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The PictureThe Picture

The Picture Issue 1908

The Picture is an Australian men’s magazine aimed at the average bloke. It’s full of local stories, nude women, puzzles, prizes and jokes.

Bauer Media Pty Ltd
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26 Issues


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huge jugs shock!

IN NEWS just to hand, it’s been shockingly revealed that 26-year-old Ukrainian model Demmy Blaze has MASSIVE TITS. This stunning development came to light when she took off her top recently and more than a dozen people were hospitalised with STIFFYRELATED injuries. Details are sketchy at this early stage, but our CRACK team of investigative reporters have been able to confirm that Demmy’s 34H norks: • Are ONE HUNDRED PER CENT natural • Were NOT caused by fallout from a nuclear reactor explosion • Can be seen from SPACE • PROBABLY require a bra made from a CIRCUS TENT and the ribs of a BLUE WHALE “From the age of 16 my boobs were already getting very big,” explained Demmy. “The boys at school would just stare at me – but they were far too nervous…

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go hard!

WHO doesn’t remember Bruce Willis as John McLane in Die Hard? Die Hard 2? And… erm… all the rest? Any situation, any time, any place, all he needed to do was show up and you knew everything was gunna be alright. That’s the way we feel about Czech glamour model Jenny McClain. ’Cos no matter how crap you were feeling, how shitty your life was going, no matter how many FOREIGN TERRORISTS were holding your wife hostage in a skyscraper primed with high explosives, one look at Jenny’s all-natural, F-cup PEACEKEEPERS and suddenly everything would be sunshine and fucken roses. We won’t kid ya – Jenny McClain is probably NOT her birth name, but at least she picked something sane, instead of Missy La Rue Pole$haft McCrackenburger or something. The 32-year-old comes from Prague, a…

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wobbly world

LOS ANGELES! Library porn gal Kendra Sunderland felt she needed some revision, so it was tits out and back to the books. We dunno what she studied, but it sure looks like fun. CROATIA! Agatha protects her snowy white num-nums from the harsh sunshine in Dalmatia, that place where the spotty dogs come from. How do ya think they got so spotty, eh? HAMBURG! Those Femen gals got busy with their Black & Deckers on International Woman’s Day, tearing down a gate into Herbertstrasse, part of Hamburg’s red light district. VENICE! Containing Seppo model Kelsey Berneray’s H-cup hooters is like herding cats – just when you think you’ve got ’em all rounded up, one always escapes. KRAKOW! The historic Polish city was refcently honoured by a visit from Polish/American porn star Tracy Maura, who let it be known she…

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news flash

SCAFF-ULPTURE FUCK slopping about with clay or chipping away at chunks of marble – Pom artist Ben Long makes his sculptures out of SCAFFOLDING. Ben can knock up a 10 metre high sculpture of a doggie, horsie or DEER in about three weeks. Then six months later he pulls ‘em apart and starts again. “These monuments reflect the change and evolution that the urban environment is constantly subjected to,” he reckons. Hey, that’s what we were gunna say! GEEZER POWER! ENGLAND’S oldest bloke has told the queen to FUCK OFF. Maybe not in so many words, but that’s the message we got when 111-year-old ex-teacher Bob Weighton told Her Maj to stop sending him birthday cards. “I don’t see why the state should pay for the Queen to send out all these things,”…

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farking mel!

“I GET THEM OUT EVERYWHERE” IT DOESN’T matter how many stacked Pom babes we see, we never get sick of them. From Lucy Pinder to Sophie Reade to Holly Peers, we’ve afforded each and every one the appreciation and PERSONAL TIME they truly deserve. And that’s why we’re stoked to show you these BRAND NEW photos of boobtacular Mel Debling, who might just be the most wank-worthy of them all. We love Mel’s tits. You love Mel’s tits. But what does Mel think about Mel’s tits? Beautly, like the rest of us, she BLOODY LOVES ’EM! “I really love my boobs. I get them out everywhere,” she told us a while back. “I’ve done shoots everywhere and got them out all over the place.” But she admits that on nights out…

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bunch of slappers!

SEE, this is what happens when it’s 40 degrees below freezing and people drink vodka for breakfast – they go nuts and start slapping each other silly. We can only figure that the folks in Krasnoyarsk – a joint so far out in the boondocks of eastern Russia that it’s closer to Beijing than to Moscow – were a bit starved for entertainment when they came up with the idea of the first Russian Slapping Championship. It’s a simple concept – two blokes stand either side of a dais and take it in turns to slap the shit out of each other, until one gives up, is disqualified, or starts CRYING. Contestants can’t duck or block a slap, they just have to stand there and take it, like good Russians should. And slaps ain’t…