halloween. We reckon she would’ve got lots of lollies. Probably a few bottles of bubbly, too. ARIZONA! It’s only appropriate that arty model Lillias Right hoicks out a milker while suckin’ on a millkshake. It’s just a good thing she didn’t order the fish tacos. LAS VEGAS! The star of many a lezzo porn flick, Seppo Madi Meadows likes to pop her left tit out for some sun now and then. Her righty is too shy,…

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news flash

GAME OFF! A320kg, 34-year-old unemployed Seppo is living the sweet life, eating, sleeping and playing video games naked in his room all day while his dad supplies him with mountains of tucker and even wipes the lazy cunt’s arse for him. Casey King from Georgia says: “I will just eat till I’m dead. A normal day for me is to wake up around 12, figure out something I’m going to eat, then TV, video games, bed. It’s not a lot of activity.” Ya got that right, lardo. FREE BEER! IT MUST’VE seemed like a good idea at the time, but Adelaide publican Stephen Firth’s offer of free beer if the temperature got over 45 degrees has cost him a motzah. There was a long queue outside his Red Lion pub in Elizabeth as…

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what a catch!

UKRAINE is consistently punching above its weight in the hot babe stakes. Of the little eastern European country’s approximately 21 million women, after much study we’d reckon about half of them are stunners. And in the running for hottest of them all would have to be Mila Azul, who has been disturbing men’s sleep ever since she first popped up on the internet back in 2016. The 21-year-old put a potential career as a world-beating muso on hold to pursue the kind of fame only a chick with all-natural D-cups norks, a marathon runner’s body, the face of an angel and access to a webcam can achieve. “When I am not doing this I like to play my guitar and compose music,” she reckons. Being a pop star is all very well, but thankfully…

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white wash!

ANGELA White is gunna need a bigger trophy cabinet. The Aussie porn legend turned the 2019 Adult Video News (AVN) awards into a WHITE OUT, doubling down on her arse-kicking performance in 2018. We hope Ange backed her ute up behind the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to cart her trophies away, ’cos there’s no way she got ’em all in the back of a cab. Here’s what she won: Favourite Female Porn Star Female Performer of the Year Best Actress in a Featurette Best Anal Sex Scene Best Oral Sex Scene, AND Most Spectacular Boobs Not only that, but Ange was also involved in a bunch of other category wins, including: Best All-Girl Movie Best Star Showcase Best Three-Way Sex Scene (Girl/Girl/ Boy), AND Best Group Sex Scene Significantly, the 36th annual AVN Awards ceremony was held on Australia Day,…