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Ultimate Cross Stitch TravelUltimate Cross Stitch Travel

Ultimate Cross Stitch Travel

Ultimate Cross Stitch Travel

This inspiring collection includes over 255 charts, featuring thrilling holiday scenes to spark memories of travels abroad and at home. With 255 charts inside, you are on course to discover a cross stitch paradise, from relaxing retreats and tropical islands to British seaside scenes and camping holidays to stitch, plus lots of fun travel-themed gifts and cards for family and friends. Inside this issue: ✱ Traditional British seaside scenes you'll love to give as cards, pictures and gifts ✱ Beautiful vintage postcards – you won't be able to stop at just stitching one! ✱ Exotic islands, a Paris scene, a sun-drenched village – the world's your oyster! ✱ Travel-inspired gift ideas for globetrotters ✱ Scenes from London, Rome, Paris and New York to stitch and hang in your home

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If you love the idea of being able to travel around the world via your favourite hobby, then Ultimate Cross Stitch Travels is the magazine for you. With it you’ll be able to revisit places you’ve already visited, in stitches, or inspire yourself to go to places you’ve always dreamed of… There are many different types of holiday, of course, from cycling in the UK countryside to vacations to far-away tropical beaches, and whatever your preferred break, we have the trip for you inside. If you once spent a romantic weekend break in Paris or had a memorable camping trip in Devon, we’ve got it covered – in stitches. From framed pictures to tiny keyrings, there are plenty of presentation ideas in which you can capture your memories, either to make…

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perfect paradise

A tropical scene like this has the power to make you feel both relaxed and energised at the same time. A hammock swings from a palm tree above the hot pinks and reds of the flowers below. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have an exotic holiday booked this year, so you can experience the delight first hand. If not, you can still enjoy a feeling of escapism by stitching your way through this piece. Most of the design area is covered in stitches, which means there’s so much to see, wherever you look. It’s bursting with vibrant colour too, which gives the scene a sense of realism – yes, in many parts of the world the sky really is that blue! You will need Threads: Stranded cotton, as listed in the key Needle:…

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relaxing retreat

You will need Threads: Stranded cotton, as listed in the key Needle: Size 26 tapestry needle Fabric: 28-count white evenweave measuring 40x40cm (15¾x15¾in) Extras: Frame and mount of your choice with a minimum aperture of 25x25cm (10x10in) Stitching Factbox Stitching time: Approx 80 hours Type of stitches: Cross stitch, fractionals, backstitch, French knots Level: Intermediate/advanced “I’d happily take a seat in one of those chairs right now. For me, stitching in the sunshine is one of life’s greatest pleasures.”Heather Nugent, charting assistant Stitching close-up Adding backstitch can be a lengthy task, so Carol has kept things simple here – most of the detail is achieved through shading rather than through backstitch. “My design is densely stitched with a large colour palette, made up of 30 shades. You’ll need to be organised and arrange your threads onto a sorter before you start stitching.”Carol…

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roman holiday

You will need Threads: Stranded cotton, as listed in the key Needle: Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric: 14-count white aida measuring 40x45cm (15¾x17¾in) Extras: Frame and mount of your choice with a minimum aperture of 25.5x31cm (10x12¼in) Stitching Factbox Stitching time: Approx 70 hours Type of stitches: Cross stitch, fractionals, backstitch Level: Intermediate “Carol’s scene captures the glamour of the Amalfi coast, along with the rustic, natural beauty of the region. Bellissimo!”Katriel Costello, editor Stitching close-up To portray the intense sunlight that bathes the coastline, Carol opted for bright shades of thread, such as scarlet red, golden yellow and lush green. Tip Roll your fabric up and store it in a cardboard tube in between stitching sessions…

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around the world

You will need Threads: Stranded cotton, as listed in the key Needle: Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric: 14-count white aida with a maximum size of 15x15cm (6x6in) for most designs Extras: All items handmade or available from local stores Stitching Factbox Stitching time: Approx 5-15 hours each Type of stitches: Cross stitch, backstitch, french knots Level: Beginners Fun designs to stitch and send Worked in whole stitches only Tip Don’t pull your stitches too tight. It’s easy to distort the fabric on a densely stitched design Tip You can change the colour of the fabric you use to match your holiday luggage!…

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a vintage winter

“Designing this sports poster has been great fun. Charting the heady heights of Chamonix’s mountain range has been a thrilling treat.”Jane Henderson, designer This retro sports poster features a cleverly shaded landscape that not only gives depth and dimension to the piece, but also provides a subtle background that really makes the colours of the main figure pop. Almost jumping out from the picture, this 1950s skier is racing down the slopes at a speed of knots, so capture him in stitches while you can! Most of this chart is worked in whole cross stitches using a fairly small colour palette, so it should come together quite quickly. You’ll use a few fractional stitches and some backstitch to add definition, then all that’s left to do is mount the finished piece…