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Time Magazine International Edition March 18, 2019

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the world stage

IN ADDITION TO CO-FOUNDING TIME—96 YEARS ago this week—Henry Luce is most famous for articulating his vision of the American Century. And while that vision takes its name from the U.S., its real focus—closely informed by his formative years abroad in China as the son of missionaries—was the shape of the world. Today, TIME continues to take measure of the world by providing our readers unparalleled access to its most influential figures. Since November 2017, led by International Editor Dan Stewart, TIME has published 15 interviews with leaders and leaders-to-be guiding their nations through this extraordinary period of global transformation. These include conversations with the leaders of France, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Colombia, Argentina, Thailand, Italy, Brazil (“I am not a troglodyte!” Jair Bolsonaro volunteered during his time with us), Armenia,…

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for the record

‘I feel like I’m flying.’MAHMOUD ABU ZEID, Egyptian photojournalist known as Shawkan, after being released from prison on March 4; he spent more than five years behind bars for covering 2013 anti-government protests in Cairo‘Kim and his evil regime are responsible.’FRED AND CINDY WARMBIER, parents of Otto Warmbier, the student who died in 2017 after being held captive in North Korea for 17 months; their March 1 statement came after Donald Trump said he believed Kim Jong Un’s claim that he didn’t know the 22-year-old was mistreated. Trump later tweeted that he “of course” holds North Korea responsible for the death.‘THIS MOMENT TRANSCENDS MICHAEL JACKSON. IT IS MUCH BIGGER THAN ANY ONE PERSON.’OPRAH WINFREY, media mogul and child-sex-abuse survivor, in a special that aired after the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland;…

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inside the kushner clearance probe

IT DOESN’T SEEM LIKE THE KIND OF THING JARED Kushner would forget. On Dec. 13, 2016, Donald Trump’s son-in-law met with Sergey Gorkov, the head of a multibillion-dollar state-run Russian development bank, who was in the U.S., the bank later said, as part of a new investment strategy. To memorialize the event, Gorkov even gave Kushner a piece of art and a bag of dirt from the village where Kushner’s grandparents had grown up. But just one month later, Kushner failed to report the meeting when he applied for permission to view the U.S. government’s most closely held secrets. The episode is emerging as a key moment in what Democrats allege was a much larger Russian effort to exert influence over Trump’s inner circle as the President-elect’s team prepared to take…

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news ticker

McSally testifies about sexual assault Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally said at a March 6 Senate hearing on sexual assault in the military that she was raped by a superior officer while serving in the Air Force and did not report the attack because she “didn’t trust the system at the time.” She is the second GOP Senator this year to come out as a survivor of sexual assault. Pope to open Holocaust-era archives early Pope Francis announced March 4 that archives on Pope Pius XII, accused of staying silent during the Holocaust, would be opened in 2020, eight years earlier than scheduled. Jewish groups that had pressured the Vatican to do so while Holocaust survivors were still alive welcomed the news. Trump kills trade privilege for India President Donald Trump said March 4 he…

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attacks on ebola centers in congo raise fears that the disease will spread

AFTER A SPATE OF ATTACKS ON EBOLA treatment facilities at the center of an outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) suspended operations in the area on Feb. 28. With 894 cases and 561 deaths since the outbreak was declared in August, the epidemic is the second largest on record. In the wake of the attacks, the highly contagious virus is likely to spread. DIFFICULT DECISION After one clinic was set alight on Feb. 24, dozens of armed men flooded another on Feb. 27, shooting up sanitation facilities and setting more fires. At least one person was killed, and the whereabouts of several patients who fled into the forest—some of whom could be contagious—are unknown. MSF’s decision to withdraw was not an easy one for…

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DIED Luke Perry Cool incarnate THE PILOT OF BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 HAD BEEN SHOT, BUTthe series was missing a secret ingredient: an avatar of cool. It seemed like an impossible role to fill—until Luke Perry walked in the door. He was unforgettable from the moment I met him, in the summer of 1990. Luke was taking time off from his day job when he came in to read for the role. One day he was paving parking lots, and the next day he was Dylan McKay. Dylan was a sensitive hunk, world-weary and wise beyond his years, with mysteries you could only guess at. Abandoned by his parents, he found his true family with the Walshes and the gang at West Beverly Hills High. Dylan was the wildest, most fascinating, truest friend you…