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Prototypes like the four-door 911 example above offer a fascinating insight to a carmaker’s lesser-told narrative. We all know about the successful models which have received universal acclaim or even gone on to define a company, but the mules which helped craft them are often hidden away from the public eye – or worse, crushed. This is a crying shame, as these development cars are historical signposts showing how a manufacturer arrived at a pivotal moment, whether it be to ditch air-cooling for water, or stick with the flat six over a V8. These are questions which Porsche itself has posed and answered over the years, some of which you’ll know about, others you won’t. “Testing rear-axle steering began as far back as the 993” Sometimes it is the untold stories which…

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Walliser: future 911s will get more electronics Head of 911 production gives clues to future 911 development How’s the new job, we ask Frank-Steffen Walliser: “It’s different. We have a, let me call it interesting, period of transition.” He’s talking about the new emissions regulations, which have hit every car firm hard, chewing up engineering time. He’s relishing the challenge though. As an engineer looking after the 911, particularly in the current environment, he says: “For me it’s so important every car keeps the character.” He admits that it’s inevitable that electronics play their role, saying: “Maybe you should do it one day. Same hardware in a car, different electronics; one is bullshit to drive, and the other is perfect. With electronics you can destroy everything, or you can make it perfect.” While…

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what’s on in 2019

Shire Outlaw Gathering 24 August Shropshire Porsche meet to raise money for mental health charities Salon Privé 2019 5-8 September The popular classic car competition returns to Blenheim Palace Frankfurt Motor Show 12-22 September Porsche will reveal its first all-electric sports car to the world Petit Le Mans 9-12 October Curtain closer to the 2019 IMSA season takes place at Road Atlanta Formula E 2019/20 race 1 November 22 Porsche will make its first steps in the world championship for electric-powered cars in Saudi Arabia…

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2019 RSR revealed Mid-engined works car for new IMSA and WEC campaigns is ‘95 per cent new’ Porsche unveiled its new 911 RSR racer for the 2019/20 season at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed in July. The mid-engined 992 race car is claimed to be 95 per cent new, despite critics claiming it merely looks like an even wider 991. Porsche though says the only unchanged components are the headlights, brake system, clutch, driver’s seat and parts of the suspension. Underneath the skin, Porsche’s new, top-level GT car – ready for works assaults on next year’s IMSA and WEC championships – has undergone “improvements in all areas”, including a new, naturally aspirated, 4.2-litre flat six engine, which produces 515hp depending on the size of the restrictor. The largest boxer engine ever to feature in…

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vic elford

Last month I shared how I won the legendary Targa Florio in May 1968 driving the Porsche 907 factory 2.2-litre short-tail. It was one of the most exhausting yet satisfying victories of my entire Porsche career. As I also mentioned last month, it was the first and only time Porsche used a photo of the driver, not the car, to promote its win on a post-race poster. It’s one of the most famous of all Porsche racing posters. In fact, I have it in my home. It is such a large poster that it would only fit in one room in my house… just above the loo! Very few people know that fun fact. Another interesting piece of historical significance about that particular Targa Florio is that a new legend was born…

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My ultimate road trip Dear Sir, As requested by your Welcome page in issue 179, I would like to send in my observations from my first road trip. We went to the Scottish Highlands from 29 April to 2 May 2019 with two cars in our group, me driving my 2001 996 C2 manual. Here are some of my top tips when planning a trip. • 1. Make a list of what you want from the trip, then follow these hashtags on Instagram for tips or further inspiration. • 2. Don’t just rely on sat nav. Study the distances on Google maps. Use the option to select the day and time as this will highlight potential congestion areas in red on the map and help you consider an alternative route. • 3. Before you go,…