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How to judge the greatest Porsche 911 of all time? Is it by cost, performance, desirability? There are many ways you can decide which 911 is the ‘GOAT’ and, depending on your criteria, you’ll probably get a different answer each time. The ‘greatest’ debate is one that has raged at T911 for some time. In the end, we’ve decided to compile our top five based on their impact on the Porsche 911 story, regardless of the aforementioned barometers of cost, performance or general desirability. These are the cars that profoundly changed the 911 tapestry, whose existence has had immeasurable influence on Porsche’s darling sports car. What do you think of our top five? I’d love to hear your own choices, based on our criteria above, so drop me a line and…

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in brief

Porsche Digital opens in Spain Porsche Digital, a subsidiary of Porsche AG, has opened an office in the European innovation hub of Barcelona, Catalunya. Opened alongside the SEAT subsidiary SEAT:CODE, both teams will “develop and implement digital projects in close cooperation.” Porsche Digital now employs 160 staff across seven offices worldwide. Overseas subscriptions return to normal Total 911 is pleased to announce normal service has resumed for overseas subscribers. Any issues not posted abroad from our print shop in Britain during the UK lockdown have now been sent via commercial freight. If you have not received any due copies please visit myfavouritemagazines.…

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992 Turbo revealed with Lightweight Package Weight-saving pack heads up exciting list of options ‘firsts’ The 992-generation lineup continues to blossom after Porsche announced the arrival of the 992 Turbo and Turbo Cabriolet. Released four months after the Turbo S, the new Turbo boasts 580hp and a maximum 750Nm torque. The figures for the 992 Turbo match those of the 991.2 Turbo S. The 992 Turbo has the same 3.8-litre 9A2 Evo flat six engine with symmetrical turbochargers as the 992 Turbo S, along with the same footprint, though its brakes are slightly smaller than the PCCBs fitted to the Turbo S. Standard specification on the 992 Turbo includes the 992’s customary Porsche Advanced Cockpit along with 10.9-inch touchscreen, 14-way adjustable Sports seats, Sports Chrono Package, GT Sport steering wheel and BOSE high-end…

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brian redman

In 1970 I conquered the Spa 1,000km for the third time. I was driving the No. 24 JW Automotive Gulf Porsche 917K along with my co-driver, Jo Siffert. At that race, Seppi and I won at an average speed of 149.42mph. It was the fastest road race ever run. In a stunning performance, Pedro Rodriguez set a single lap record of three minutes 16.5 seconds at an average speed of 160.513mph. The traditional Porsche victory poster celebrating our 1970 Spa win listed the top six finishers. Four of the six were Porsche 917s and two were Ferraris 512s. The poster clearly illustrated Porsche’s dominance over Ferrari. The 1970 race at Spa highlighted the rivalry between teammates Jo Siffert and Pedro Rodriguez. In my book, Daring Drivers, Deadly Tracks, there happens to be…

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The fading light of Porsche Exclusive Dear Sir, Being what some might describe as a senior citizen, I remember well the heyday of Porsche Exclusive in the 1980s and 1990s. My father had a 930 LE and beautiful, right-hand-drive 964 Turbo S, both of which hailed from the department, while I was lucky enough to be able to acquire a 993 Turbo S around ten years ago. I love what Porsche Exclusive stands for, that extra craftsmanship and attention to detail. Perhaps that should be ‘stood for’. I’ve watched with disappointment as Exclusive has seemed to unravel itself in recent years as the commercial interest overtakes those original values that made an Exclusive Porsche so lusted after. I was hoping for some sort of salvation with Exclusive’s ‘Heritage Design’ programme, but after your…

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ask the expert

Scott Gardner Job title Workshop manager Place of work Porsche Centre Bournemouth, UK Time at Porsche 13 years Dear Sir, I’ve just bought a 991.1 GTS with the centre-locking wheel nuts. When searching for the right car I noticed many appear to go a milky colour that is very unsightly. My dealer replaced all mine but how do I ensure my new locks don’t suffer the same fate as many others? I’ve read everything from truck cleaner being used by valeters, to incorrect tooling when removing the wheels can cause damage to the surface. What’s the party line on what causes the issue, and what’s the best way to avoid this happening in the future? As they’re not cheap to replace! Phil Farrell This is a fairly common complaint that we see on the centre lock nuts or in…