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At long last, the production GT3 is nearly ready. Delayed this year by COVID but also emissions regulations, insiders at Porsche admit it’s getting harder and harder to evolve performance while also adhering to such stringent measures. Very soon we’ll be able to bring you the results of an afternoon with Mr Andreas Preuninger and a final prototype GT3, and provide insight into what we can expect from the finished article, expected now to arrive in very early 2021. And, if that’s not enough to whet the appetite for Porsche’s modern-day GT products, while ‘AP’ was rolling out a late GT3 mule, our spies were at the Nürburgring to capture a prototype 992 GT3 RS in testing on the Nordschleife. We’re currently unsure when exactly to expect a production reveal given…

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992 GT3 RS breaks cover on track Spy shots capture new details on next-gen Rennsport Total 911’s spies have captured the mighty 992 GT3 RS in some hot-lap tests around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The all-black mule was still sporting a large degree of camouflage, but was nevertheless recognisable as a road-going Rennsport thanks to its GT3-style front and rear PU and centre-exit exhaust (mid-engined RSR 911s have a much larger rear diffuser). As you can see from our spy photographs, the next-gen 911 Rennsport is set to feature a mammoth, bi-planed and fixed rear wing with swan neck strut design. The large, square end plates spotted on the mule are not thought to be production-spec at this stage. Underneath that huge wing, a small ducktailstyle lip appears to be present, similar to the incoming GT3,…

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brian redman

In 1965 a brilliant, intuitive engineer and talented amateur driver named Derek Bennett started building race cars in Salford, near Manchester – first for himself, then for customers. The demand for his creations became so great that they moved to an old cotton mill in Bolton, only 30 minutes from where I lived in Burnley. Assisted by right-hand man Paul Owens, Chevron quickly became a name to be reckoned with. During 1967 and ’68 I’d driven a Chevron B5-BRM for David Bridges and a B8-BMW for Chevron. In 1969 it became obvious that the B8 was becoming a bit long in the tooth, so Derek designed and built a new car for the European 2.0-litre Championship, the B16. The first race was to be the difficult Nürburgring 500 Ks on 9…

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Carrera T: a victim of your data file? Dear Sir, I must thank you for your revisit of the 2018 Carrera T. As the 3.2 CS and 964 RS were misunderstood in their time, the same can be said of the Carrera T since launch. But most on the list of the hottest 911 models today have that in common, not being overly appreciated when released. Thus, not many are around in the used market. What I’m struggling with is the 3.5 stars that Total 911 awards the Carrera T with, when almost all other 991.2 models receive 4.5 stars? Maybe the star system is rewarding all models too highly, not leaving much room for interpretation on the newer models, but I can’t see why the sublime Carrera T is regarded less than…

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ask the expert

Scott Gardner Job title Workshop manager Place of work Porsche Centre Bournemouth, UK Time at Porsche 13 years Dear Sir, I have two questions regarding my 997.1 GT3 with 52,500km on the clock. I love the car – the balance is amazing and it’s nimble! Question one: why do 997.1 GT3s tend to smoke on startup? Question 2: Why does the engine rev on startup? It concerns me. As a motor enthusiast, I like low rpm until operating temperature is reached. This motor revs straight off the key! To subdue the high revs on startup I swing the key once and switch off. Swing again and switch off. The third time the rpm is low on startup. But is this the best option? I may be creating another problem. Porsche has won every major endurance event possible, so it…