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Top Gear Philippines Car Lust is a first-of-its-kind book project that celebrates the automobile. Inside are the models that continue to influence and inspire car guys throughout the generations, presented using amazing photography and drool-worthy layouts. Do you love cars? Then this book is for you.”

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ingolstadt’s finest

Boasts dynamic looks and is laden with techAudi A8Each succeeding generation of the A8 has always outdone its precursor in terms of styling and technology. Now in its fourth incarnation, the nameplate has evolved into probably one of the most stunning and feature-packed models.The A8 boasts three AI driving systems (two for parking and one for low-speed running in traffic), a fully digital gauge cluster, and two central touchscreens. Ride and handling have also been improved thanks to the active suspension, which can also protect you during an impact by raising the side that’s about to be hit in an impending collision.In Europe, there are currently two turbocharged V6 motors offered: a 3.0-liter oil-burner that produces 282hp and 600Nm, and a 3.0-liter gasoline unit that makes 335hp and 500Nm. Additional…

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feisty fastback

You know what they say: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix itAudi A7 SportbackIf the concept of a four-door coupe is perplexing to you, take a look at the A7 Sportback—it deftly shows that adding two extra doors to the traditional coupe body style can amp up practicality without compromising sportiness.It’s the fastback roof that really defines the exterior of this A7, which Audi has seemingly designed to compete with the Porsche Panamera. The interior draws inspiration from the upmarket A8—it features two large touchscreens, generous space for all passengers, and a vast cargo area.The launch model packs a 3.0-liter TFSI V6 that makes 335hp and 500Nm. The default gearbox is a seven-speed dual-clutch, and there’s also a standard mild-hybrid system that saves you 0.7 liters of fuel per 100km.…

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sport, comfort

Audi has been playing with green a lot latelyAudi RS5Audi’s RS variants are basically the regular cars with loads more power. With the RS5, however, the German carmaker has made sure it’s a looker, too. Beefing up this midsizer is a wide bodykit that not only distinguishes it from the A5, but also brings to mind the good old rally cars of the brand.Power is provided by a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 that pumps out 450 horses. That’s about the same peak output as the old mill, but made by a smaller-displacement engine that also generates a neck-breaking 600Nm and a growling exhaust note. No one will miss the naturally aspirated V8.Those engine figures put the RS5 close to supercar territory, but it’s a lot easier to live with than an…

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a new one at last!

Part DB10, part highlighter pen—according to TG UKAston Martin VantageHere it is, finally—an all-new Vantage after 12 long years. The big news is that it now comes with a 503hp Mercedes-AMG 4.8-liter twin-turbo petrol V8, which drives the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. And yes, this is the same powertrain used by the majority of Mercedes-AMG’s twin-turbo models, including the GT and the GT S.Credit for the 1,530kg curb weight goes to the extensive use of aluminum and lightweight alloys. Also of equal importance is Aston Martin’s new electronic locking differential, which can go from fully open to fully closed and locked in just milliseconds. Nice addition when one is driving at a cruise, because limited-slip differentials can be twitchy and temperamental.But here’s the best bit of news:…

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luxury gt makeover

The influence of the Mulsanne is easily seenBentley Continental GTIt’s been more than 15 years since Bentley unleashed the Continental GT into the automotive world. A luxury grand tourer of epic proportions, it helped the English carmaker reestablish its performance game, and easily found a home in the car collections of sports personalities and even celebrities.The super coupe’s updated version was finally launched last year. It keeps the now-iconic four-headlamp Bentley signature cue, but the rest of the exterior looks sleeker and even more luxurious. The car has also grown bigger, its wheelbase gaining an additional 13.5cm. The all-new cabin matches the exterior’s more modern appearance. The improved 6.0-liter W12, meanwhile, makes 626hp and is paired with a new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.The refreshed Continental GT goes on sale this year…

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toying with a new x

BMW X2For those unfamiliar with BMW nomenclature, the even-numbered models are sportier versions of their odd-numbered counterparts. Such is the case with the X2—though unlike the X4 and the X6, it doesn’t get a coupe-style fastback roofline. Instead, it has a more traditional hatchback shape that affords passengers a reasonable amount of headroom and cargo space.This production model differs little from the original concept, which was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2016. Contrary to what its name suggests, the X2 is more compact than the X1, being 8cm shorter in length and 7cm lower in height. The wheelbase remains unchanged. Also based on the X1 is the interior, which features typical BMW infotainment fare.Expect the X2 to begin plying our suburban roads within the second quarter of this…