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The PictureThe Picture

The Picture Issue 1914

The Picture is an Australian men’s magazine aimed at the average bloke. It’s full of local stories, nude women, puzzles, prizes and jokes.

Bauer Media Pty Ltd
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26 Issues


1 min.
h2 whoah!

SEPPO actress Lili Reinhart is best known for playing virginal, would-never-suck-a-dick, girl-next-door Betty Cooper on the hit TV series Riverdale. Betty wears cardies, has very neat hair and changes her undies three times a day – not because she’s moistened them with her girly LOVE GUNK, but because she’s just SO FUCKEN CLEAN. So we’re overjoyed to reveal 22-year-old Lili’s other side – or more accurately her BIG, ROUND TITS – as she floats in a pool. No cardie, REALLY WET PANTIES, and a look on her face that says: “I could really go for some DICK right now.” Of course, we’re just speculating, but that’s what it looks like to us. Wonder what Betty would say? She might just have to rush out and CHANGE HER PANTIES again.…

1 min.
battle of the bulge!

SURE she’s hot, and smart, too, with a degree in sociology. But did you know that Pommy model Emma K was also a CRUSADER in the fight against wowsers everywhere? She was one of the first on the barricades when the fun police were campaigning against that great British institution, Page 3 girls. “The concern I have with the anti-Page 3 campaign and other bans which involve topless glamour modelling is that they fail to recognise that they are effectively contributing towards the INEQUALITY between men and women,” she said BRAINILY at the time. “Shouldn’t we be questioning why it’s considered ‘normal’ for males to be topless but wrong for females to be half naked?” Why, yes – YES WE SHOULD! Alas, the Page 3 fight was lost a few years ago, but Emma, now…

1 min.
wobbly world

THAILAND! Lacey Banghard got a touch of the jungle fever while in Thailand and started giving random nork flashes. What’s that old saying? When in Bangkok, bang hard. HAWAII! Seppo porn star Danielle Delaunay is such a friendly chick she loves flashing her tits on the up escalator so the people on the down escalator can get a really good look. SPAIN! Holly Peers uses her holiday downtime to catch up on her sexy reading. Here she is working her way through the boob-fondling chapter in 50 Shades of Grey. SCOTLAND! Czech lezzo porn star Melissa Mendiny took her perfect bum to the misty coast of Scotland to wave it at the locals. She just thought they might need cheering up. IBIZA! Pommy topless legend Sophie Howard is shit at building sandcastles. However, with one flash of her tits,…

3 min.
news flash

BIGGER AIN’T BEAUT HERE at THE PICTURE we tend to think of big tits as GOOD THINGS, but it ain’t always the case. Three years ago 46-year-old Thai woman Lamphrai Srinuan’s norks spontaneously started growing again – and haven’t stopped. They’ve got so big she’s had to chuck in her job harvesting rice. “It’s very difficult for me to even sit or lay down to sleep at night,” she says. “My breasts are getting heavier and that really hurts my neck and my back.” She is hoping some brainiac doctor can give her some answers. TEENAGE MUTANT INJURED TURTLE PEDRO, a15-year-old Florida box turtle, is now the fastest shellback on his block thanks to his new set of wheels. After losing both his hind legs in separate accidents, Pedro was facing a life…

1 min.
world’s fastest lawnmower!

Q: WHAT’S great for picking up chicks AND puts a nice cut on your buffalo grass at around 160km/h? A: Pretty fucken obviously it’s this Honda Mean Mower V2, the ride-on baby that declares to the neighbourhood, “I have a very large dick, and I’m cuttin’ me some grass!” With a 999cc V-twin donk straight out of the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP sports bike, ol’ Meanie there has been clocked accelerating from zip to 100mph (161km/h) in a stiffy inducing 6.29 seconds. Take that, kikuyu! And if that wasn’t enough to get your local garden groupie FERTILISING herself like crazy, it’s got a Cobra bucket seat, a Sparco racing steering wheel and runs on Hoosier racing slicks. Fuck off, weedy bits! But the Honda bods say being a Guinness Records-recognised speedster mower isn’t all there is…

1 min.
one tit wonders!

FERNANDA TAVARES We wonder if the Brazilian model learnt this trick from her good mate Giselle Bundchen. CLAIRE DANES The Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines actress’ left tit wants you to know that it’ll be back. AMANDA HOLDEN After 12 years on Britain’s Got Talent, she’s learned a thing or two about presentation. MICHELE HEATON The Pommy singer shyly hides her right tit while allowing her left out for a run. Nice technique! TRICIA PENROSE It’s night, it’s dark, so no wonder the Heartbeat actress has got one headlight out. LINDSAY LOHAN She’s had her ups and downs, but LiLo still gives some of the best solo side boob in the business. PARIS HILTON Pazza like to rotate the strike with her tits, so tonight it’s the leftie getting a bit of air. LILY ALLEN Uh-oh. Lily must have a new album coming out.…