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No sooner had the production line at Zuffenhausen fired back to life post COVIDinduced lockdown, Porsche released not one, not two, but three new 911 models for us to sink our teeth into. The Targa 4 and 4S came first: in essence a carry-over of the 991’s brilliant roof system onto the body and chassis of the 992-generation 911. The result is a stunning creation which again melds iconic, retro looks with the practicality and efficiency of modern technology. I’d argue there are few cars on the road, full stop, which captivate so well by bringing old and new together. If the 991 reignited a passion for the traditional 911 Targa, the 992 looks sure to continue it, and you can look forward to our definitive verdict from a first…

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Museum reopens Porsche has announced its Museum on Porscheplatz is open once again, with new measures in place to ensure the safety of all customers and employees, including the availability of masks and disinfectants. During its eight-week closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, Porsche brought forward planned renovation work to the permanent ‘Prologue’ exhibition, documenting the company’s early days to 1948. New: watch your 992 being built Customers waiting for their new 911 can now see their car being built inside Werk II in Zuffenhausen. The new ‘Behind The Scenes’ function on the online ‘My Porsche’ platform sends customers personal pictures of their 911 being built, thanks to the installation of two cameras on the production line. US customers can also use the ‘Porsche Track Your Dream’ function to monitor their car in…

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Turbo Targa to be revived? Porsche insider hints at possible return for roll-hooped 911 Turbo Porsche has fanned the flames on talk that it might possibly be considering a modern-day version of a Turbo Targa. Zuffenhausen first made a Turbo Targa in the days of the Type 930 model designation. A 911-shaped hallmark of 1980s excess, the model was rare, but is favoured among collectors today as a result. It is the only time an open-topped, roll-hoop design has been applied to Porsche’s top-of-the-range 911: if you otherwise wanted fresh-air motoring from your Turbo experience in the 930, 996, 997 and 991 era, the Cabriolet was your only option. For the latest 992 generation, Porsche has released both the Turbo S Coupe and Cabriolet, as well as the Targa 4 and 4S – and…

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brian redman

In my last Total 911 column, I mentioned at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1969, all five factory Porsche 908 Long Tails were forced to retire from the race. The first problem with the engine at Daytona was the titanium drive shaft connecting the crankshaft to the timing gears broke. On the Monday morning after Daytona, Rico Steinemann, the Porsche team manager, came to me and said, “Brian, do you wish to be Number 1 in your own car and you choose your co-driver, or will you go as Number 2 to Jo Siffert? I thought about it for quite a bit. I thought boy, if I go as Number 2 to Siffert, I will get none of the press and none of the plaudits… however, I think we will…

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Porsche on tour Dear Sir, I hope you are well, staying safe and keeping sane in these extraordinary circumstances. Anthony Coyne’s article [issue 191] had inspired me to reflect and put pen to paper about my own recent experience from a tour I co-organised and participated in back in October 2019. It all started with a chat over a drink (doesn’t it always?) with a good friend of mine, a former president of Porsche Club Pforzheim (Germany). “Wouldn’t it be great if we came to the UK in our cars to sample all things British – it would be a dream come true,” he said. As the idea developed, friends and Porsche enthusiasts from other parts of Europe wanted to get on board and, being motorsport fans, it wasn’t long before a theme…

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Scott Gardner Job title Workshop manager Place of work Porsche Centre Bournemouth, UK Time at Porsche 13 years Dear Sir, The 991.1 Targa is looking like great value for money, but before I buy, are there any mechanical issues developing from that over-engineered roof system? Have you seen anything from your experience with the cars in the workshop, and is there anything I should ask to get checked on a pre-purchase inspection? Donald Betts Despite their complex nature, 991 Targa roofs are very robust and over the years have proved to be very reliable. We have seen a few niggles with the potentiometer sensor, however this is only on a very few cars and certainly not enough to justify it as a common trend. The main thing is to ensure correct maintenance of the roof. There is a maintenance procedure…