Total 911 No. 200

Total 911 is the world's only magazine dedicated to the Porsche 911; the only Porsche with over 40 years of history and a worldwide following of keen enthusiasts. This high-quality magazine is written and produced by true Porsche fans, and offers in-depth, exciting features on all models of 911 – from the classics of the 1960s, through the wild Turbos of the 1970s, right up to today's sophisticated supercars.

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“Singer and Total 911 have grown up together over the last ten years and two hundred issues” I’m incredibly proud to be taking the helm as guest editor of Total 911 for this milestone 200th issue. As the magazine embarks on the road to the next hundred issues, Singer’s second decade is underway. These significant moments often cause us to look back and here at Singer HQ in California I’ve been doing a little of that, as around me our phenomenal team completes the latest cars. In 2003 I restored and modified a 1969 911E in Bahama yellow as an intensely personal mission, and then I drove the sh*t out of it every day around Los Angeles and the Hollywood hills. In 2012 I was humbled by the offer to have the…

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Porsche advances development of climate-neutral eFuels Key development with Siemens Energy sees construction of world’s first eFuels plant Porsche has announced an exciting new project with Siemens Energy and a host of other international companies in the development of synthetic eFuels fit for its sports cars with combustion engines. Zuffenhausen says that the pilot project is expected to yield the world’s first integrated, commercial, industrial-scale plant for making climate-neutral eFuels, and is seen as a huge, positive step in protecting the life of its traditional sports cars – including the 911 – amid a government-led drive to force electric-powered vehicles onto the global agenda. The eFuels plant will be based in Chile, strategically chosen for its excellent climate conditions for wind power, which will be used to create renewable methanol that can be converted…

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guest column brian redman

Last month in Total 911 issue No.199, I discussed my experiences racing at the 1968 and 1969 24 Hours of Daytona. In 1969, I was officially a Works Porsche Driver. That year at Daytona, I partnered with Vic Elford in piloting a 908 LH (long-tail). Vic had put us on pole, but it was not to be, and we were out by the halfway point. We weren’t alone in our ill-fated attempt at securing victory for Porsche, as all five factory 908s were forced out with mechanical issues. This month, I will take you back almost 51 years in time to the legendary battle of the 1970 24 Hours of Daytona. The January 1970 race marked the debut of the JW Automotive team’s remarkable Gulf Porsche 917Ks (above). As I mentioned…

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A different kind of virus Dear Sir, You might recall my dad, Adrian Gammon, had a letter published in your magazine earlier this year regarding wrapping cars versus painting them. Well, since that letter was published he bought a very early Speed yellow Boxster 3.2 S and a very early (’98) Guards red 996.1 Carrera with cable throttle. This spate of buying has led me to believe we might be dealing with another case of car-owner virus here – what do you think? It was his birthday recently so I decided to go ahead with a diagnosis as the theme of his birthday card – I’m sure the card design will resonate with your readers. The card was just intended to give him a bit of a laugh, really… something we could…

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ask the expert

Scott Gardner Job title Workshop manager Place of work Porsche Centre Bournemouth, UK Time at Porsche 14 years Jerry from Down Under here with a 2005 997.1 C2 Coupe. I’d like to say I’ve been enjoying Total 911 for many years. There are copies of your lovely magazine scattered all over our home! Keep up the good work. I have a question for you: my 997 has done 130,000 kilometres with a perfect Porsche service history. Upon startup I am getting smoke, this is both on a hot and cold startup. It seems to be intermittent but lately it’s more frequent. Oil consumption is okay, there is no build up in the exhaust pipe of oil, and after replacing coils and plugs over a recent weekend, the plugs were nice and clean. Now I know many people will…

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all-terrain competition study

“ What’s quite remarkable about 911s is they suit off-road use. It’s part of their genius,” so says 911 rally and motorsport specialist Richard Tuthill, while giving the Parallax white Porsche in front of us a final checkover pre-photography. As is well known, for as long as the 911 has been driven for the purpose of recreation, it has also done so for racing – be it road or rally. We’ve documented the 911’s rich history in rallying many times in this magazine, which was borne out of Peter Falk (more on him on page 50) and Herbert Linge’s thrilling assault on the 1965 Monte Carlo rally in a near-stock 911S, winning their class and finishing 5th overall. Porsche’s decorated legacy over rough terrain in the 45 years since includes notable…