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A huge positive of all the various lockdowns incurred throughout the planet is the fact that it’s given us downtime to indulge in our passions ‘from home’. In Porsche circles, that has inevitably given rise to tinkering with our cars on our own driveway. Even if, like me, you’d usually consider yourself more of a ‘chequebook mechanic,’ this unique period has given us the opportunity to roll those sleeves up and undertake all manner of home-based tasks – I’ve heard all sorts, from the basic to the bonkers! Luckily, there’s a wealth of information at your disposal nowadays, should you want to get brave with the spanners, with plenty of YouTube walk-throughs, books, or even forums. “Our ‘Built not bought’ issue this month pays homage to the art of Porsche DIY” Our ‘Built…

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Goodwood FoS and Revival cancelled Goodwood House has announced its decorated Festival of Speed and Revival events will not be taking place this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ticket holders can either get a refund or roll their tickets over to next year. A ‘behind closed doors’ motorsport event might be held in the autumn, organisers have told Total 911. Porsche extends VLN partnership Porsche has announced it has extended its partnership with Nürburgring Endurance Series for another three years, which included both virtual and real-life grassroots racing on the famous Nordschleife circuit. The commitment will see works drivers enter some endurance races for customer teams.…

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Hans Mezger 1929-2020 Legendary engineer passes away aged 90 Hans Mezger, the decorated Porsche engineer and father of the company’s flat six engine, passed away last month at the age of 90. Mezger has arguably had the most profound influence on engineering at Porsche since the company’s inception, his considerable talents producing motorsporting highlights for Weissach including the 917’s 12-cylinder engine, as well as the TAG Turbo Formula One engine. On the road, every air-cooled 911 owner owes his or her flat six to Mezger, who designed the legendary combustion unit which powered the Neunelfer for nearly four decades in various forms. Mezger was born in Ottmarsheim, a small village near Stuttgart, in 1929. Studying mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart, the young Mezger graduated in 1956, shortly receiving no less than 28…

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brian redman

The whole 917 program, which almost bankrupted Porsche, was all Ferdinand Piëch. Everything that was happening with it, he was right on top of it all the time – which was why he appeared at the test in Daytona in 1969. I was not in attendance for that testing. However, during that test, David Hobbs lost the drive because he missed a gear. Then of course the first race for the new team of John Wyer Porsche was at Daytona in 1970. Piëch was there because he had his Porsche Austria Salzburg car there. That was a big shock to Gulf’s John Wyer, David Yorke, and John Horsman. They weren’t expecting another factory Porsche to be running against them. Really, we were all shocked to see another factory 917K for Vic Elford…

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Rolling tyre noise Dear Sir, I recently had a little exchange of comments with Harry Metcalfe. We were talking about the rear-wheel noise of 911s, which is not… moderate. I have been thinking about trying to get a test drive with either a 991 or 992 from the importer to get an idea of how the rear-wheel noise has changed over time and generations. Then I started thinking how this could be done in the most accurate way. So I came up with this. The test would be maybe three people subjectively driving the same road of varying characteristics with a 911 SC, 964, 993, 996, 997, 991 and 992. We could compile subjective comments and a controlled dB measurements at two speeds over two different road surfaces: e.g. 50mph/80km/h and 75mph/120km/h, old tarmac…

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ask the expert

Scott Gardner Job title Workshop manager Place of work Porsche Centre Bournemouth, UK Time at Porsche 13 years Dear Sir, Amid our recent hot weather, I had the air conditioning on my 996.1 Carrera re-gassed, as the system was only blowing warm air into the cabin. No leaks were found during the process; the technician working on my car (at a specialist) told me if there were any leaks, the system would automatically shut down and the re-gas would cease. I’ve now got ice-cold air blowing through the vents of my 996 but since the re-gas, a consistent groaning sound is audible when air conditioning is in use. When I turn air-con off, the groaning stops. Have you any idea what this may be? Lee Sibley The noise you’re hearing actually suggests the system is low on AC gas… it will…