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Time Magazine International Edition May 20, 2019

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WHAT EUROPE IS FACING RE “THE PLOT AGAINST EUrope” [April 22]: I read this article with great interest, expecting that, given its title, it would discuss the role of Vladimir Putin. Yet Russia’s goal of destroying NATO and destabilizing Europe was never mentioned. Surely such an article should devote more attention to Putin’s well-documented efforts to tear Europe apart than to Steve Bannon’s flitting about on a private jet. The article’s subtitle warns that elections could “finally allow populists and nationalists to remake the E.U. from within.” How about the covert actions by Russia from without? This is an article that Putin and Trump would both love, because it casts all the blame on others. Thomas Hauck,GLOUCESTER, MASS. STEVE BANNON IS AN EXtremely intelligent American strategist trying to destroy the E.U., a tough…

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for the record

‘We’re moving backwards instead of forwards.’ROBERT LIGHTHIZER, U.S. Trade Representative, on continuing U.S.-China trade tensions, as the U.S. prepared to increase tariffs on Chinese goods $2.2 billion Global box office for Avengers: Endgame after two weekends, making it the fastest film ever to pass $2 billion ‘I am not a politician, but I can talk about what is moral.’HATICE CENGIZ, fiancée of the late journalist Jamal Khashoggi; she plans to meet with members of Congress in mid-May about the role of Saudi Arabia in his murder 22.7 Height, in feet, of the Mississippi River around Rock Island, Ill., when it crested during flooding on May 3, setting a record amid heavy rain and melting snow Woodstock Founder of imperiled 50th-anniversary festival claims that investors mismanaged funds Woods Tiger Woods receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom after winning the 2019…

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uber’s ipo exposes america’s inequality

THE INSTANT UBER SHARES HIT THE New York Stock Exchange on May 10, people and groups from the company’s ex-CEO Travis Kalanick to Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund are set to make millions, even billions, of dollars. In all, Uber’s initial public offering (IPO) could set the company’s value at as much as $90 billion, likely the year’s biggest such deal. Uber’s nearly 4 million drivers, however, probably won’t benefit much. In fact, they’re likely to see take-home pay worsen in coming years, as the ride-share company, to meet shareholder expectations, will inevitably look to cut incentives like bonuses for completing a set number of rides. Frustrated with what they view as worsening conditions even before the IPO, some drivers launched a global strike on May 8, just before the slated…

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myanmar’s media martyrs freed

THE TWO FIGURES WERE FIRST SPOTTED by a photographer who arrived early on the scene, with a telephoto lens through the gates of a Yangon prison on May 7. One man’s signature thick-rimmed glasses confirmed it: the award-winning Reuters journalists whose arrest had become a global cause were finally free. In the 511 days since their arrest, Burmese reporters Wa Lone, 33, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 29, became two of the world’s most visible symbols of the fight to protect press freedom. Last year, TIME included them among the “Guardians” named Person of the Year for their role in “the war on truth.” In April, they were awarded a Pulitzer Prize for the work that landed them in jail. There was little ambiguity about what happened to these two young reporters who…

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DIED Peter Mayhew FOR PEOPLE TO REMEMBER something, it needs to be unique. Peter Mayhew, who died April 30 at 74, made Chewbacca unique by being real—even though Chewie happens to live in space in a fantastical world. At the character’s core is the warmth, loyalty and friendship that Peter brought to Star Wars, so he created something that we will always remember. I first met Peter two days before we started filming The Force Awakens, as I prepared to take over that role. He generously told stories and encouraged me; to this day, no one knows which scenes I did and which he did for that movie, except the crew. Later, we’d watch old footage of Peter as Chewbacca, and he would explain why he did the things we see in those…

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congresswoman elise sefanik has a plan to get more republican women elected

REPRESENTATIVE ELISE STEFANIK CAN PINPOINT the moment that crystallized the issue for her: It was the week after the midterm elections, and the newly elected members of the House of Representatives lined up for a photo. Representing the Democratic side of the aisle were more than 30 women. On the GOP side were two—Carol Miller of West Virginia and Young Kim of California. Stefanik knew what could have been. “I recruited over 100 women,” she says, reflecting on her time as recruitment chair for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). But looking at the freshmen on the Capitol steps, she saw whom her party was welcoming in 2019: almost all white men. And within days, mail-in ballots showed that Kim had actually lost, bringing the grand total for House GOP freshmen…