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Time Magazine International Edition October 19, 2020

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our future leaders

The 2020 edition of Next Generation Leaders offers ‘a bright window into the future.’NAINA BAJEKAL, deputy international editor “THE STORY IS TRUMP,” THE PRESIDENT REMARKED IN passing during a TIME interview with him in the Oval Office last year. And never more so than this week, when the biggest story in the world by far was the health of Donald Trump. His is the most serious health crisis a U.S. President has faced in nearly 40 years. As our senior health correspondent Alice Park wrote recently, the news was “a reminder of two stark truths that we’ve known since the first days that the novel coronavirus reached the United States: that the virus respects no boundaries, and that older people are at higher risk.” As the virus swept through the White House,…

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for the record

‘I’ll go in a moon suit.’RON JOHNSON, Wisconsin Republican Senator, while isolating after testing positive for COVID-19, on his plans to join the Senate to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, in an Oct. 5 radio interview‘Racism, fear, division, these are powerful weapons. And they can destroy this nation if we don’t deal with them head-on.’MICHELLE OBAMA, former First Lady, in a video endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden released Oct. 6‘OUR WORST RESPONSE WOULD BE TO PLUNGE EVEN MORE DEEPLY INTO FEVERISH CONSUMERISM.’POPE FRANCIS, writing about a postpandemic world in his third papal encyclical, a letter addressed to Catholics, published Oct. 4‘I laugh because they’re wasting their strength on an old person like me.’NINA BAGINSKAYA, 73-year-old activist, on being detained during protests following disputed elections…

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america’s unequal economic recovery

IT WAS THE EVE OF THEIR OCT. 2 WEDDING WHEN Brittany Riley and Peter Golembiewski read the news. The Payroll Support Program that Congress passed in March to keep airline workers like them employed during the pandemic had expired. Golembiewski was furloughed, losing his salary and health care. Riley voluntarily accepted a furlough, forgoing a paycheck to keep her health care. As they started to figure out how they could afford rent on their Denver home and food for their three kids, the couple’s anxiety gave way to anger—at Congress, for failing to deliver more economic relief, and at officials like President Donald Trump, for bragging about the nation’s comeback while their industry goes up in flames. “We kept everyone connected and everyone safe, and we tried to do our…

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new zealand ready to vote for a post-covid future

SINCE BECOMING PRIME MINISTER IN 2017, Jacinda Ardern has enjoyed stardom outside of New Zealand. But her reception back home had been more ambivalent. Then COVID-19 hit, and Ardern helped lead one of the most successful pandemic responses in the world. Now she is seeking re-election on Oct. 17 in a campaign that’s showing how some political normality can endure in an abnormal time. IN AGREEMENT Ardern’s opponent is Judith Collins, a veteran politician nicknamed Crusher Collins for proposing to destroy the confiscated cars of illegal street racers. Despite Collins’ sharp criticism of Ardern, they largely agree on the biggest issue of the day: COVID-19. Ardern’s move to “go hard, go early” against the virus means the country of 5 million has had fewer than 2,000 cases and 25 deaths. Collins…

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news ticker

Crowds storm parliament in Bishkek Protesters in the capital of Kyrgyzstan seized control of the Central Asian nation’s parliament building on Oct. 6, after elections they said were rigged in favor of President Sooronbai Jeenbekov, a close ally of Russia. From hiding, Jeenbekov described the action as a coup. Officials say the vote will be rerun. Census extension affirmed Following Trump Administration attempts to end the 2020 Census early, a federal judge issued an order on Oct. 1 stipulating that the Census Bureau must keep counting until the end of October. Days before, a tweet from the bureau implied it would stop on Oct. 5, despite a previous order to keep going. Exxon planned to increase emissions ExxonMobil’s prepandemic business strategy was set to increase the oil company’s annual CO2-equivalent emissions 17% by 2025, from…

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bigmouthed birds

UNLIKELY WITNESS A Michigan woman was convicted of murder in 2017 after her husband was shot five times. His words, Don’t shoot, were reported to have been overheard—and later repeated—by Bud, his pet African gray parrot. LOST AND FOUND In 2008, a lost African gray parrot named Yosuke went missing from his home in the city of Nagareyama, near Tokyo. He helpfully provided veterinarians his full address and sang songs to the hospital staff who cared for him. TO THE RESCUE A work-therapy program begun at Serenity Park in Los Angeles in 2005 brings together U.S. veterans and abandoned parrots, and has proved to be healing for both people and pets who struggle with PTSD.…